The bongo the Gungans had promised turned out to be a tiny, bat-winged submarine with three bubble canopies and a strange drive that looked like long, trailing tentacles. Simba eyed it dubiously, but it was better than walking. Or swimming. He hopped into the co-pilot's chair.

"Dis is nutsen," Jar Jar muttered, taking the pilot's seat.

Simba glanced at him in irritation.

The sub arched past tall coral pillars. Reefs stretched away in all directions, like forests made of lace. As the bongo started down into the dark waters below, Jar Jar flicked a switch and the sub's lights came on.

Simba could see Jar Jar becoming more and more uneasy as they went deeper. Nervous guides make mistakes; best give him something else to think about. "Why were you banished, Jar Jar?"

"Tis a longo tale," Jar Jar said. "Buta small part wowdabe, mesa … ooooh … aaaa … clumsy."

"They banished you because you're clumsy?" Simba asked skeptically. He understood for being banished for being responcible for his father's death, but he had never heard of laws against clumsiness.

"Mesa cause-ed mabee one or duey lettal bitty axadentes," Jar jar said in an offhand tone, waving his arm expansively. "Yud-say boom de gasser, un crash Der Bosses heyblibber. Den –"

Something struck the bongo from behind, causing the two to jerk forward in their chairs. Simba looked back to see a glowing, fishlike creature behind them. It had grabbed the end of the bongo with it's long, sticky tongue. The little subshuddered as the creature began to pull them in.

Jar Jar shrieked.

Simba gasped. "Help, help!" he cried, but to no avail. The sea creature drew them closer and closer. soon it's jaws began grinding away at the rear of the sub.

Suddenly, they shot free. Hardly daring to believe their luck, Simba glanced over his shoulder. The fish that had tried to eat the sub waswrithing in the teeth of an even larger sea monster! "There's always a bigger fish," he said as he breathed a sigh of relief. If it's bigger than that one, I don't want to meet it! No wonder Jar Jar didn't want to take me.

As the sub dodged around a coral outcropping and into a tunnel, the lights flickered. Simba heard a sizzling noise. The giant fish had damaged the bongo. Water was dripping into the cabin, and the power lines were shorting. The sound of the drive lessened, and so did their speed. Uh oh. thought Simba. This isn't good. Not good at all. Beside him, Jar Jar's voice climbed in panic. Simba tried to soothe the frightened Gungan. "Don't worry, we're not in trouble yet."

"What yet?" Jar Jar yelled. "Monstairs out dare! Leak'n in here, all'n sink'n and nooooo power! WHEN YOUSA TINK WESA IN TROUBLE?!"

Simba could see Jar Jar's point. He then jumped out of his chair and under the dash board. Back at Pride Rock, he watched some of the royal guards repair a space ship and memorized how. A bongo can't be that different. he thought. He knew that if he wasn't careful enough, the lines would fry him. Quickly, he twisted the last wires and switched the switch on. "Power's back," he said. The lights flickered on as he spoke, revealing yet another enormous fish right in front of them.

"Monstair's back!" Jar Jar countered. "Wesa in trouble now?"

How many more of these things are there? thought Simba.

Jar Jar grabbed the controls and swung the ship around. The giant fish-creature darted after them. Jar Jar increased their speed. The sub shot out of the tunnel - straight toward the huge, eel-like monster that had eaten the other fish! Jar Jar shreiked again a the monster snapped at the bongo. He dodged, hoping Simba's makeshift repairs would hold. The monster's teeth missed by inches. It snapped again, and it's jaws closed around the fish-like creature that had chased them through the tunnel. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jar Jar sent the little sub zipping away.

For what seemed like hours, they wove and ducked and dodged past dozens of huge sea monsters, all of which had one thing in common: They were hungry. At last the water grew lighter, and the monsters fewer. Soon the sub was rising toward the surface.

In a cloud of bubbles, the bongo broke out into open air at last. The engine died, and thu sub drifted towards the shore of a vast desert. Simba switched off the bubble canopies, glad to be back in fresh air.

Beside him, Jar Jar heaved a sigh of mingled relief and amazement. "Wesa safe now!" he said.

Soon they hopped onto the shore. "Looks like we walk from here," said Simba.

"How fa wesa go, masta Simba?" asked Jar Jar, scratching his head.

Simbjust lowered his head. "As far away as possible, let's go." Simba started to walk slowly as Jar Jar followed. Where the desert led, he didn't know, or even cared.