Andromeda was sitting at her desk, eyes half mast, as Professor Binn's lectured on about

some battle that was fought along time ago during some war that nobody cares about. Never being one for studding and having a short attention span her fate was sealed before she stepped foot into the room. Like so many students before her Andie was fast asleep drooling on her History of Magic book within twenty minutes.

She was having a wonderful dream. Hagrid the grounds keeper was beating Bellatrix over the head with a giant carrot while Narcissa was being chased by a herd of unicorn. Yup, good dream she could watch this all day but like all good things it came to a end much to soon.

"Andi wake up!"

Groggily she lifted her head off her book and looked around. Apparently she had slept through the whole lesson seeing as the room was now empting out. She looked down at her book and realized she had probably been saved from drowning in her own drool by who ever woke her up. A poke in the back of the head told her the location of her savior and why she hadn't seen him in her waking moments. Sitting in the desk behind her was none other then Ted Tonks, a muggle born Hufflepuff who she had fancied for some time now.

"Oh hey Ted." She said feeling a blush rise up in her face.

"Have a nice nap? Oh by the way I didn't know you breath under water." He smiled at her and it grew in size as he watched her wipe the drool off her cheek self consciously. "No worries love you weren't the only one to drop off. McCreavy snores so loud I'm surprised Binns didn't notice. I mean it takes a lot to get that guys attention but damn."

"Your telling me, I always get the best naps in this class. Did I miss anything important?"

"Oh just the major battles of the Goblin War's and most likely a major part of our final year exams. Join me for lunch?"

"Oh - wait what?"

"You, me, lunch. What do you say. I'll even throw in my notes so you can copy them." He smiled as he lead the way toward the Great Hall.

"I'd love to, and not just for the notes."

"Uh hu sure."

"I mean it."

"I don't believe you."


Ted smiled as he opened the door for her. "After you my lady."