A/N: In my dear little opinion, this is the most creative way I've ever heard of of killing all the Outsiders.

"Hey guys!" Two-Bit said, running into the Curtis house. "Lets go fishing!"

"Uh, Two-Bit, there's no lakes around here," said Steve. "And we don't know how to fish. And it's the middle of winter."

"Who cares! Let's go anyways!"

Two-Bit then forced everyone out of the house and into his car, despite all their screaming, and seat buckled them in. Well, he would have, if his car had seatbelts, so instead he tied them together with rope and tied both ends of the rope to the top of the car. He then drove off, despite all the complaining and screams.

"Hey Two-Bit, where'd you get your new car?" asked Soda, bouncing around on the seat, somehow, even though he was tied. He seemed completely unconcerned that he was being kidnapped by one of his good friends.

"Bought it. Making payments on it," he said.

"Yeah, right… Payments… Of beer that you steal…"

They drove for a while and came across a yellow dog sitting at the side of the road for no apparent reason. It had the look of a dog looking for trouble, and it smelt like it had been eating it's own crap moments before.

"Lets take the dog fishing!" said Two-Bit, not noticing the maniac look in its eye .

"Two-Bit, any water anywhere will be frozen. How do you plan on going fishing?" asked Darry who for some unknown reason had his head smashed against the roof of the car.

"Heh heh… Look in the bag beside Johnny."

So they did.


"Yes, dynamite. We'll blow a hole in the ice!"

Soon, they were at a lake even though they were no lakes anywhere near the Curtis house. Two-Bit had the brilliant idea to bring the car out onto the ice so that they wouldn't have to walk from the car onto the ice to make their fishing hole.

"Ready?" asked Two-Bit. He was being smart for once, or so he though, and he was going to throw the dynamite as far as he could once it was lit, then drive over near the hole. He lit it, and threw it.

That's when things started to go wrong. Remember the dog? It was a golden retriever. Trained for retrieving things. It's not hard to figure out what the dog did; he chased the dynamite down, and started running back with it, with the fuse getting shorter and shorter. Thankfully, Two-Bit had thought ahead and had brought a BB gun, just incase they happened to come across a dog that would do exactly what this dog was doing. He shot the dog.

The dog stopped for a moment, and looked around in shot. His master whom he had barely known has just shot him. Then he continued on, as everyone screamed at him to stop. Encouraged by their yelling, the dog ran on towards them. Two-Bit shot him again.

This time, the pellet hit him in the head. That was enough to scare the poor dog. He ran under the car, with the lit dynamite still in his mouth, 'the car' being Two-Bits new car. Unfortunately, the dog's rear end hit the red-hot exhaust pipe on the care, causing the dog to yelp, and run off, leaving the dynamite under the car.

OH NO! THE CAR! Two-Bit, being Two-Bit, hadn't untied his passengers! And the fuse was still burning! So, Two-Bit had a brilliant idea- drive the car off the dynamite, rather than kicking the dynamite out from under the car, which he could easily have done.

Two-Bit got in the car, but by the time he had it started, the fuse had came to an end.


And that is how The Outsiders all died.