More Inu then you thought

Tainta: Im back everyone! didya miss me?

Inu: No...

Tainta: oh shut up InuYasha!

Inu: Make me!

Tainta: fine but you asked for it...


(claps hands together)
Tainta: Well that takes care of him for On With The Story!

Inu: shum ody elp me!

chapter 3

"Hey Kagome."

"Oh hey Koga..." 'This is just great.'

"So Kagome has the mutt been taking good care of you? Speaking of wich where is the mutt anyway?"

"Im right here you idiot!" "huh... where?" "DOWN HERE YOU MORON!"

"What...what happend to you!" said Koga as he started laughing.

"This isn't funny Koga InuYasha has a real crisis on his hands... I mean paws! hahahahaha!"

"Shut UP! Shippo!" "Now now InuYasha theres no reason to start a fight." siad Miroku.

"grrrrr..." "Whats wrong mutt cant talk anymore? Well anyways, so Kagome how have you been doing that mutt hasn't tried to lay a hand on you has he?" "uhhhhh?"

'Boy his head just seems to get bigger every time.' thought Sango.

"So Kagome have you finalys given in to your feelings for me?" (gag.. oh sorry) says Koga wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

"Hey you flea bittin wolfe! get your hands of of her!" barked InuYasha.

"oh yeah and what are you gunna do about it!" said Koga with his arms still around Kagome.

InuYasha looked just past Koga and smirked. "Me nothing, but she just might."

"What are you talking about you stupid mutt!" yelled Koga with his arms STILL around Kagome.

"grrrrr, KOOOOGAAAA!"

"huh!" Koga turned aound so fast he almost got a whiplash. "Ay, Ay, AYAME!"

"KOGA!" "uhhh sorry to cut our time together short Kagome but I gotta go!" and he RAN for his life!

"KOGA GET BACK HERE!" "Sorry no chance gotta live!"

"KOGA YOU'RE DEAD!" and with that, they were gone.

"ha! severs him right!" "sigh you guy never change do you?"

"huh what do you mean Kagome?" "oh never mind..." and with that they headed to see Kaede.

"oh my what happned to ye, InuYasha?" "I dont no!"

"Don't yell InuYasha, we're not sure Kaede we woke up to day and we saw him like this." Kagome told Kaede.

"Were gusing its some sort of spell lady Kaede." said Miroku.

"Do you think you can break it?" asked Sango.

"Im not sure young ones, InuYasha do ye have any idea who could have cast this spell on ye?"

"No none at all at least not that I can think of..."

"So do you think he'll be stuck like this for ever?" asked Shippo.

"What!" Kaede laughed a bit. 'why is every one laughing this isnt funny' thought InuYasha. "Do not worry I'm sure with time the spell will break on its own."

"Well I better get back home, InuYasha I dont think I can trust you to behave while I'm gone,so why don't you come home with me ok."

"...oh fine come on lets go be for I change my mind." "Wow that was easyer then I thought it would be. Well we'll see you guys later bye." and whith that they were off back to Kagome's era.

end of chapter 3

Tainta: well Inu whatchya think?
Inu: ok 1 dont call me Inu and 2 its ok so far I like the Koga getting chaced away by Ayame part.
Tainta: yeah me to!
Inu: sooo is anything gunna happend between me and Kagome?
Tainta: ha you wish this is a comedy not a romance InuYasha, sorry mayby next time. wait why do you care? huh huh HUH!
Inu: uhhhh... oh no reason...
Tainta: oh what ever any ways chapter 4 on its way! now say good bye InuYasha!
Inu: ok ok good bye everyone, and you guys better come back you hear me!
Tainta: now InuYasha dont me mean, no wait never mind! lol jk ok bye everyone!