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Sekushi Sensei

Trunks lazily walk to school; he hadn't much sleep and felt like shit.

"Only 7 and a half hour of school...just last 7 hours Trunks..." he told himself not noticing a fast object coming toward him. Trunks continued to walk slowly and with a blink of an eye Goten appeared in front of Trunks causing him to jump and back away in his fighting stance.

"Ohayo Trunks-Kun!" Goten yelled cheerfully with the famous Son grin plaster on his lips. Trunks eyes twitch with his friend's sudden loudness and grumbled 'good morning'. "So did you get lucky last night or you're just tried?" Goten said noticing Trunks weary face.

"Iie, I'm just tired! And stop suspecting that I'm out fucking people!" Trunks yelled at Goten who is laughing out loud.

"I'm just messin' with you Trunks, relax or your gonna be like Nii-Chan and go all 'Rarr' on people" Goten answered. Trunks slumped his shoulders and sighed continuing walking to school. With a confused look Goten followed Trunks.

They got to school just before the bell rang and sat in their seats waiting for the teachers instructions for today's test.

"Ohayo mina, today we are taking a state test now please put everything away and get a number two pencil out!" the teacher said cheerfully and the students moan with annoyance.

"Trunks...Yo can I copy off of you?" Goten whisper to Trunks. Trunks smirk and nodded his head, after an hour of test taking the teacher spoke

"Class put your pencils down and pass up your answer documents and test booklets!" she said smiling happily.

"Thanks Trunks, without you I would be still on the first question" Goten smiled and Trunks just smirk.

"Yea, without me you'll still be an 8th grader!" Trunks remark grinning, Goten stuck out his tongue teasingly.

"Yea but I just wanna go home! I wanna go to sleep!" Goten whined and melodramatically fell to the ground. The students erupt in laughter as the teacher frowned.

"Mr. Son do I need to call you mother to let her know about your behavior?" she placed her hand on her waist tapping her toe.

Goten blushed and placed his hand on the back of his head just like his father, "Hehe no Mrs. Yuki, I'll behave..." Goten said meekly sitting back down slowly.

"You truly are a baka you know that?" Trunks told him shaking his head and grabbing his backpack.

"Yup just like my tousan!" Goten grinned gleefully.

"Trunks you made it to seventh period, just last another 30 more minutes and you can go home and sleep!" he thought to himself staring out the window looking at nothing in particular. The tree outside sways with the wind, Trunks didn't look up at Gohan who was lecturing about some nonsense Trunks could care less about.

"Pst...pst...Trunks...what's the answer to number one to twenty?" Goten whispered looking back at him and Gohan, Trunks blink and gave him his worksheet and laid his head back down staring back at the window. "So I close my eyes, let the whole thing pass me by there is no time to waste asking why, I'll run away with you by my side, I'll run away with you by my side..." Trunks sang softly as he closed his eyes feeling depressed and fairly content at the same time. "Why do I love him, It's wrong to love another man...but I love him anyways...I love his smile, I love his attitude, he's so intelligent and caring and not to mention as the most sexy man I saw...but a part of me knows its wrong...wrong that I love my best friend's brother, wrong that's its another man...so wrong...its a sin...a punishable sin... I rather spend eternity in jigoku then not love him.." So many thoughts went into Trunks's mind that he wasn't paying attention to an approaching Gohan.

"Mr. Briefs...Mr. Briefs...Trunks!" Gohan yelled impatiently causing Trunks to fall out of his seat in surprise of the sudden outburst.

"Err, Yes Mr. Son?" Trunks said staring at his angry sensei, Gohan's eyes narrowed and tap his foot crossing his strong arms across his perfectly sculpture chest. Trunks could have drooled a river but resisted and look down staring at his shoes.

"You haven't been paying attention to my lectures and you're letting Goten copy off your paper!" Gohan yelled once again snatching the paper away from Goten. Trunks just sat there with no smart remark, no comeback just a puzzle gaze at Gohan.

"Trunks do you have anything to say or you're just going to sit there and stare at me?" Gohan asked spreading his arms to his side. Trunks would have answer 'yes' to his staring at him but chose not to, he just shook his head 'no' and frowned.

Gohan pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance and put his arms down in defeat and walk away grumbling inaudible things.

"OK class sorry for the interruption, lets continue with the lecture..." and Gohan continued his lecture.

Trunks sat there dejected and bit his lip staring out in the open, watching the cherry blossom's fall to the ground, dancing in the wind before they meet their doom of the grassy floor. "Why am I in love with him?" he thought even though he knows the answer.

"Boy out up a fight! You're not even trying to hit me!" Vegeta growled furiously at his son's sluggish movement, Trunks just listens to his dad's insults and continuing dodging his assault. "And I thought I was going to rest after school..." Trunks thought and duck a second before one of his dad's angry fist flew toward him. Trunks jumped back trying to gain some time before one of his dad's fists hit him.

"Boy hit me now or I'll go super and make you hit me!" Vegeta said between gritted teeth. Trunks moaned and charged at his dad knowing he won't hit him. He did a round-house of punches and kicks but none landed at Vegeta not even close to where he was. With a growl of disappointment and frustrations Vegeta gave Trunks a swift kick to the ribs and saw him fall in pain hugging his ribs seeing blood trickle down from the corner of his lip. Vegeta glared at his son's weakness and growled loudly making Trunks look up.

"Boy you are really pissing me off! You've gotten weak and pathetic! Where's the son I know that can take a kick I the ribs and still be able to fight? Where? You disgust me and what's worse you turning into one of theses fucken ningens!" Vegeta yelled with such anger he made the room shake with his ki. Trunks eye twitch but remained silent, he stayed there holding his ribs. Vegeta walked around trying to calm himself, he grumbled words that Trunks couldn't understand, must be in Saiyan-jin. Trunks hoped his dad would just tell him to leave but no, this is Vegeta and he'll make him work till I land a punch on him.

"Boy...I'll give you ten seconds to land a punch on me and I'll let you go early but if you don't...you got ten more hours of this!" Vegeta grinned evilly and got in his stance. "Ten fucken seconds? Is he mad!" Trunks thought knowing he'll be in here forever; he got up and got in his stance.

"Ten seconds start now boy..." Vegeta said almost in a whisper and disappeared.

"One...two...three...Dammit! Where is he?" Trunks thought angrily as the seconds went by.

"Five seconds left boy, can you hit me by then?" Vegeta voice carried through-out the small room. Trunks couldn't even sense him. "Why must he toy with me?" Trunks thought as he felt movement behind him, he kick nothing but air and growled in blind rage as he just punch the air kicking nothing in hopes of hitting his dad.

"Two seconds left..." Trunks had it and did rapid fire in blind rage once again and stop falling to his knees huffing clearly out of breath.

"k-...kuso..." Trunks mumbled thinking of the horrid ten hours with his father in this blasted room. He look up seeing his dad holding his arm, "I hit him!" Trunks thought as happiness relived his body, the pain of his ribs and lack of energy seems to disappear with the turn of events.

"I...hit you..." he mumbled happily, Vegeta spit to the side but somehow grinned evilly.

"Boy I said land a punch on me...not a ki blast" he said almost in joy in a demented way. Trunks eyes broaden as anger filled his body.

"THAT'S NOT FAIR! I HIT YOU! YOU NEVER SAID KI BLAST DIDN'T COUNT!" Trunks yelled at his father feeling his energy raise. Vegeta stayed there smirking.

"True I never said ki blast didn't count but I never said to blast me only to land a punch on me...you should listen to my instructions boy" Vegeta said grinning at his son's infuriated face. Trunks anger took over him and yelled loudly as his ki raise rapidly creating a dark blue aura around his body; he clenched his fist tightly while blood dripped down his hand and made a small puddle of blood. Trunks eyes flashed ice blue to greenish-blue then back to ice blue, his hair spike on end alternating golden blonde to back to lavender. With a scream of pure ferocity he remained in his super form, eyes glaring at his father like daggers, body shaking slightly from the overwhelming energy coursing through his body.

With surprise Vegeta smirk in approval and got in his stance, "Well done boy you reach level two...lets see if you-" Vegeta was cut off with Trunks reverting to his regular state and collapsing on the floor breathing heavily. Vegeta spitted to the side once again and walk over to his son who was clearly in pain.

"Should have known..." Vegeta said irritably he picked up Trunks and took him to his room, where he laid him down softly and walk out.

Gohan sat there staring at all the papers he has to grade, almost two hundred papers to grade in less than ten hours. He stared at the words, they seem to blur with each other.

"F...C...A...D+...no grade..." Gohan mumbled to himself while setting the graded papers aside. He removed his glasses and rubs his weary eyes, laying back into the nice comfy leather chair as he stares up at the ceiling. "Gohan we'll be together forever...I love you..." voices from a past he didn't want to remember came to hunt him once again. "Gohan, you're the love of my life why would you think I would be cheating on you?" Gohan bit his lip, biting the flesh, tasting the sour metallic flavor of blood. His eyes narrowed as the tears rolled down his warm cheeks.

"Y-you said you would never cheat on me but you did...you...bitch..." Gohan said angrily, "You said that I was the love of your life...you said that you truly cared about me...you vowed to be loyal and faithful...to death to us part...YOU SAID THAT YOU LOVED ME!" Gohan said with full rage, pounding his fist to the ground causing cracks in the ground. Tears of hurt, betrayal, pain, anger, loneliness, true sadness fell down his warm cheeks. Gohan sat there, eyes showing his pain like a window, seeing into his eyes, seeing the pain that was there. He glances at his hands seeing blood drip down from them, blood escaping from his palms dripping onto the floor below. His vision blurred and felt cold darkness surround his body, his thoughts stop in its tracks and was clear like a crystal. Closing his eyes and laid back and passed out on the cold wood floor.

I walk into our beautiful house, our house, Videl's and mine. The love of my life, me and her living together. I've been waiting for the day to tell her I love her, to tell her my undying love for her. The day we got married was the happiest day in my whole entire life.

I entered the house smelling burnt food. I ran over to the stove turning off the fire, I stared seeing the scorched food thinking why would she leave the stove top on. Music filled my ears,

"Do you still remember how we used to be? Feeling together, believing whatever, my love has said to me..."

its our song I thought happily maybe she was planning something for tonight, my body felt eager and wanted to run upstairs that moment but instead went to my study and did some paper work, when my eagerness got the best of me I went upstairs still hearing our song I being played I opened the door.

"S-sharpner, harder faster, please...give it to me!" Videl cried in pleasure having Sharpner over her body.

"Yes I still remember every wisp of word, the touch of your skin give life within I can love some never heard, slipping through your fingers like the sands of time, promises were made every memory saved as reflections in my mind...always be mine..."

the music plays, my heart skips a beat, my first reactions was shock. 'How can she have done this to me?' my second reaction, seething rage, they still haven't notice me standing there, probably so much into it that other surroundings are unnoticed. My third and final reactions, is hurt, my love of my life has cheated on me with the man who I hate with a passion, the one who like Videl before I did, the one hated me that she was mine. Tears ran down my eyes, my body shakes with small sobs.

"GET THE HELL OFF OF HER!" I yell in seething rage, the rage came back to me, both jump off of each other in surprise. Videl cover herself with the bed sheet and Sharpner grabbed his clothes putting them on. My eyes narrowed dangerously as my hair flickered from black to blonde.

"Gohan please don't, it's...please don't kill him!" she yelled as he stood there frighten, like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Viva forever, I'll be waiting..."

the song played still, I threw a ki blast at the stereo triggering shards of metal and plastic fly everywhere. My energy went through the roof and vision of killing this bastard in front of me intensified. He stood there with his green eyes staring at me, this 'nerd' is a monster he must have thought, and this 'nerd' was strong and wasn't taking any shit like he did in high school.

"Gohan listen, please lets talk about this...maybe we can come to an agreement, I'll leave Videl-Chan alone..." he stop as seeing me turn into the 'Golden Fighter' I showed my fangs glaring sending draggers through his repulsive green eyes, I started walking slowly, taking each step slowly trying to intimate him. His eyes widen and jolted out the door while I stand there glaring death at her.

Her blue eyes which I loved to see every morning, the same blue eyes which told me that she loved me stared at me sadly, sad that she was caught, they were tearing up and usually I would run over there to help her, I began yelling at her angrily, saying how could she do this but all I got was, "Your never here your always at work! I need you here and you're out working!" she yelled.

"Because I was gone you slept with him! I thought you had class, dignity, and some fucken fidelity!" I screamed out, she sat there while tears run down her cheeks, she not crying because she sad for doing this to me, she crying because she got caught, the fucken bitch!

"Gohan please...we can work this out...please...for the baby..." she stammered and my eyes broaden, she's pregnant?

"Y-you're pregnant? And you still fucking people? Is it even mine, huh?" I screamed in rage and pulled her body back a little from my outburst.

"...I'm not sure...but if it is yours will you leave me?" she sad anxious.

"Yes...I'm not staying with you even if its mine...I'll see the baby and pay child support but I'm not living with you and I'll even fight for full custody for the child but other then that...bye, let me know if its mine..." I answered and walked away grabbing a few items and leaving to my mom and dad's house.

"Gohan...Gohan...Gohan please get up please..." a voice called to Gohan, he opened an eye seeing alluring ice blue eyes full of concern, locks of soft lavender hair caught his eyes, the smell of his hair was breath taking and the softness felt like silky feathers. Gohan face went red and shot up immediately. Trunks back away little from the sudden movement, he reach his hand out but pulled it back.

"Where...where am I?" Gohan said looking at his surroundings unaware that he was in his own room. Trunks halfheartedly smiled and put a warm wet cloth on his for head dabbing it a little.

"You're in your room...you passed out and had a very high fever so when I got here you were on the floor passed out..." Trunks mutter. Gohan looked confused for a moment and remembered having his little fit before everything went black.

"Oh….what are you doing here?" he asked eyeing him a slightly. Trunks smiled slightly, he pulled a chair that was nearby and sat on it.

"I was coming over to see…if you were ok, I wanted to say sorry for the way I acted in your class today…I was being an asshole and wanted to….you know apologies for it…." Trunks said his faced looked down as he was saying it. Gohan smiled, for the first time in long time he really smiled, I placed his hand on the top of his head and ruffled his hair a little.

"Hehe, I forgive you, I was just in a bad mood and had to get some of the angry out and sadly you were the victim…" Gohan said rubbing the nape of his neck. Trunks eyes widen for the sudden change in attitude, the man who was bitter for the longest time was being nice.

"Gohan…are you ok? Why don't you lie down you were running an awful high fever…" Trunks pushed Gohan's body down and covered him up with the comforter; he stuck a thermometer in Gohan's mouth and put a cold cloth on his forehead. Gohan just stared at him, "what is he doing?" Gohan thought to himself.

After a close examination of the reading, "Well Gohan you don't have a fever! But you acting weird…" he mumbled the last part, Gohan blinked a few times and smiled again to Trunks's amazement.

Gohan look at Trunks, staring at face, his beautiful face tanned so vibrant, eyes so pure so promising, lips so rosy soft, wanting to be kissed, wanted to be with another, hair like an angel softer than a feather or a newborn baby, the color so subtle and lovely. "Why am I looking at him like this! He's not a woman he doesn't have tits! But why do I feel attracted to him? Is this just a phase? Because I'm lonely? Or is it more, why do I want to be with him it doesn't make since! He's a male I'm a male, homosexuality is wrong! But part of me yearns for his touch, his breath on my face, his strong body on top of mine. Oh my Kami...I'm like Trunks! I'm gay! No, no wait, maybe it's just a thing that males go through when they get a divorcé, yea that must be it…I hope." Gohan's thoughts ran through his head while Trunks just sat there staring at him cocking an eyebrow.

"Uh Gohan are you ok?" Trunks asked removing the wet cloth off his brow. Gohan blushed knowing he wouldn't notice do to his fever.

"Yea, just thinking that's all…" Gohan saw concern in his eyes, something that he seen all the time but not this kind.

"Gohan can I ask you a question?" Trunks mutter fidgeting in his seat. Gohan eyes soften a bit and nodded his head. "Well I wanted to know if...you plan on ever getting married again? I'm not trying not to pry in your business but I was...just wondering..." Trunks ask eyes still focus on the floor.

Gohan raise an eyebrow, "why would he wanna know?" Gohan thought to himself, "Well I wouldn't mind but I'd have to meet the right person...again...so I guess I would..." Gohan answered staring at the younger hybrid whose eyes were fixated on the wooden floor.

"Oh..." was all Trunks said eyes gleaming with a hint of hope, he smiles at his Ill sensei.

"Why do you want to know?" Gohan asked curiously scooting a bit closer to Trunks who began to blush feeling Gohan so close, head kept his head down so he wouldn't see his cherry colored cheeks.

"Like I said just wondering...eheh..." Trunks laughed a bit causing a sweatdrop to form.

Gohan stared at his pupil, "Why is he so captivating? Is it possible to be that sexy? If only I could touch his soft face...wait why I'm I thinking about him again? Kuso! I'm in love with my student who is ten years younger then me who has a psychopath father and is my little brothers best friend...good job Gohan you win the years statutory rape award! You'll be like that other teacher who got pregnant with your students love child! It doesn't matter because he's not gay and has no intention of being your lover...I guess I'm destined to be miserable for the rest of my life. No lover, no life, no fun...what a great life..." Gohan frowned at his gloomy thoughts. Trunks looked up while still blushing no noticing his cherry colored cheeks.

"Gohan, I love you...but do you feel the same? Are you in love with me as I'm in love with you? please just kiss me...I want you to love me, make me feel complete...make me happy...maybe if I kiss first he'll either a) kiss me back, b) kick my ass in disgust or c) blink at me in shock then kick my ass...are you gonna risk it Trunks? If you are I suggest do it now while he's looking at you..." Trunks blushed more and waited for the 'right' moment.

"kiss him Gohan! Do it now while his blushing and looking at you...do it you love him at least give him a small peck on the lips and if he likes it he'll kiss you back, and if not then you can keep far away from him! DO IT NOW SHIT HEAD!" Gohan lick his lips as Trunks did the same.

"NOW" Trunks thought.

"Do It Now!" Gohan thought in unison and leaned forward touching Trunks soft lips that he's been eyeing, Trunks kissed back wrapping his arms around Gohan's strong neck. Gohan looked at Trunks blue eyes, gleaming in happiness, his eyes tearing in pure bliss.

"H-he's kissing back! He likes me! oh my Kami he likes me!" they both thought loving every moment of their lips united, Trunks lick Gohan's lips wanting in his mouth, Gohan open his mouth letting the pink tongue slide in his mouth. Feeling the hot inside tasting him, Trunks moaned in ecstasy, Gohan did the same letting his tongue slide in Trunks' mouth. struggling for dominance Gohan wins the battle and pushes Trunks on his bed pinning him down grinning evilly at him. Trunks blushed and sat up and kissed him softly on his lips once more.

"pure bliss, this is heaven...I love him..." Trunks thought as Gohan began showering him with love nips and kisses.

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