Terra's Life Story By: Terra Markov

The next day I woke up and was a little scared. Then I remember that I had met Gar yesterday. I started to day dream, until Knock Knock! "Terra, are you awake? It's nine o'clock and Gar's waiting for you," I heard this as I jumped out of bed.
"I'm awake!" I informed rushing out of my room. I closed my door and walked with Mrs. Logan. She's smiling at me? I look at my wardrobe, my eyes widen, "I'll be right back," blushing I went back into my room. I was in my pajama's still.
"You don't have to change. Garfield wears his PJ's at breakfast, it's quite alright."
" No, I was taught to come to breakfast in a proper attire. I believe I should be already dressed for the day's schedule, but now I don't have a schedule. So, it might be alright, but I won't brake my habit." I come out of my room in my usual attire, forest green shorts and a white T-shirt that had the name MARKOV on it, the shirt hiding my dog tags. I declare, "Now I'm ready!"
We went to breakfast, and Gar kept staring at me. When I looked up he would act like he had been eating. He's getting suspicious now, I wonder why. I was taken from my thoughts when, "Do I have something on my face?" Gar asked me.
I giggle at him, " No. You don't have anything on your face. I promise."
He smiled, "You promise? I wouldn't want to look stupid or anything. It wouldn't offend me or anything. I…" I cut him off.
"Sorry to cut you off, but there is nothing on your face and you talk a lot. No offence or anything! I talk a lot too, but I didn't realize how I'm not alone like that."
We stared at each other for awhile then started laughing, hard. We said in unison, "You're funny…I like you." At that moment, we stopped laughing and all was silent, since his parents decided to leave us alone. Staring at each other.
"You like me? No one would say that to me at home."

"I guess I do."

"I…thanks…I like you too."

"Yeah, I heard." I blushed and so did Gar. I was afraid he might not like me the same way, but he does! I mean did. "So, you like me and I like you? What happens now?"

"You mother told me that, if you truly…love someone," I paused, fearing he didn't like me THAT much, when he didn't say anything for a few seconds I continued, "you will know what to do, when the time is right."

"My mom talked to you?" He said unbelievingly as if he would die if that really happened.

"Well, if you don't want to know I won't tell you. But that would be hard considering I would NEVER lie to ANYONE! But if that's what you want…I'll try."

"No, you can tell me, if you want. I like listening to you." He smiled at me and I giggled.

"You have to promise you'll tell me what your father says to you, do you promise?" He shook his head yes. "Alright, yesterday when you and your dad left your mom and I alone we talked about what was going to happen in the future. Also, what I was expected to do in those situations. Such as if I was to be kissed by a boy, what I would do when well, did your dad teach you this yet?" He shook his head no. I sighed and continued, "If a boy kissed me, he would open his mouth and lick my lips, I would respond by letting him slip his tongue into my mouth and…"

"EWWWW!" Gar shrieked, as he fell off of the chair, "That's gross. Why would anyone want to do that!"

I giggled, and checked if he was alright by means of falling off of my chair as well, "I have no idea, but apparently, it's a fact of life," I laughed even harder because his parents were asking if he was alright and he started laughing too.

"What's going on? Are you two alright? What's so funny? Why are you on the floor?" Mr. and Mrs. Logan asked us this and we stopped laughing for a minute.

"Mr. and Mrs. Logan, We were just talking, we're fine, we amuse each other, and laughter can hurt. We're fine, we promise!" I said, then looked at Gar and he looked at me and we started to laugh again. Mr. Logan whispered something to Mrs. Logan, and I stopped laughing. They left when Gar stopped laughing.

"Ter, you're funny. I like that about you." I smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek. When he blushed, I heard a sigh just around the corner. I chose to ignore it, figuring it was his parents, I got up and lent Gar a hand. "I should probably get dressed. Heh, I'll see-ya in a sec."

I watched him run towards his room and I smiled as he took off his shirt and went into his room. "Terra," I jumped as Mrs. Logan spoke to me, catching me off guard, "we should go shopping today, to see if we can't find you a more suitable outfit for a girl of your age."

"That's alright Mrs. Logan you don't have to do that." I countered, not wanting to try on dresses. As every mother tries to get me to wear one.

"I believe we should though." Mr. Logan stepped in. I smile and think, 'Great now I have to! Mrs. Logan was alright, but everyone seeing a dress on me will be bad! Oh look Gar's back! I smile brighter and automatically get a smile back. Until his mom tells him the "wonderful" news.

"Mom! Shopping? Man, I hate shopping!" She whispered something to him and he said "Okay! We can go!"

We went to the mall and I, as I had anticipated, tried on dresses. I liked only one of them and the Logan family had to agree it was cute. It was a mint green dress that went to my knees. It was spaghetti strapped, whatever that means. When I got out of the changing room, Gar gasped. I asked him what was wrong and, "You look…wow, really wow." Was his reply.

I giggled and said, "I'm glad you like it."

"She picked that one, Garfield. Had you not noticed?" His mother inquired.

"MOM! I noticed, but I thought you pointed it out so, she was trying it." Gar answered.

We shopped for awhile and when we were done it was late, on the way home I rested my head on Gar's lap, and fell asleep. Mr. Logan must've carried me into the house because I don't remember waking up and moving to my room.

Nine months past by and I had grown accustom to the lessons on life and the gross details that came along with them. Just the other day Mrs. Logan was talking about what happened when you had SEX with someone! I'm only eight years old for goodness sake! Though I didn't even care she was telling me something I would never do, I was still interested. Weird huh?

Today was January 17 and Mrs. Logan came up to me and said, "You and I have to go shopping, for Garfield. His birthday is tomorrow."

We did and we got him a stuffed animal which was a wolf. Pokemon games for Nintendo and game-boy. We also got him a poster of his, and my, favorite animal. Dogs. That last thing was from all of us, his mom said not to worry about what his father was giving him.

The next day, he opened all his gifts and his dad gave him his old pocket knife and a picture of all four of us.

After he opened his presents and everything, his mom said we could play for awhile before we had to get ready for bed. So, we played tag and it was hard considering it was just after sunset. We were playing tag, and I was it….again. I counted to twenty and went to go find Gar. I ran around near the house for a while and then started to amble farther from the house, and finally I couldn't help it anymore. "Gar, this isn't funny anymore. I'm scared."

"If I come out will I be it?"

"No. Gar please, I'm afraid." I said this right before he jumped on me. I screamed and fell to the ground, eyes closed. When I opened them I saw Gar smiling as if he had won the jackpot, though I could barely see anything but his closed eyes. When he opened them his smile quickly left and his breathing picked up pace. We were so close I could have kissed him, but instead he stood up.

"Sorry, I had expected to land on your back. Were you really afraid?"

"Yes" I said in a whisper as Gar pulled me up…a little harder than he expected, making us both blush for being so close to each other yet again.

"I didn't know, I'm sorry." I looked over to him then to the sky. You could see so many stars.

"It's alright, aren't the stars beautiful?" I sighed.

He chuckled, "You know I've lived here for so long and I hardly ever look at them. Plus, since you got here, nothing is more gorgeous then you."

I blushed deeply and Mrs. Logan called us in, as we walked back to the house my right hand brushed his and he glanced at our hands which were constantly colliding. He looked forward and took my hand in his, our finger laced. I blushed and I hoped he didn't notice. We went into the house holding hands and me blushing. His mother noticed and got her husband, they followed us. "Thanks T, for playing with me. I'm glad you did."

"It was no problem Gar." I replied, still blushing madly.

"Well, here's your room. Good night T." He looked at me then quickly kissed me on the lips and ran to his room. I blushed even more if that was even possible, and touched my lips.

"Good night, Gar." I whispered to myself. I turned and went into my room. I fell onto my bed and instantly into a nightmare, or so I thought.

I saw flashes of my past, the present, and what I presumed to be the future. I met older Gar and he was with others older me had killed a giant scorpion and I said, "What haven't you guys ever seen a superhero before?" A flash and I was with the older gar, on a Ferris wheel, and we almost kissed, but some guy stopped us. Then whoosh to me on a boulder saying, 'I don't have any friends remember!' I punched him. Then to where I was standing over him my eye filled with tears and I said to gar, "I'm sorry, Beast Boy for everything I've done." I turn to the man from the Ferris wheel and to hit him with the razor sharp stone I was going to use against Gar. Then the next and last thing I saw was me telling Gar that the girl he wanted me to be was just memory and him running out of a school. A bright light and I woke up quickly.

I screamed and I woke up. In Gar's arms. With him whispering its okay it's gonna be okay. I cried on his shoulder, for awhile and when I stopped he kissed me on the cheek. "Are you alright Terra?" He asked, worriedly. His parents were in the door way watching us.

"I think so Gar. I'm not sure. I should be." We stopped hugging and I looked at my clock, it was 9:30 a.m..

"You hungry?" He asked.


Seventy-one days past. About eleven months since I first met Gar. It was March 30 and I hadn't had anymore bad dreams since then. I was sitting at the table waiting for Gar to finish breakfast, when Gar asked, "Terra, I've got a question. When's your birthday?" It didn't sound that way since he was eating, but I knew what he said since I've been there almost a year now.

I giggled, "April first. Gar, it's sad that I know what you're saying when you have your mouth full." I laughed even more.

He swallowed, drank the last of his orange juice and went over to where his parents were. He whispered something to his mom, then asked if we could go out and play. We were aloud to of course and we played Hide-and-Go-Seek, all day. Until we were called to dinner. We ate dinner and then went to bed.

The next day I awoke at nine as usual, but this time Mr. Logan and Gar weren't there. I asked where they went all I got from Mrs. Logan was their running around town doing a few things for me.

I didn't believe her, but I played on Gar's game-boy, until dinner when it was still Mrs. Logan and I. I went to bed and the next morning I woke up and thought, 'Nine years old. I lived longer than I thought I would'.

I wore the green dress we bought at the mall so long ago, the one I wore on Gar's birthday. When I came out of my room, I saw Gar sitting at the table, scarfing down food. I smiled and ran over to him. He said, "Good morning, and happy birthday."

"Thanks Gar." I smiled and ate breakfast. I was, once again, waiting for Gar to finish. He finished and we both ran outside and he turned into a puppy and jumped in my arms. I began to pet him and he started to barked playfully. He changed back to human form, and told me to close my eyes and let him lead me. So, I did. He took my hands and led me to the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Though it was far. It was like a lake, and he sat down in the sand and patted the spot beside him.

"Not even this place is prettier than you."

"I highly doubt that. This place is gorgeous."

"So are you." He smiled and blushed, "That sounds really corny as a nine year old."

I giggled, "Yeah, but it's a sweet thought."

"I believe it, no matter how corny or stupid you think it maybe. I'll always believe that you're the most beautiful girl in the world." He looked at me and smiled, "No matter what."

We talked and laughed and skipped rocks for hours. We finally decided to take the hour long walk home. When we got back I was about to go inside when Gar stopped me. "Terra? Will you wait for a sec?"

"Yeah, sure" I walked over to him and asked, "What's up?"

"Nothing I just…uhhh…I just wanted to….to ummm" He pulled me into a kiss. His left hand on my waist, and his right hand was halfway on my cheek and halfway in my hair. I felt him lick my lips so, I obliged. I opened my lips and his tongue came through and we broke apart a few seconds after that. Blushing like mad. My eyes were wide in shock. My lips were still slightly parted. I touched my lips, and looked over at Gar. He was looking at the ground as if saying 'what…have I done?'

"W…why'd you…why did you do that?"

"I…II..I have no idea."

I walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. He asked me what for, and, "You'll see," was my reply. We walked into the house and the lights were off. Gar walked around me, I turned on the lights and Gar and his parents were right in the middle of the room.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRA!" I yelped in surprise. Mrs. Logan gave me a blue butterfly hair clip and told me it's been in their family for years, and now it was my turn to have it. Mr. Logan gave me pictures of me and Gar and a photo of all for of us. Different then Gar's. Gar came up to me from behind and put a heart-shaped locket necklace around my neck. He whispered in my ear, happy birthday T.

It was April 12 and we were going with Mr. and Mrs. Logan on a little trip to the river. I was wearing the same outfit I wore when I met Gar. We went on a boat and started to head down stream. Gar and I heard something out of the ordinary. It was unusual for a boat to sound the way it did. We soon found out why…Mr. Logan had told Gar a I to jump off of the boat because we were in danger. Mrs. Logan yelled at us to get off the boat, by this time Gar and I were afraid. I did as I was told and jumped Gar followed and when we got to shore we could only watch as boat blew up.

"Why, did you leave them! Why Terra! This all your fault!"

"Gar, how can this be my fault? It's not anyone's fault! So, don't blame me, yourself, or anyone else!"

He ran away crying, I ran after him. Even as he turned into a cheetah, I followed.

Remembering what Mrs. Logan said, "Whatever happens, Terra, I want you to take care of Garfield. He'll need you. No matter what he says, you take care of him." She said this to me only hours ago, when I first brought up the sound of the engine. She knew she was going to die.