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Chewie let out a questioning howl as they left the cantina.

"I don't know, Chewie. Your sure that's him though?"


"Okay, okay! I won't ask again. I don't know what to do! It'd be no use forcing him to come by blaster point. Then he'd never believe us."

"WhrrrGhrr?" Asked Chewie.

"I don't know if we should call Leia or not, Chewie. She's been through hell these last few years and knowing that Han's alive but has no idea who anyone, let alone himself, is won't help at all."

Lando paused, considering his options.

/Maybe we should wait a few days. See if he does think about it/ Suggested Chewie.

"Yeah, your right. The Falcon could do with some repairs anyway, so I guess we can wait to see if he responds or not."

After closing up the Cantina for the night, Rick walked through the inner streets of Destiny towards his home. Most of Destiny was a peaceful and beautiful planet. "Most" however, didn't account for the inner cities. They were a haven for smugglers, gamblers, and thieves. Reaching his building, he took the turbo lift to his floor. Walking to the door he entered his passcode. The door had barely opened when his pet Chapux, Tremor (think big dog) came running up to him, barking.

Kneeling down, he patted the Chapux on the head.

"Hey pal. How's it going?" Tremor barked enthusiastically as Rick walked through his apartment to his old, worn out, chair that had lost its repulsar. Sitting down, he tried to think.

"Hi, honey!" Lina called to him from the bedroom, "How was your day?"

Sighing he answered, "It was fine." Lina stepped through the doorway and walked over to where he was sitting.

"No it wasn't," She said, "I know that tone, what happened?"

Rick rested his head on his fist and grumbled, "Nothing," as Lina sat down on the arm of the chair and tried to wrap her arms around him, but Rick wouldn't let her.

He got up, "Don't." He told her, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Fine, if that's the way you want it, go ahead and pout! I don't know why I bother anyway!" Standing up she walked quickly into the bedroom crying.

"Lina," he called. Sithspawn! Rick you idiot! She's the only person you've got and your pushing her away.

Grimacing, Rick went after her. He walked into the room, but stopped when he realized Lina was crying. He went over to her and laid his hand on her shoulder. She flinched.

"Lina, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you," he explained. Sitting down he put his arm around her, "I've just had a rough day, that's all, and I didn't want to worry you."

She turned toward him and wrapped her arm around his waist. "It's not just today, Rick." she said, her voice muffled by his shirt. "You've been like this for the past week. Is everything alright? We're not in any kind of trouble are we?"

He pulled away a little to look at her, "No, of course not honey I just need some time to think about things. That's all."

"Are you sure?" She asked.

He nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure."

"Ok then, as long as were all back to normal." She tilted her head up and kissed him. "You hungry? I made your favorite."

"Really? Thanks, Hon." He said.

Leia had asked Greg to take care of the kids for the day while she had a very important meeting with Chief of State Mon Mothma. Greg had happily obliged; it was his day off. He was expecting to relax while the twins played quietly at home. Boy was he wrong.

Jacen wanted to go to the zoo because he was interested in animals. Jaina wanted to go to the Museum of Technology and Aviation History. She was a whiz with any kind of mechanical items.

Since they both could not agree on anywhere to go, Greg decided to take them to the Public Archives. The moment they stepped foot into the Coruscant Public Archives, he knew there would be trouble. The twins ran in screaming at the top of their lungs. The archive keeper, an older woman of about 70, immediately came over to him.

"Sir, are those your children?" The woman asked him sternly.

"Yes, they're with me." He answered with a wince.

"You are going to need to calm them down or you'll have to leave." He nodded to her. The woman watched him carefully as he walked towards Jacen and Jaina. They were at the computer. They were conversing about something and as soon as they sensed him approach they quieted.

"What are you guys doing?"

"We're looking up our last name in the archive history, but we can't used our ID's. Can you do it for us?" They looked up at him innocently.

"Why do you need to look it up?" He asked suspiciously.

Jaina paused. Then turned to Jacen who began to explain. "We wanna see the Solo's in the archives, since we already know about Organa's and Skywalker's."

"Is it okay with your mother? I mean, there must be a reason you can't look it up with your ID's."

"No, it's because we have to read holos that suit our reading level." Jaina explained. Jacen smiled when he heard her explanation and nodded with agreement.

"Okay, but if you get in trouble, you will take full responsibility." They both nodded vigorously. He entered his code and searched under Solo. Many names came up, some familiar such as Thrackan Sal-Solo, Dalla Solo, and a few other interesting names.

"See anything you're interested in?"

Jaina nodded to him and got up and headed towards the history section. "What's your sister getting?" Greg asked Jacen, who scrolled to the bottom of the page and pointed at the screen. Greg read the name aloud. "'Across the Galaxy: A biography on the Smuggler turned Hero: Han Solo'" Greg smiled again. Jaina always had been interested in Smugglers. "Sounds interesting." Jacen turned suddenly and headed towards where Jaina went. After about a minute, they both come back with a holo about Han Solo.

"We both got one each, since that's all we're allowed." Jacen said. "I got one called 'A Hero of the Rebellion: Han Solo.' He grinned.

Greg then showed them, again, how to place their fingerprints on the holo scanner, imprinted on each data pad, which then transfer to the archives main database. When they were done they decided to go to lunch.

"Where do you want to go?" Greg asked the kids. "How about..." He paused with a smile on his face.

"Harlend's!" The twins finished his sentence.

Harlend was their favorite restaurant in the Galaxy. It was where all holo cartoons came to life.

When they arrived at the entrance to Harlend's, holographic doormen dressed in nutcracker suits appeared out of thin air and started to dance and sing in annoying squeaky children voices accompanied by the twins.

"We welcome you to Harlend's restaurant,

Harlend's restaurant,

Harlend's restaurant,

We welcome you to Harlend's restaurant,

And we hope you enjoy your stay,

Hope you enjoy your stay,

Hope you enjoy your stay,

We welcome you to Harlend's restaurant,

And hope you have a nice day!"

The twins clapped as they went inside to where they could choose their favorite holo-cartoon character to be their waiter. Running up to the comp-screen, the twins began pushing all the buttons as they watched the holograms flash on and off as each one tied to introduce himself.

A hostess droid hovered over to them and politely asked them to pick a waiter soon and to please try not to break the computer.

"Jacen, Jaina, pick the one you want, so we can go eat."

"Ok Uncle Greg." They said in unison.

After five more minutes they finally chose their Ewok waiter that took them to a holo-cartoon of an Ewok village, where the Ewoks danced and sang with all the other children. Their waiter gestured them to their table and asked them if they wanted anything to drink.

"I want hot chocolate pleeeeassse!" trilled Jaina.

"Me too!" Jacen chimed in.

"Ok, we'll have two hot chocolates, blue milk and what do you kids want to eat?"

"I want the mini Nerf Sausages!" Said Jacen while bouncing up and down in his seat.

"And I want Jell-O cubes" Jaina shouted.

Greg smirked at their enthusiasm. "I'll have the Skyscraper salad"

"Coming right up sir." The Ewok said before vanishing.

"Uncle Greg, will you read the holo-books to us?" Jaina asked sweetly.

"Yeah, pleeeeeaassseee!" Jacen put in.

"Alright." He got the data pads from the bag. "Which one do you want me to read?"

"The one I got!" Jaina said insistently. Greg began to read.

"Across the Galaxy: A biography on the Smuggler turned hero Han Solo by Dashira Lore." He cleared his throat. "Han Solo's name is known all over the galaxy. He's been a smuggler, pirate, a hero of the rebellion, and even a general of the alliance. Very little is known about Mr. Solo's past, except that he was born on Corellia and taken in by a man named Garris Shrike who was a con artist.

"After escaping Shrike's ship Han entered into the Imperial Space Academy, where he graduated with honors and accepted commission in the Imperial Starfleet. He would have been a great soldier had it not been for an incident with a slave ship and a Wookie."

"Uncle Chewie's a Wookie!" Jacen commented. Jaina giggled.

"Yes, he is." Adding some more education, he asked, "And where are Wookies from?"

Jacen answered quickly, "Kashyyyk!" Jaina nodded in agreement.

"Very good Jacen." Greg smiled. He began to read again. "Because of this, he was court-marshaled, stripped of his rank and expelled from the Navy." Just as he was finishing that sentence, the holo-waiter brought them their food. "Well, we'll finish this later."

So they began to eat. The first five minutes they ate in silence. Greg thought that this was strange so he asked them about it. "What's wrong? You are so quiet."

"We were just thinking" Jacen answered for the both of them. Greg had heard that before, but not from them. "About what?"

Jacen and Jaina exchanged glances. They communicated through the force.

Should we ask him?

No, we'll ask Mom when we get home


"Nothing" They answered in unison.

Greg looked at them curiously, but decided to drop it since the twins seemed to have gone back to their normal selves. They talked non-stop for the rest of the meal.

When they had finally finished, the twins went to play with the 'Ewoks' in the 'jungle'.

Greg sat there thinking until suddenly something swooshed by him. He heard a yell go by. Another followed, along with another yell. Greg watched the objects until he realized that it was the twins, each on their own swinging vines. They were yelling and swinging around the whole section of the restaurant.

Many of the other children had gathered around and began to clap, while others went to their parents and started whining about how they wanted to be up in the trees.

A droid quickly came up to Greg. "Sir, you are going to have to stop your children from swinging on the decorations. Also, here is you bill, it will be charged to your account."

Greg nodded, not fully listening to what the droid said. The droid spoke again. "Sir, I need your code."

Greg pushed his code in and the droid left.

Standing up, Greg called, "Jacen! Jaina! Come down from there!" Sliding down the vines the twins ran up to him.

"But Uncle Greg!" Jacen whined, "We were having fun!"

"I know." Greg answered, "But you shouldn't swing and jump around like that. You could get hurt, and then your mother and I would be very sad."

The twins thought about this for a moment and the said "Okay Uncle Greg, We're sorry."

"It's okay, just be more careful next time." Greg looked at his chrono and noticed that it was almost time for Leia to be getting home. "Well, we have to go home, kids, your mother will be getting there soon."

"Ok," they said, slightly defeated.

Taking hold of their hands, they walked out of Harlend's as the holos said, "Good day, sir's and miss. We hope you enjoyed your stay."

Arriving at Leia's apartment, Greg keyed in the passcode and opened the door as the twins ran in screaming. Running to the couch, they jumped up and asked, "Uncle Greg, can you read to us again?"

"Okay," he said closing the door. Walking over, he sat on the couch in between them and thumbing on the holopad started to read once again. Not even 15 minutes later the twins were fast asleep leaning on his sides. Thumbing off the holopad he put it down as Leia walked in.

Upon seeing them, Leia leaned against the doorway starring at them. Although she thought it was sweet she couldn't help but feel a pang in her heart that Han should be the one sitting there, not Greg.

Walking up to him she whispered, "Rough day?"

"Not really," he answered, "Just a really long one."

"Same here." She said walking over to them she sat down in one of the chairs next to the couch. Slowly Greg got up from the couch, trying no to wake the twins.

If I do, I'll never be able to get them back to sleep. Walking behind Leia's chair, he gently massaged her shoulders.

"Thank you." She said quietly. In response, he kissed the top of her head.

"So, are all the plans for the wedding nearly finished?" He asked tentatively.

"Yes." She said holding back a wince. Just then the doorbell chimed and the twins immediately woke up.

Jumping off the couch they ran to the door shouting "Uncle Luke! Uncle Luke!" before opening it.

"Hey kids!" He yelled as he wrapped his arms around them in a hug. Picking them up he looked at Leia. "Hi Leia, Greg."

"Luke, hi! I haven't seen you in a while. How is planning the Academy going?"

"Oh, it's going all right. I'm still looking for a planet to put it on, but it's okay."

"Well, if you need any help finding one, just ask," she said. He nodded walking over to them he sat down across from Leia.

"So," he said, "how's everything been with you?"

"Same as usual," she grimaced, "I've been busy electing senators to office, recruiting new planets, establishing treaties between planets for months now. It's practically all I can think about."

"Must be very hectic," he said.

"You have no idea," she responded rubbing her temples.

Just then Jaina tugged on Luke's sleeve, "Uncle Luke can you play a game with us?" She warbled.

"Sure, what do you want to play?"

After playing ewoks with Jaina and Jacen for a while, Luke talked with Leia and Greg. For the past 5 years it had taken most of his control to not scold Leia for being with Greg, every time he visited it got harder. He knew she didn't love Greg but he also knew why she had agreed to marry him.

She is afraid. Afraid of the future, of being alone, and not to mention afraid of the past.

Luke liked Greg but he knew Leia wasn't meant to be with him. She would never truly be happy again. That is, unless Han was found. Something that was not very likely.

At least not any time soon. Luke grimaced, May the force be with you, Han ol' buddy. Wherever you are.

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