Lina lay on hr bed with her face buried into a pillow. Sobbing, tears of anger and betrayal stained the sheets. How could he?! He's with another woman. With KIDS! He said he never wanted kids, and now he does?! Is that why he's leaving me? But no its not his fault, its that woman. Her and that pretty little face of hers. I'll show her. I'll giver her the scar of a life time! Anger rose once again as Lina continued crying. Suddenly the door to the apartment opened and Don walked in.

"He looked at her curiously. "What's wrong babe?"

She looked up at him with her tear streaked face, her eyes glistening in the light. "I ahte him. I'm gonna kill him Don I sware!"

Don smiled, "Who Lina?"

Lina noticed the smirk on his face. "Don I'm crying here and all you can think about is your revenge." She spat out to him.

His face immediately became stoney. "Well then, what happened?" he said and took her in his arms.

"He's cheating on me Don. And she has kids. And he looked so happy." She bawled.

"Do you think he found out about us?" He asked, still trying hard not to smile.

"Shut up," she answered and immediately jumped out of his arms. "All you can think about is us.. Well right now it's all about me. Okay?!"

"Okay, okay, sure hon. Now will you come sit back down?" When she did he continued to speak. "Rick is cheating on you?"


"And he didn't find out about us?"

She looked at him menacingly. "Sorry, sorry."

"The thing is Don, he looked so happy. Happier than he's ever been." Her face darkened. "I hate that. He was suppose to be happy with me!" she sighed, "I guess I'll just have to kill him. If I cant have him no one can."

A wide grin appeared on Don's face. He clapped his hands together. "Well, lets get to it, we need a plan." Don knew that Lina wasn't in it for the money but some cruel revenge. Which was fine by him, he wanted Rick's Cantina. Plus… Seeing him die won't be so bad.

Leia got home and found an empty house. She had left the kids with Han so she could be alone with Greg to tell him the news. She paced in her bedroom thinking of what to tell him. She hated to hurt him like this only a few days before they were supposed to get married. In a way she thought him far too good for her, and wished he hadn't fallen in love with her and the kids. She knew she'd always care about him, just not in the same way he did.

Hearing the main apartment door open she took a deep breath and left her bedroom. "Good evening dear," Greg said as he came in through the door.

Leia felt like saying, "No it isn't," but instead she told him, "Greg I… We need to talk."

"Uh.. alright what's wrong?" he asked nervously.

Besides me nearly committing bigamy? Nothing everything is great. "Maybe you aught to sit down for this." She said slowly.

"Okay…" he said walking over to the couch he sat down, "I'm sitting. What's on your mind?"

Leia leaned against the back of the chair, "Greg I… I want you to know that I care about you a lot. You've been so supportive and caring all of these years. I just, want you to know that I will alays care aout you. But I… I can't marry you." At Greg's shocked and confused look she continued on quickly. "Lando and Chewie found Han, Greg. They found him after so many years. He'd laust his memory and had no idea who he was. I'm so sorry to have caused you pain. I know there's nothing I can do or say but I'm sorry."

"Your husband? How? I thought he was dead." Greg said shocked, his voice strained.

"Nobody knew for sure," she said, "I'm sorry Greg, I don't know what else to do."

Greg looked heart broken and didn't say anything for a long moment, as if he was trying tto find the right words to say. "Can I still see the kids?" he asked, "I still care about them."

"Of course you can. The children love you, I couldn't not let you see them."

"Thank you Leia," he said, "I wish you all the love I feel for you." Getting up he said, "I'll be going now." And he walked out.

And suddenly, though Leia was saddened to have hurt Greg, she felt freer than she had in a long time. It was as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. Going over to the com she punched in the numbers for Mon Mothma's comlink, to tell her that the wedding was officially cancelled.

Han looked around carefully making sure there was no one around as he walked hand in hand with Jacen and Jaina. Leia had told him to be cautious of nosy reporters and paparazzi. The last thing they wanted was for his return to be in the news before she even told Greg and the others.

For that same reason he could not take them into the public he decided to bring them to see the Falcon after he learned that little Jaina was really fascinated by flying and ships. "A real father's daughter." Leia had told him. He grinned widely looking down at his daughters excited face.

"Are we there yet?" Jaina asked for the umpteenth time.

"Almost" he chuckled. They walked only a short way further before the Falcon came into sight.

"She's a beauty." He whispered to himself.

"Can we go in?" Jaina said anxiously and another grin appeared on Han's face as he answered, "Sure princess."

Jacen and Jaina practically dragged him the rest of the way. Racing towards the hatch. Opening it, he practically had to run to keep them from getting ahead of him. When they stepped in Jaina gasped, "Wow!" and immediately raced for the cockpit.

"Whoa, hey, hang on there princess." Han said, scooping her up, "We don't need this ol' girl to mysteriously end up in the Hoth system now do we?"

"No, I was thinking maybe Endor." Jaina replied with the most serious face on a five year old he'd ever seen.

Jacen brightened, "Can we go see the Ewoks too?"

Han grinned, "Maybe next time," he said, heading towards the cockpit. "Here you go Jaina," he said, placing her in the pilots seat while Jacen hopped into the enoromous copilots chair. Han almost laughed, the two of them looked like shaved Ewoks trying to fly a ship. The weren't even tall enough to see past the controls. He suddenly wished Leia could be there to see them. Han was brought back to reality by a slight tug on his pant leg. "Unc… Dad..Ha…" Jaina started with a sigh, then asked, "What am I suppose to call you?" Clearly upset at not knowing.

Han thought about it for a moment then kneeled down, "Well… you don't have to, but you can call me dad if you want to. Or you could call me by my name, Han."

Jaina paused and seemed to think about it for a moment, "I want to call you daddy." She said decidedly.

"I'm glad," he said, smiling down at her. "So what else do you want to see…" a sudden clatter was heard from the hold of the ship and Han snapped around heading out of the cockpit. Jacen and Jaina hopped down from the chairs and followed. Reaching the hold they found it a mess. Cushions were ripped and one of the wall hatches close to the floor was open and a mess of wires were spilled out onto the floor. In the middle of it was a 'Fuzzy'. A nickname for an animal native to planet Destiny. The name of the animal certainly fit its description, it was similar to the Chapux in appearance only much much smaller. Most were only a quarter of a meter high and so full of hair that they looked like a giant hair ball. Startled by them it was frantically trying to free itself from the wires wrapped around its legs.

"A Fuzzy!" Jacen said, brightening visably, trying to run towards it.

"Hold it son," he said, holding them both back. Walking towards it he slowly untangled the mass of wires from the Fuzzy, "Heyu little guy, you certainly made a mess," he said, putting it down. It skid toward Jacen and jumped up, licking his face.

Jacen laughed, holding onto it, "Can I keep him?" he asked.

"Han chuckled, "Sure kid, just keep him away from the power cables."

"Hello Fuzzy," Jacen said, and then looked around the hold and then up at Han, "I think he's hungry."