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Hey, this is MY life story from my point of view and how it all started goes a little like this

For about a year I worked on building a house and surprisingly I finished it AND created a passage way from the basement to that lab I mentioned earlier, the one that could be mistaken for a lair. For that year I learned all I could about the Titans cuz if I ever happened to stumble upon them I would want to know all about them. And I had gotten a high paying job in a neighboring city so I could pay for things; food, water, machines, tools, furniture…stuff like that. Anyway, when I turned 16, I got dressed in a white turtleneck small light blue t-shirt and a dark blue crop top I also wore jean shorts brown gloves and a pair of science goggles Rita gave me. I went scouting that morning, even though I'd done it a million times and knew exactly where everything was, I did it anyway! But today I turned a corner and I was standing face to face with a giant sleeping scorpion! It looked so familiar to me and I thought and thought and when I figured it out I gasped and guess what… It woke up. Just my luck I screamed and ran. I knew this place like the back of my hand so I ran to a dead end to make it think that it had me.

"Titans Go!" Robin shouted. I chuckled and used my power to bring down the earthen bridge above the monster.

The titans gasped. I can scarcely hear what they are saying but I try anyway.

Starfire says slightly dumbfounded, "She was not in trouble."

Cyborg explains a bit, "She was leading it into a trap."

"Question is…" Robin says as Beast boy takes human form.

"…Who is she?" Beast boy saying that made my heart soar!

Raven however didn't seem too thrilled. I go up to meet them on an unstable pillar that breaks as soon as I get off, and I ask, "What? Haven't you guys ever seen a superhero before..?" The look on their faces was PRICELESS!

"Hi, I'm Robin and we're the…" I cut him off knowing very well who they I bump fists with him and say…

"…Teen Titans! Rock on! It's cool to meet you guys! I'm Terra and you're…" I point them out. "Cyborg, Raven, Stafire, and…." Beast boy started freaking out. Probably likes me again.

"Boy Beast….uh, I mean Bass Boot…No!"

"Beast Boy?"

He screamed and turned into a turtle, I, of course, laughed.

"Dude! He's hilarious!"

"Hilarious?" He poked his head out. "Me? Really?"

I wink at him and he passes out. Cyborg fakes it to catch him. Starfire comes up to me.

"Curiosity abounds. Please. Where did you come from; how did you get here; what is your favorite color; and do you wish to be my friend?" If it were anyone else they would have said 'huh?'

"um…Earth, walked, red, and…sure."

She hugged me and I thought…I'm gonna die! Then release.

They took me back to their tower and they let me stay over. However, I was restless. I was nervous and so I went down to the shore of their island and started skipping rocks. Beast boy soon joined me.

"So I'm guessing the couch was too lumpy?"

We sat there for a little while and I helped him skip a rock because his first attempt sank! And then I tell him, "I can't stay."

"Why not? Beastboy says disappointedly.

"Places to go, people to see."

Trying to convince me to stay he says jokingly, "Come on. You know you want to stay. We've got free cable, indoor plumbing, and all the tofu you can eat." As he counts these three things on his hands I laugh thinking 'I know I promised Rita to stay away from him but, he's just so cute! I miss him terribly and he has no recollection of who I am! I won't be doing any harm... Will I?'

"Tofu? You sure know how to charm a girl. I-I guess I could stay for one more day."

"Awesome! We're gonna have so much fun! And I can't wait to see what your powers do when you really cut 'em loose." Right in that moment I lost control. The rock he was sitting on lifted and splashed into the water soaking him.

"Sorry. I'm Sorry, I'm so stupid! Don't tell! Please don't tell!"

"Terra it's okay. You can't totally control your powers so what?"

"Promise you won't tell Anybody-Ever!"


"Swear it!" I know I was being a little extreme but with all the destruction I've caused… Wouldn't you be cautious if you were in my shoes?

"Okay! Okay! I promise. But really, its no big deal. If my friends knew they'd still like you."

You used to know how bad things were for me…but you've forgotten me. "You just don't understand."

"I know I don't…but I wouldn't mind trying to." He said cutely.

"Beastboy, I've done terrible things before. I don't deserve friends like you guys."

"Everyone deserves to be loved and cared for… and you're no different."

"You know, You're a lot sweeter and smarter than people give you credit for. You must have had great tragedy in your life for you to always want to try and be funny all the time."

"I thought you said I was hilarious!"

"I did, you are. Just you must deal with a great load of pain to joke ALL the time." He sighed and started to tell me the story I already knew with the exception of me not being there.

"That's why it's no big deal that you can't completely control your powers, because there's more to one person than anyone could possibly know. Plus, Mento always says everyone has a flaw. So you're not the only one." This was his finishing sentence. And we were headed back to his room and the common room for me.

"Wow Beastboy, How do you keep that inside of you all the time? It must be painful."

"It is, but what about you? What's your life story?"

"It's late and you have training tomorrow-" He cut me off.

"Terra, I want you to know you can trust me."

"I know I can, it's a long story and you need sleep."

"Alright, But Terra?"


"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure, anything what is it?"

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