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We're getting close. Lando could feel it in his veins. We have to be close. The next planet they stopped at was called Dewmalin, but was nicknamed Planet Destiny. It was the 207th planet we've had been to. Wow, with a name like that this should be the one. I sure hope to the gods that it is.

When they arrived on the planet, Chewie, like always, shut down the Falcon, while Lando asked the guide about the planet. They begin to search in the most populous area of Dewmalin. They searched for 5 standard hours with out any leads.

I need to find him, Lando says to himself. He has to be here. We are running out of time.

They decide to give it a rest. Though Chewie is eager to continue, he had to admit that his legs are killing him. They go to a cantina (think about Mos Eisley, but worse) that is also a casino.

I'm gonna go play some sabacc Chewie bellows.

"Okay, but don't get into any trouble" Lando laughs. Chewie was the most careful wookie he knew. Also, Chewie rarely lost at sabacc, either becaause he was so good or because the other players were so intimidated by him.

Lando sat at the bar and drank down 2 Corellian rums. Suddenly he hears a loud howl.

"Great, whats happened now," Lando mutters to himself. Lando turns on his barstool and begins to walk towads Chewie.

That's when he hears the voice.

"Hey stop fighting, I don't want any fighting in my cantina!"

He could tell that Chewie had heared the voice also because he immeadiatly froze. He searched the room for the person who had spoken. Then he saw him. Besides a few more scars and a few gray hairs, he looked the same. It was Han Solo.

Rick had lived here... well as long as he could remember. He had worked in this cantina for 3 1/2 years before the owner, Way Lirc, had passed it down to him. Way was like a father to Rick. Although he still reported profits to Way, the cantina was basically his. Rick had been manager for 2 years and had many dedicated customers. His most valuable customer was a woman named Marlina. She had been around since he first started here and they had grown very close over the past five 1/2 years. They often went out after his shift was over, but when he became manager they went out later and later. They were at the point where they lived in an apartment together. Though she had said "I love you" many times, he could never bring himself to say it back. He felt like he was betraying someone. He couldn't think of any past loves but… it didn't matter.

The two people that had just walked into his cantina looked very familiar. He went back to his office after he watched the Wookie join a sabac game. A few minutes later Rick heard a loud growl. He knew instantly, it was the wookie. He ran out and yelled, "Hey stop fighting, I don't want any fighting in my cantina!"

The Wookie immediately stopped at his voice. He looked shocked to see him. The dark skinned man with black hair and a thick black mustache came up to the Wookie and turned toward Rick. He also had a shocked look on his face. The fight resolved, Rick started to head back to his office, still listening to the conversation between the two.

"Chewie. Are you okay? What happened?" The dark skinned man asked. The Wookie howled back a reply and to Rick's surprise he understood what this Chewie person... er... Wookie said.

Did you see who that was?

"Yes it looked like Han but..."

Rick listened no more. Han... that name sounded so familiar. The dark skinned man and this 'Chewie' thought he looked like a man named Han.

"Sir... um... Sir?" Rick turned around.

"Yeah, what do you want?" He asked casually.

"Hi, uh, can I ask what your name is?" The dark hair man asked.

"Only if you tell me who you are and why you want to talk to me."

"I'm Lando Calrisian and this is Chewbacca. We want to ask you about a missing person."

"Why do you want talk to me this person? What's it got to do with me?"

"We... well...uh."

Lando just tell him that we have a feeling about him ok." Said Chewie.

"You got a feeling about me? So what?" Damn. I shouldn't have spoken up. Now they know that I understand shyriiwook .

"We would just like to know your name." Lando managed.

"Richard Wright." He held out his hand to Lando and Chewie. "Come on into my office to talk." Walking down the hallway they entered his office and sat down. "What is it you want to know?"

"How long have you worked here?"

Rick stared at him with a suspicious look on his face. Well, they look honest enough.

"I've worked here for the past 5 1/2 years." When he said this both Lando and Chewie had a look of relief on their faces.

How long have you lived here?

"I don't remember living anywhere else."

"Mr. Wright.."

"Call me Rick."

"Um...Rick, I think your just the guy we are looking for."

"Really? Why do you say that?" Rick raised his eyebrows in question.

"A man named Han Solo went on a job for me six years ago. He went to pick up an important shipment for me on a planet in the outer rim. He picked it up but the he was attacked and never heard from again." Lando finished.

"Okay, so lemme get this stright. There's a guy named Han Solo, who went missing, and you think I know something about him?"

Lando paused. "Well, actually we think you are him."

Rick knew what they were going to say but didn't really believe it. "I think you got the wrong guy. I've lived here all my life." He hesitated shortly. Had he? He had all these vision of himself on a planet just like this, wondering around aimlessly on the streets.

Could it had been a different planet?

NO, it couldn't. Rick new he hated space travel, so how could he have been on a different planet.

"No I believe you are the man we are searching for. You may be a little older, but aren't we all?" Lando chuckled at his joke. Noticing that no else had found it funny he continued to speak. "Do you remeber anything six years ago?"

"Thats none of your business" Rick said, annoyed. He had the same defenses as Han, Lando recognized immediately.

"We wre wondering if you remeber this woman. Lando reached into his pocket and brought out a picture of Leia. He and Chewie each carried one around in the event they found Han.

Rick studied the picture for a few moments.

"She looks familiar." Lando noticed his expression soften then it hardend again.

"Isn't she an ambassador or senator or something for the New Republic? Yeah, I remember her now. People in here have been talking about her 'cause of her marriage to that doctor guy who fathered her kids."

"Yes, thats true." Said Lando. "But those aren't his kids." Pausing Lando held up another holo, this one of Han. "Those children lost their father before they were born exactly six years ago." Pointing to the holo he said, "This man is their father."

Rick looked at the holo and it was a picture of himself. "Whoa! Your saying that I'm those kids father? No way buddy! I may not remember where I was 6 years ago, but I've never met her before, and I certainly never been that serious with anybody before, so back off!

"Hey wait just a minute Rick" Lando said "Just think about it, all of this happened around the same time. Even if there is the slightest chance I'm right don't you think you deserve to know? And what about Leia; Rick don't you think she deserves to know?"

"Why should she caare, she's already getting remarried anyway." Said Rick.

"She doesn't love him, Rick!" Lando beagn to shout, "She loves Han. And the Han I knew loved her." Calming down, Lando turned to go and said, "Just do yourself a favro and think about it...Rick"

Lando and Chewie walk out of his office, past the sabacc tables and out the doorway.

Rick Wright stood in his office staring at the door wondering what in Hutt Slime that had been about. Sure, he'd didn't remember where he was or what he;d been 6 years ago but so what! People got amnesia all the time. What? Was this some cruel practical joke someone decided to play or is my life a lie? Nah! That guy was just plain crazy, that's all. Too set on trying to find that guy. All this went through Rick's mind as he absent-mindedly cleaned up his desk, frustrated because he didn't really know whom he was, and because he wasn't really sure why he cared about anything that guy had said.

"I need a drink."

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