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"Me and My Koi"

Last time...

"Vegeta I'm...I'm pregnant..." he said and I froze, "He's pregnant?" I thought. He sat there biting his lips waiting for my reaction.

Vegeta's Point of View

It's been five months since our anniversary, five beautiful months, well not so beautiful since the mood swings and constant cravings for odd things but pretty much beautiful(). When I found out Kakarotto was pregnant I didn't know what to say, my whole body became numb! A child, the thing I've wanted for so long and now it's actually going to happen! I still look back at that memory like it was years ago.


"You're...pregnant?" I asked in a small voice he just nodded his head and wrapped his arms around his stomach. 'O my Kami... we are gonna have a child together...I must be dreaming...something this good happening to me must be a dream!' I thought.

He sat there looking at me wondering what I was thinking. Kakarotto stayed there beginning to feel sadden, I can tell by his eyes. All I can could do was tackle him down on our soft bed and hug him till he turns blue, but of course I wouldn't do that since he's pregnant but just saying.

"Kakarotto...your carrying my child...our child and I..." I couldn't believe myself but I started crying, was it because I was truly extremely happy? Or that his new hormones were rubbing off of him, whatever it was it felt good. He started to cry too! We hugged each other for it seems like an eternity but were merely five minutes. So many tears were shed that day, tears of happiness, a room with two Saiyan-jins well three if you count the little one inside Kakarotto, a room filled with hormones.

"So you're happy 'Geta-Chan?" he asks, happy? I was beyond happy, hell if there was a happiness law that says you're only allowed to be happy in a limited amount I would go to jail right this second and be I'd in prison for life! Even though it sound clich├ęd it was true!

"Of course I am Kakarotto! You're giving me something that I've wanted for such a long time! And if I wasn't why would I been hugging you? Why would I even be crying in tears of joy? Why would I even be in the same room with you?" he smiled and had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Well you could be hugging but really trying to crush me to death, you could be crying cuz your so sad, and you could be in the same room with me to think of a way to depose of me!" he said trying to look mad or upset which failed miserably. I just hugged him once me putting my hand underneath his shirt feeling his stomach. I can't believe I didn't know he was pregnant before! I couldn't put two together! He was gaining weight, mood swings, and the absurd cravings of odd foods! His scent was even different! Kami, what a baka I've been! I didn't even know my own mate was pregnant; sometimes I wonder if Kakarotto's idiocy was rubbing off.

"Stop being childish Kakarotto!" I said smiling at him, I love his naivety. He leans his head against my shoulder wrapping his arms around my body.

End of Flashback

He walks by wobbling left and right, I chuckle at him. He's pretty big, he's about five months and he looks more than full term! I growl a little I had him in bed rest; he isn't in the condition to walk around or do anything in that matter.

"Kakarotto, you should be resting go back to sleep..." I said soft but firm, he stares at me and pouts.

"Vegggeta!" he whines, "I don't wanna stay all cooped in the room, it's boring and I wanna walk around! Can I at least do that?" he whined making his lower lips trembling like a child being punished, I sigh.

"Kakarotto, you know very well you need to rest! I know, I know its boring but think of this way if you don't rest you can hurt the baby and then what? Losing our very own child because you were bored?" I said not noticing what words I had used, but when I looked up all I saw were tears flowing freely down his face. "Oh my fucken...I made him cry!" I thought angrily to myself, I ran over there holding him shushing him lightly as he cried saying he's a bad mother.

"No, no Kakarotto your not...I was just saying that to..." I gulp, "To scare you so you would go rest Carrot-Chan I didn't mean to hurt you..." I said calming hoping a mood swing would pop out of nowhere knowing my luck one will come.

"You...what?" he said, his eyes narrowed clenching his fist, "Oh Kami he we go..." I thought remembering last time I upset him.


Dodging flying objects such as pillows, lamps, vases, glass figurines, pictures frames, books! Amazing I manage to dodge and catch these items as he threw them at full force.

"K-k-...ACK!" a book hit me sending me falling down on my ass, 'Dammit! Couldn't he throw a lighter book!' I thought staring at the dictionary, why was a fucken dictionary in our room? I didn't even know we had one!

"You're a fucken asswipe! You did this too me! I'm killing you!" he screamed at me, all day the baby was kicking and moving making him very uncomfortable, I tried to make him comfortable but nothing I did work, as a result he got pissed off and tried to kill me. Sometimes I wished I never got him pregnant.

"K-Kakarotto, please just...calm...down..." I said biting my lip; he just stood there glaring death at me wishing I would just drop dead.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN? How would you like it if I went in your stomach and started kicking you from the inside? Huh? You wouldn't like it huh?" he screamed angrily at me growling, his fangs were visible and eye was twitching.

'Oh shit I'm gonna get my ass kick by my pregnant mate...that's something you don't hear everyday...' clearly trying to calm him down by talking wasn't working. What would calm him...TAIL!

I walked over there carefully while he glares at me, I put my hand up showing I'm no harm to him, and he just glares. Before he could move I disappeared in back of him and grabbed his tail gently. I knew that every Saiyan including me loved getting their tail rubbed, even the highest royalty Saiyan-jins love getting their tail massage. I began stroking his tail up and down which caused him to kneel down in pleasure he moaned lightly making his irritated facial expression vanished replacing it with the look of delight.

"There, there Carrot-Chan you like that huh?" I said softly watching him nod his head while he purrs. 'Note to self: rub tail when angry'

End of Flashback

"Please Carrot-Chan don't get angry it isn't good for the baby if you get upset..." I back up putting my hands in front of me. He stared at me then his belly he had a sympathetic look on his face and rubbed his stomach.

"I didn't think of that 'Geta...I'm sorry..." he said looking dejected now, I smile lightly walking up to him hugging him tightly.

"It's ok Carrot-Chan just do me a favor and go back to bed..." I purred in his ear and he nodded. I let go and he went to the base of the stairs frowning. I glance at him.

"What is it?" I ask and he just frowns more.

"Going upstairs is a lot of work you know..." he says hinting in his voice I just smirk and pick him up taking him upstairs. I got to the room and laid him down on our bed and tells me thank you and I nod.

"Veggie-Chan, when is Trunks and Gohan coming over?" he asks gazing me. I almost forgot that the boy and his mate were coming over to say hi and such also to give Kakarotto another ultrasound to see the sex of the baby and how it's progressing.

"Well the boy said about two or three since they had other things to do"

"So I have 'bout two or three hours of sleep?" I nod and he smiles.

"Well till then just get some rest ok"

"Hia Veggie-head!" he chirps. How many nicknames does he have for me? Veggie, Veggie-Chan, Veggie-head, 'Geta, 'Geta-Chan, anymore I should know about? I walk out looking back at him falling asleep.

"Only a month or two left..." I mumbled looking up at nothing in particular. Saiyan-jin pregnancy last about six or seven months not that much of difference of female human. So much of this he has to learn and teaching him isn't easy it's like teaching a baby calculus.

He wants to train but he can't, well he could but he isn't that capable of doing so even if he is I wouldn't let him train anyways. I cringe at the thought of him giving birth; I know little of this process and know only enough to coach him through it. All I know is that after the birth and afterbirth I need to stitch or staple his lower abdomen shut and him already being in so much pain I would need to sedate him before doing anything. I just hope nothing goes wrong and that it isn't a breech baby.

I sat down on the overly fluffy couch waiting for the time comes for the boy and his mate to come over. This will second time I see him again the last was when Kakarotto was about three months into his pregnancy. I have to admit I miss him, before that the last time I saw him was when about a month after me and Kakarotto had gotten together. I sighed and look at the clock, why does time go so slow around here!

"I'll be waiting for eternity before the boy comes! I want to know what the blasted child is!" I growl loudly probably making birds and children cry. I tap my fingers waiting, sighing I get up and turn on a radio, changing the station for a bit getting angry I switch to the CD playing whatever that was in the blasted thing. I come to a strangely alluring beat.

"...Their not gonna get us...starting with you lets make a promises you and me it just beyond us were gonna run nothing can stop us, even the night that falls all around us soon there will be laughter and voices beyond the clouds over the mountains we'll run away...nothing can stop us now that I love ya!"

"Hn, I like that song..." I mumbled and listen to the next song.

"I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost If I'm asking for help it's only because Being with you has opened my eyes Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise? I keep asking myself, wondering how I keep closing my eyes but I can't block you out Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me Nobody else so we can be free, Nobody else so we can be free..."

I grinned at the song and it made me chuckle a bit, I waited for the boy to come and my patients were low. I closed my eyes feeling uneasy about seeing Trunks again, we never got along in the past because I was such an ass and he also seemed distant with me maybe the years being apart will be like a cooling off period.

Knock, knock!

I sprang to my feet and ran over to the door before opening it I straighten myself out trying to look dignified again and open the door.

"Hiyas pops!" Trunks said cheerfully as Gohan stand behind him smiling.

"Oh its you..." I said trying to sound uncaring even though I wanted to hug him but I won't him at least.

"Um...hello Vegeta..." Gohan said sounding timid, I grin at the boy. He was scared of me, I could have said 'boo' and he would have jumped because he married (bonded) Trunks.

"Oh...hi boy..." I said turning around walking inside, Trunks walk right in but Gohan stand out there waiting to be told he could go in. I smirk, this will be fun.

"Rice-Chan you know you could come in he's not gonna bite you..."

"Hard..." I added. Trunks glared as Gohan walk in quietly.

"So how have you been tousan? Has Son-kun been scaring you?" he ask grinning knowingly, I grimace and snorted.

"Like he would scare me! You ought to be kidding..." suddenly I felt like that comment would bite me in the ass later.

He continues to smile, "Sure dad Son-kun told me that you were scared of him last week..." I growled inwardly, "Baka Kakarotto telling the boy..." I thought.

"Whatever boy! Just run the test on him!" I snapped as he laughed.

"TOUSAN SCARED OF LIL PREGGIE KAKAROTTO! THE OUJI IS SCARED!" Trunks screamed laughing his ass off as Gohan stared at his mate obscurely.

I clench my fist tightly ready to punch him, he quiet down.

"Just messin' with ya dad, what crawled up your ass or should I say what didn't..." he said grinning even more if that's possible. That was it that was the last straw, ridicule about me when I was scared go ahead but now calling me the fucken uke! Oh he's dead.

"Boy don't you dare call me that fucken uke I will blast your pretty little head off!" I screamed while my eye twitched he sat there calmly unlike when he was a kid, when I was like this he bagged for me to calm down now he's mocking me by sitting there smirking the cocky bastard!

"Calm down you might pop a vein..." he adds to my anger while Gohan tells him to be silent, smart boy he's got, at least he knows to stop pushing it.

"Trunks-kun please be quiet and leave your father be..." he paused, "...for me" he adds making Trunks shut up.

"Ok, ok sorry dad..." he straightens himself out looking dignified, "So where's Son-kun? I would do the ultrasound right now of that's what you want tousan" Trunks says sounding like nothing ever happened. I calmed down and sighed.

"He's sleeping right now...I'll get him up" I mumbled walking upstairs hearing Trunks and Gohan chatter about something.

I walk in seeing him sleep peacefully; he looks so content and relax its hard for me to disturbed him now. I gently rub his back trying to wake him that way, all it seemed to do was relax him more.

"Kakarotto, get up Trunks and his- Gohan are here..." I said soft but firm, he grumbled something muffled and rolled on his back. His large bulged was all I saw and laughed a bit.

"Wha? What happen?" he ask confused still in his sleeping daze. I give him a kiss he blushes and smiles. "Who's here" he asks stretching and rubbed his bulging middle.

"Your brat and mine..." he frowns and starts to sit up which was impossible for him. I couldn't help but laugh at his futile attempts to get up.

"Let me help you..." he growls as I picked him up carrying him. "I'll just take you to the room ok?" I say and he nods rubbing his belly.

"My tummy hurts 'Geta...I think it's moving again..." he whines looking at me nervously. "Oh Kami another round of kicking and mood swings...oh Yay..."

"Brat! The other brat go into the hospital wing now!" I yell carrying Kakarotto over there to the room.

"K pops!" Trunks yelled back, growling I ignore him and take Kakarotto in the hospital wing for the ultrasound.

"'Geta...'Geta...'Geta..." Kakarotto repeats, sighing I lay him down on the examining table puling the expensive machine to view.

"Now what is it that you want Kakarotto" I ask him while he stares at me blankly.


"You were calling my name over and over again so what do you want" I answer watching his puzzle face, after a few silent moments he spoke again.

"Ohhhh! Well I wanted something but I seem to have forgotten what it was...I I forgot 'Geta" he says smiling sheepishly rubbing the nape of his neck. I sighed again, I shouldn't get mad at him being pregnant and all...anyways I should be happy I get to see what in his large belly.

"It's ok...I really think you being pregnant made you lose what's left of your brain cells..." I mumbled the last part I guess he didn't hear because he wasn't foaming from the mouth or trying to kill me with random objects.

"So where's Trunks and Gohan?"

"They should be coming in here right now..." I glance at the door waiting for the two. Slowly they came in with a huge grin on both of their faces I growled in disgust. Gohan zoomed by me pulling his father in a tight embrace.

"Hi tousan! I missed you!" I cried out hugging his father tighter, Kakarotto hugged back and kissed his forehead.

"I've been fine Gohan, wow you grew!" he comments staring at his eldest son smiling proudly.

Bowing his head down and blushing, "Thank you dad but I think I didn't grow though..." he answers back politely.

"Hello Son-kun" Trunks greeted hugging him, "Long time no see eh?"

"Yea..." he smiles sheepishly, I grunted trying to hurry up things so I can see my child!

"Well..." Trunks coughed and continued, "Let me get you ready and get the machine warmed up and I'll begin!" Trunks went over to the machine turning it on typing in a few combinations before turning back. Kakarotto gave me a quick smile and so did I. I stood right beside him waiting for Trunks to perform the ultrasound. Gohan sat down by me looking at his father and Trunks.

"Now Son-kun please left up your shirt for me...ok now this gel will be cold so just relax your muscles and breathe regularly" Trunks order calmly having a warm smile on his face, he starts off by putting on his latex gloves and gets the gel opening it he squirts some out on Kakarotto's belly making his eyes widen of the cold gel, Trunks spreads it on evenly and get the scanner putting it on his stomach. I bit my lip looking at the monitor while Kakarotto clutches my hand smiling nervously at me.

"Well I found a I found...two heartbeats!" Trunks exclaimed and my eyes widen.

"T-two heartbeats! Vegeta! We're having twins!" Kakarotto cries out happily but I stay still, "Two? Two little ones running around the house? Twins!" I didn't know whether to be happy or shock.

"Wow twins? That's a lot of work especially since their full-blooded Saiyan-jins, two hyper active chibis..." Gohan said looking at his dad who had a concerned look.

"Vegeta...are you ok? Do you want twins?" he asks me sounding truly hurt, once again I'm caught off guard and now I'm just went numb, oh great.

"Yes...yes...I'm fine just surprise and...render speechless at this moment..." and all went black.

Goku's Point of View

To this point I never in my life seen my Vegeta faint, " died!" Trunks yelled pretending to be sad. Me and Gohan both stared at each other and probably wonder if Trunks was on crack.

"Hehe, well Trunks besides having twins what are the genders?" I asked waiting for Trunks to calm down before answering.

"Oh, well let me see it looks like you're having two healthy baby (hehehe you won't know till the chibi's are born! XD)" Trunks said and that made my day! Two baby (blank)! Vegeta will be so happy! I smiled at my swollen belly and couldn't wait till they are born.

"Looks like your happy tousan" Gohan comment and gave me another hug, Trunks removed Vegeta putting him in our bedroom. I cleaned off the yucky gel and fix my top.

"Well Gohan AND I will be going if you want Son-kun or we'll stay until my dad wakes up..." Trunks snicker but I declined their request after five minutes of their asking to stay they left once again.

I wasn't helpless and being watch like a hawk by Vegeta was a little irritating so the little time of freedom I have was paradise to me. I walk around the house looking at some stuff forgetting that the objects were there. Rubbing my stomach looking at the generation of new pure-blooded Saiyan-jins. did'ja like it! Sorry I left the gender of the babies's gonna be a suspense thingy and plus...I'M EVIL MAWHAHAAH! XD and sorry 'bout leaving it at a mini cliffy but its all I could right, so hope ya like it! The next chapter should come out next month, April 1! I wanna say a special thanks to the following:

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