To See You Again

A 29 year old lady walked to her window seat and sat down. She looked out the window into the
starry night. She took one hand, unclasped the window and pushed the two panels to the side, so
it was wide opened. Her reddish-brown hair was up in a nice little bun, her blue eyes looking at
the stars.
"Second star to the right, head on till morning.."she said softly, looking at the second star to
the right, the one shining the brightest of them all. Wendy smiled brightly thinking to the time
she went with Peter, with her brothers John and Michael. She remembered Tinker Bell, and gave a
little laugh. The spunk of the young Pixie. She remembered the lost boys, and the mermaids, and
Captin Hook, everything. How she wished she could see Peter, and everyone again. She wondered if
they had gotten a new place to stay, a new hiding place incase they are attacked again by Captin
Hook. Wendy just signed.
"Oh Peter, I hope I will be able to see you again, it would be just splened to do so."she said
and gave a happy smile. She knew she was going to see him again, she just knew she would. Just
then the cry of a baby broke the silence.
"Shh Lilly, hush now darling."said Wendy, rocking the little baby in her arms who was making a
fuss. Like she was thinking, she was going to see Peter again, and she smiled.
"Come on Lilly, time for bed."she said quietly to the baby in her arms. She went to the crib and
gently placed Lilly inside and covered her up. Lilly began to make cute little baby noises, her
blue eyes shining. Wendy just smiled. She went and turned the light now. She looked at the
window and went and close the two window panels, but did not lock it. She never locked her
windows anymore. She went and left the room, taking one last look out the window and closed the