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A day had passed since Simba and Jar Jar Binks started crossing the endless desert. "The sun doin muida to mesa skin," said Jar Jar, rubbing his arms.

Simba sighed, "For a servant, you really talk too much..."

Suddenly, they came upon a small desert spaceport. Humans, animals, and aliens were going about their business under the hot sun.

Jar Jar breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, tank goodness."

Simba smiled a bit. "Maybe we can get something to eat. Come on."

the sun beat down on the small group as they made their way into the city, but Simba hardly noticed. Everything was so different from the Pridelands - the dry air, the endless yellow sand, the lumpy buildings of the spaceport - and the heat was only one more difference to wonder at. Walking on the loose desert sand was tiring. Even in the city; most of the streets were unpaved, though at least the constant trafficon the busier streets had packed the surface down. Simba didn't seem bothered, but Jar Jar complained bitterly.

Just then, Jar Jar spotted several small frog-like creatures dangling from ropes at a market stand. To him, they looked delicious. "Ooh. Moy, moy!" he then extended his tongue, grabbed one of the creatures, and tried to swallow it. That is, if the propriator hadn't come out.

"Hey!" yelled the propriator, who appeared to be a hippopotomus. "Are you going to pay for that?"

"How muth?" asked Jar Jar, with his mouth muffled by the frog.

"Thirty wupioupi."

Jar Jar gagged. "Wha? Metha haff no munny!"

"Then spit it out!"

Jar Jar heaved back and spat out the frog, only to see it land in the soup of a small purple alien, who walked on its hands.

The alien quickly jumped out of his seat and pounced on Jar Jar, knocking him down. He soon started choking the gungan with his feet.

Just then, a small human boy with blonde hair came running up to the hands for feet alien and said, "Careful Sebulba. He's a dangerous outlander. I'd hate to see him make bug smudge outta you!"

Sebulba chuckled. "If you think that weak piece of Bantha fodder can hurt me, then you're crazy, orphan scum!" he said in his language. Then he turned, kicked dirt on Jar Jar, and walked off.

Simba came running in, he had seen everything. "Jar Jar, are you alright?" he asked.

"You're friend here was about to be turned into orange goop," said the boy. "You should keep a better eye on him."

Simba smiled in relief. "You're telling me." When he ran over to the source of the trouble, he nodded at the human. "Thanks for the help. And you are?"

"The name's Anakin. Anakin Skywalker."

Simba nodded and tilted his head. "Simba. This is Jar Jar... my servant... who was that creepy thing that tried to attack him?"

"That was a Dug, an especially dangerous Dug called Sebulba."

"Mesa no like crunchin." said Jar Jar, who was rubbing his head. "That's the last thing mesa wants."

"You two arn't from around here, are you?"


Simba shrugged and looked back out to the desert wastes. "Not exactly. We kinda got kicked out, and we just started walking," he said.

Anakin raised an eyebrow. "You should be careful," he said. "It's dangerous out here. There's bandits, sand storms and other bad stuff."

Jar Jar groaned.

"Don't you have a place to stay?"

Simba shook his head. "I was just thinking of moving on after we got some food here," he said. "We don't really have a place to go to."

Anakin smiled. "I got one, follow me."

Simba and Jar Jar did as they were told and followed the human boy through the streets.

Later, they arived at a small tent-like structure that was put together with cables and old cloths sewn together. "Here we are," said Anakin smiling.

Simba looked about. "This is it?" he asked. He had, after all, lived at Pride Rock all his short life. This was certainly a step down.

"Kinda small mesa thinks," said Jar Jar.

"Don't worry," said Anakin. "Its bigger inside." He then went inside the tent.

Simba and Jar Jar went in, too. Indeed it was bigger on the inside, decorated in spare parts and small droids. In the corner, laid a large matress and comforter with small holes in it. "What do ya think?" asked Anakin. "Sorry for the mess, I like to build stuff."

Simba glanced about, a bit more impressed because of its size, but curious about the mess. He poked at the parts and sniffed at the smell. "So those are, um... droid things I always hear about?" he asked.

Anakin looked around. "Well...whats left of them anyway."

A crash made them both jump. Simba turned to see that Jar Jar had accidently started up an odd little droid. The droid marched around at random, knocking things over, with Jar Jar clinging to it and shrieking. Simba sighed and turned back to Anakin. "Sorry about him. He's a little on the spastic side."

"Hey!" Anakin shouted to Jar Jar. "Hit the nose!"

Jar Jar did, and the droid stopped and folded itself together. "Phew!"

Anakin laughed. "You gotta know how to work droids. So where are you two headed?"

Simba sat down and shrugged despondently. "No idea. We have nowhere to go back to, and nobody'd want us way out here. Suppose we'll just keep walking for now until we come up with a plan."

"Don't you miss your parents?"

Simba looked off to the side. "Don't got any. Not anymore. I'm sure my mom won't miss me..."

Anakin sighed. "MY mom was sold to Gardolla the Hutt when I was three. She's a slave."

Simba hmm'd a bit, rather sympathetic. "My mom was a queen. But I don't know what she's going to do without a king..."

Anakin was silent for a while. Then he jumped off the matress and looked straight at Simba. "Lemme come with you, please."

Simba perks his ears.: "Why would you want to come? At least you have a home here."

"I've always wanted to leave this place, I wanna see whats beyond the sand dunes. I'm tired of always having to steal food and avoid Sebulba."

"Pwease, Simba sa?" asked Jar Jar. "Me liken dis kid." He then gave Anakin a noogie as the boy laughed.

Simba flicked his ears and seemed to think for a few moments, and at last he nodded. "All right," he said. "More the merrier, I guess."

"Yipee!" Anakin shouted. He then began to pack up a black backpack.

"When wesa leave?" asked Jar Jar.

Simba stood up and said, "Soon as possible. I don't want to hang around a place so unfriendly."

Anakin was checking his supplies as he put them in his backpack. "Let's see," he said to himself. "Food, water, all set!" He then headed for the door, and turned back to Simba and Jar Jar. "Come on."

"Okiday," said Jar Jar as he began to follow Anakin.

Simba gladly followed along, wondering how much bigger the party was going to get at this rate.