Something Mysteria This Way Comes

Me: Hi evry1!

Starfire: Yes Greetings readers!

(All the other titans say hi Raven grunts a "hmm")

Me: Now that everyone has said hello, who will I pick to say the claims and disclaims?

Starfire: Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. I'll do it, I'll do it! Pick Me!

Me: hmm…how about…ROBIN Boy Wonder!

Robin: hmm…how about…NOT!

(Starfire uses her starbolts to make the words PICK ME in fire works.)

Me: Hey I know…how about you Rav-

(Gives me an icy cold glare)

Me: (shivers) Ooookay…

(I ask evry1 and evry1 says no)

Me: Oh! I almost forgot…STARFIRE! Why don't u do it?

Starfire: Oh Glorious! Peach doesn't own the Teen Titans! (giggles)

Me: But I do own Mysteria.

(Robin stares at Starfire, Robin's Thoughts: Twinkle, Twinkle little Star….)

Red X: You are soo pathetic. And who is Mysteria? She hot?

Mysteria: You'll find out. Now let the story begin.

Red X: Ooh. You sound hot.

Chapter 1

A New Place


Cyria's P.O.V

"Come on Mr. Mod That's not fair! You can't do this!" I said. The landlord decided to come personally to tell me...

"Sorry love, but if your not out of here by 48 hours, I will be forced to call the authorities, due to your pastdue payments! Good day."

"But I need time! I don't get paid until next week! And I need movers! Wait!"

But it was too late, he drove off. I didn't know what it was about that man, but I hated him. I was just about to have a major blowout when I looked at the back of stop sign next my apartment. My eyes were crimson red. I had to calm down or I would blew the neighborhood to oblivion!

I had the power to control all weather conditions threw my hands. I could fly, hypnotize anything, and make very life-like illusions. Anyone would think it was cool...if it weren't for the down side. If my anger was not controlled...well lets just say you wouldn't see tomorrow.

"Great. Perfect, this is just what I need to begin the week. Now I have no place to live. I hate Mondays."

I had to find some place to live and soon. Then I remembered my cousin Ravin's club. I could live there since the upper room was never used. All I gotta do is beg her to let me have it. And since security sucks there, i could take that job too. I decided to bring some cool clothes with me. I hated going there without looking normal.

"Awesome! And it would give me extra time to go to 'TheCircle' to wind down a bit." I looked at my watch. it was 7pm. "Ah Shit! I better hurry to work or Raven will have my head."

Normal P.O.V

Cyria was very pretty, though she didn't care to notice. She hated conceited people. Others labeled her as a goth. She always wore black, red, light grey, or silver they were her favorite colors. Right now she wore a black shirt that said, "Don't mess with Tex...never mind. Just don't mess with me." and a pair of faded ripped jeans with a few bleach spots, and redsandals she got from a thrift store.

When she walked in her cousin's club called, "The Black Hole" the place was full. Well, close to it. Then, almost immediately a regular she saw there a lot started hitting on her. She hated guys who were like this.

"Hey it's sexy Cyria. What are you doin tonight?"

"Go away before you get your ass kicked in front of your friends over there?" She said irritably.

His friends began to laugh and say corny lines about her. Then one decided to say,

"Ooh. Looks like sexy Cyria is a little fiesty huh?" She growled in disgust.

"Yeah man I see. I like that. So you never answered my question. What are you doin tonight?"

Ugh! She thought. Oh well. I might as well have a little fun before bashing his face in.

"Well that depends. But I do know what your gonna be doin tonight." She said in her most seductive voice.

"Oh really? What's that Cici?"

"Your face is gonna connect with my fist!" And let him have it she did. She hit him so hard that he fell into the crowd off the steps of the entrance door. Everyone backed away and Cryia walked over to him, then pushed her shoe up against his neck.

"Okay, I'll say this once. Two things. 1. Call me 'sexy Cyria' or 'Cici' again, and I'll knock you into next week. And 2. If I catch you or your cheesy lines here again," She said with venom in her voice, her eyes went red again. "and I'll knock you so hard you won't exist anymore get it?"

"Got it." He said trying to gasp for air.

"Good. Now make yourself vanish before I do it myself!" She moved her long leg off his throat. He didn't hesitate and made himself scarce. Her eyes returned to there normal light blue color.

After that, she went into the bathroom to switch to her change of clothes, then at the counter to begin her shift.

Cyria's P.O.V

Ahh! I dispied men like who thought I was easy to get.

"Whoa Cyria. You got that one good. Now stop scarin away my customers." Rae said in a monotone voice.

"Well that bastard started it. I only finished it before he thought he could take me outta here."

"Yeah. Pretty quick too. You got rid of him in 50 seconds flat, that's a new record."

"Well, that'a a new record, can I get a reward?" She asked in a low voice.

Raven gave her a look that said, 'what'd you do this time'. Raven thought I was worse than her husband,Garfield. (A/N: Yes I put Raven and BB together! I wanted to put Terra in, but decided to use her for something else.) I was an only child all my life, and she was like the big sister I never had.

"I knew did you have in mind? Cause if it concerns money, forget it."

"No it's not that, its actually um...theupstairsroomcanIhaveitpleasepleaseplease!" (A/N: "the upstairs room can i have it please x3?") She pleaded with all her might. She really wanted it, because it was very roomy and had a closet and everything with it. except for a shelf. But she had that, and there was a bathroom down the hall. And a window with plenty of room to sit under it that showed a nice portion of Jump City. She always wanted it but Raven said no beacuse it had too many memories in it.

It actually turns out that her best friend Terra had died there because of a drunk following her up the stairs and didn't know until she turned to open the door and ran in. But the drunk was stronger than her and had raped her there. Raven never talked about it. She cleaned the room and emptied it. The only thing left was a picture on the window seat of her and Terra when they were in high school.

"No. You know the reason why. And you don't have a real excuse to have it anyway."

"Actually,"she said in a low voice, "I need it now that I can't pay my bill, and as of 2 days from now, homeless."

Raven wasn't ready to give Terra's old room away. She still had a tough time getting over her.

"Look Rae, I know that you have been having a really hard time dealing with Terra's death. But it's been 3 years since that happened and need to let it go. I mean, I mean no disrespect but,"

"Then don't say anything at all." She interrupted.

"but don't you think that Terra would want you to let it go. To finally rest easy and know that it was an accident? I don't really know her but what I do know is that if I were your situation right this second, I know I would've after all this time."

Raven didn't say anything after that, I left her alone for a bit while she went to go and serve a few of her customers. Then about 9:15 that night, she put a sign saying, 'I'll return in 10 minutes' and ask me to meet her upstairs to Terra's old room. We sat at the window seats, and talked a bit longer until finally she let me have that spare room. Raven knew about my powers and saw that my left eye was yellow for happiness and the right wasdark blue for sadness.

I was happy because she finally let me have the spare room, and had gotten the courage to let those bad memories of Terra go, and decided to get on with life. But I was sad because of Terra and her having to go through the pain of losing her best friend since high school.

"All right then, enough of me being sappy, I gotta get back to work before they get restless." She said while drying some tears. I was a bit shocked at first because she NEVER cried about anything.

"Okay. Thanks Raven. I'm gonna start movin out after the bar closes. I gotta be out before Mad Mod calls the police."

"Cool. Hey, are you gonna sing tomorrow? You could get some more money with that."

"I don't know. If I feel like it."

Now both my eyes were yellow when i took out my pocket mirror. I couldn't wait to start moving in here.

Well how do you like it? I think I did a awesome job considering it's mysecond time writing a story like this, if ya wanna read my other story it's called, Dream Fulfilled. Except it has Fruits Basket charactes in it. And if you have any idea you think would cool with story, PLEASE let me know! Don't forget R&R. I won't start the next chappie until i get 10 reviews first!