More Inu then you thought

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More Inu then you though.

By: Tainta2000

Disclaimer: Sadly I dont own InuYahsa and if I did, well lets just say all InuKag fans will be VERY happy !

Naraku is finaly dead wich means Miroku's wind tunnle is gone, the Shikon no Tamma

is complete and luckly for Sango they were able to save her brother, Kohaku.

Kikyou's spirit has been put to rest once and for all. The worst has been done,

so now what's the worst the can happen, well read and find out.



Chapter 1

"awwwww they are soooo cute, dont you think so InuYasha?" said Kagome to InuYasha while playing with the new born pups they found in a small village." I really care about a bunch of stupid pups." "Oh come on InuYasha tell me that you can't look at some thing this cute and not care." said Kagome holding up one of the puppies to him. "Nope." is all he said and looked away. "Now InuYasha, you're not jealous are you?" said Kagome with and evil smile looking right at him. "WHAT! me jealous you have got to be kidding me! why would I be jealous of a bunch puppies!" 'He is so jealous' she thought and sat back down.

Back with the others, Miroku was acting like well Miroku around the village girls causing Sango to well go after him once again, and while this was gonig Shippo was watching in amazment at how Miroku never seems to learn.

"Kagome are you done fussing over those runts yet!" "InuYasha! They' are NOT runts!" "Feh...what ever can we get going now!" "I dont see whats the rush we've got nothing els to do." "Yeah, well if we dont leave soon I dont think there will be any Miroku left." "KAGOME! come over here will ya you've gotta see this!" said Shippo with excitement from what ever he was looking at. "Ok I'm coming! InuYasha look out for the pups for a minute will ya?" "mmmmm...oh fine just tell the guys to hurry up." "Yeah ok, now you guy are gunna be good aren't you?" said Kagome with cheerfull smile looking down at the puppies, like they even knew what she was saying, and with that she ran off to see Shippo.

"Feh I dont see why Kagome's so carzy about you guys I mean you're not THAT cute!" "She never gives me that kind of attention...I mean I'm kinda of a dog to...but then again evertime she treats me like a dog I get mad at her." he said in a whininy voiceto the pups while they stared at him in confusion. "I bet that if I was a STUPID 'lil pup like your selfs Kagome would treat me like she treats you guys...hmmmm feh I!" 'DoI? NO of corse not!...hmm.'

"Well Inu Yasha it seems that you have put away your differences and bcame fond of the young village pups." "Oh shut up Miroku!" "Now if you guys are done lolly gaging can we go now." said a very paranoid Inu Yasha. "Whats wrong Inu Yasha afraid you might get too close to the little puppies, or are you just jealous of the puppies and with all the atention they're getting from Kagome." Shippo comented with a smirk while on Inu Yasha's shoulder. "Feh,can we just go now?" "I realydont see the rush Inu Yasha." commented Sango "..." he said nothing. "Well then we should get going , or els InuYasha will get angry." Kagome said teasing him."What ever if were gunna go then lets go already." and they started of to Kaede's village, while leaving the pups at their village where they belong, and as they were walking Inu Yasha looked back one last time and then he saw a glowing light comeing from the pups his eyes went cold and then back to his normal golden eyes, and they continued twords Kaede's.

After walking the rest of the afternoon they decided to settel down for the night and not long after that everyone was peacefully alseep even InuYasha. The night slowly past by and then morning came with the sun oh so slowly rised beyond the horrizon, and once everyone was awake, to the groups suprise they found something very out of the ordinary.

...continue reading to find out.

end of chapter 1