Mermaid Lagoon And The Forest

Her body felt warm as if fur was draped over her body. Her world was dark but warm. She looked around. She tried to speak but could not. She tried to move her arms, but she could not. Her body was stiff and lifeless. Her eyes filled with tears. She could see her mother hunched over in her bed, weeping for her lost father. Wait, lost father? She tried to reach out to her, but she couldn't. She touched her mother, but her hand came right back to her as if there was something around her mother. Lilly began to cry, and her world was still dark. She began to hear muffled voices as she ran through the darkness, vision of tear drops falling down around her. 'Mother..' she called. 'Mother..' 'MOTHER!'
"Lilly!"shouted someone, and the body of the teenager shot up. Her sight was blurry and someone tried to reach out to her. Lilly screamed and kicked at the person. "Gosh Lilly! You don't have to be so rough."said the voice playfully, rubbing their nose. Lilly's sight came clear and she gasped.
"I'm so sorry Peter!"she exclaimed, her voice showed the unsureness of herself. Lilly touched her cheeks and noticed that she really was crying. She looked down at the sheet clutched in her hands. Her knuckles were white and she began to wonder how long she had been clutching the poor sheets. Someone touched her shoulder that broke her out of her trance. Wendy looked at her daughter. Lilly's eyes soon turned to sorrow and she collasped into her mother's arms. Her soft cries were muffled by Wendy's body and she wrapped her arms around Lilly. Wendy just rocked Lilly as she looked at the others. Peter just looked at Lilly, his eyes full of consern. The lost boys looked at her, wondering why she was crying. Wendy just looked down at Lilly and rocked her.

A fire crackled inside the cave that was now where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys stayed at. It was a secret cave behind the willows and trees by Mermaid Lagoon. You had to hit it just right or the secret door would not open. Wendy was sitting over by the fire. Her elbows where on her knees and her head in her hands. Peter stirred the fire some. The boys had gone out to hunt for some kind of meat and some fruit. Lilly stirred in the hammic, the animal skin sliding to the ground. Peter looked over at Wendy and decided to tent to Lilly. Peter hovered off the ground and put his feet on the cold floor. He walked over to the sleeping girl who began to shiver. Peter picked up the animal skin and covered Lilly with it. He looked at her gentle face and tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear. His finger followed her jaw line to her chin. His finger left her chin then went to her nose. He ran his index finger down her nose then to her lips. His finger traced her lips untill the parted and let out a small little moan. He took his finger away from her lips and sighed. He took the cloth off her head and soaked it a little. He rung it out and place it on her head. 'Don't get attached. You know what happens.' he thought and looked down.

Lilly stirred and soon opened her eyes. She noticed green cloth walk away from her. She propped herself up on her elbow, her sight coming into full focus. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light and yawned. She noticed the arch in Peter's back and tilted her head to the side.
"Peter?"she called out. Peter looked back at her, happy she was awake. Wendy looked up then looked back at her daughter. Wendy smiled and ran over to her daughter. She hugged Lilly tightly and rocked her. Lilly laughed. "What's wrong?" Wendy just smiled and pulled away from her daughter.
"You were just sleeping most of today and I was worried."said Wendy. Lilly nodded for she understood. Peter smiled the the silence was broken by the lost boys. They ran in with a dead animal slugged over the twins shoulders and the others had arms full of fruit. They all came to a halt and looked at Lilly. Peter looked over at the boys. Lilly tilted her head. Peter glared at the boys and they snapped out of it.
"I'm guessing thats your daughter Wendy?"asked one of the lost boys. Wendy nodded. The boys dropped everything and ran over to her. They surrounded her and just looked at her. Lilly laughed as she looked at them.
"Wow, nice to meet you."she said.
"You have a pretty voice, pretty voice."chimmed the twins. Lilly just smiled and patted the two on the head. The boys began to ramble on how they wanted to be patted on the head. They began to fight and roll around on the ground. Tinkerbell laughed as she floated in the air at the boys. Lilly giggled. Peter smiled but took a serious face.
"Attention!"shouted Peter. The boys straightened up as Peter glared at them. Lilly giggled and looked at her mother. Lilly looked strangly at her mother as if she had an orangish glow to her. She shook her head as she noticed it was just the fire casting its light on Wendy. Lilly sighed and looked at her hands. Peter caught a glance at Lilly and sighed. 'Don't get trapped' Tinkerbell looked at Peter, and made a whole bunch of noises to herself.

Lilly woke up the next day to the smell of left over meat. Lilly sat up from her bed on a hamick. She rubbed her eyes and noticed everyone was already up. She yawned and stretched breaking out of her sleeping spell. Peter looked over at her.
"Well, you are finally up."said Peter grinning as he watched the frying meat. Lilly yawned once more and laughed.
"I guess I was more tired than I though."she said.
"I swear, you've slept most of the time you've been here."said Peter laughed. Lilly pouted, feeling he was being meen towards her. Peter grabbed a homemade plate and placed some meat and fruit on it. He walked over to Lilly and handed it to her.
"Don't pout, I didn't mean any harm. I was just fooling around."cooed Peter walked towards the fire. Lilly wiggled her nose towards Peter and ate. Tinkerbell sat on Lilly's head and made little noises as she always did. Peter looked over at Tinkerbell. She smiled at him and Peter just shook his head. Tinkerbell scrunched on her nose and hit Lilly's head lightly.
"Hey."said Lilly. Tinkerbell made a jesture of forgiveness and flew out of the cave. Lilly looked around and noticed no one else was there. "Where is everyone?"she asked. Peter hovered in the air.
"The boys went out hunting, and Wendy went to visit the indians."explained Peter. Lilly just nodded in awe and finished her plate. She placed her feet on the ground and stood up. She wobbled a bit and fell to the ground. Peter dropped to the ground and helped her up.
"I guess my body isn't used to be standing yet."she said and laughed some. Peter grinned. Her eyes met his and she smiled. Peter smiled back, but turned his head quickly. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He turned back to her and smiled.
"Want to see the mermaids?"asked Peter. Lilly's eyes seemed to sparkle now that he had said that.
"Yes! Please Peter?"she asked, her blue eyes sparkling with intrest. Peter smiled and nodde.d
"Follow me."he said and nodded towards the door. Lilly quickly followed behind him.

Peter hit the rock just right and the door opened. He walked out followed by Lilly. The door shut as Lilly stepped out and looked around. There was just a little bit of land and a couple trees before Mermaid Lagoon. The two figures made their way to the lagoon. Lilly's ears were filled with soft singing of some of the mermaids as they got closer. They reached the side and Peter gave his bird call and the mermaids looked up.
"Hello Peter!"called the mermaids all at different times. Lilly hid behind Peter as she looked at the mermaids. Peter hovered in the air and flew over to an open rock. "Its been a while Peter."said one, picking up a shell and played with it in her hands.
"I just talked to you yesterday!"exclaimed Peter laughing. The mermaid just smiled and threw the rock.
"So? Thats still a long time."she chirped and smiled. Lilly just stood next to a tree and listened to the group talk. She listened to the stories of the adventures Peter had been through. She was amazed about it all, and was drawn in by them.
"Hey Lilly. Come here."called Peter. The mermaids finally noticed that Lilly was there. Lilly blushed a little as she felt the pair of eyes on her. She was to nervous to fly so she hopped on the stone in the water over to the big rock Peter was on. She sat on the edge and looked up at Peter. "Girls, this is my friend Lilly. She is Wendy's daughter!"exclaimed Peter, a big smile on his face. Lilly smiled shyly.
"Hello."she said softly. One mermaid swam up to her and looked into her eyes. Lilly looked back, her face was reflected in the mermaids eyes. She thought she saw a flash of red flash in the mermaids eyes. The mermaid gasp and backed away. Peter looked at his friends.
"What's wrong?"he spoke tilting his head. The mermaid looked at the confused Lilly but shook her head.
"It tis nothing. I must go now."spoke the mermaid. Peter shrugged, but Lilly was still confused.

"Come in for a swim deary!"called one of the mermaids. Lilly was about to protest but they pulled her in. Lilly's eyes adjusted to the water and she swam back up. She took a breath and noticed Peter laughed. She wiggled her nose and splashed him. Peter looked down at her.
"Hey! What was that for?"he asked.
"Everyone here is wet but you. Just making you fit in."chirped Lilly, smiling innocently like she did nothing. One of the mermaids swam up to Lilly and splashed her.
"You are so much more fun than your mother."she said, grinning at Lilly.
"Yeah, she got defensive just because we grabbed her nightdress."said another leaning against one of the rocks in the middle. Lilly laughed at that. Peter looked around for something didn't seem right. He flew up and looked over the big rock that shielded the mermaids little playing spot untill you came straight to the entrance. There was a rowboat with three people. Mr. Smee, Captin Hook, and Desana. Peter crouched down and signaled at the mermaids. They all gasped and swam away. Lilly just watched them go and swam over to Peter. She was about to ask questions untill Peter silenced her with his hand and made her listen.
"But we've already been here Cap'in! He ain't 'ere!"exclaimed Mr. Smee, rowing the row boat. Desana sat with her legs crossed as she looked around.
"This place is so beautiful."she said. Hook looked at Smee.
"I know we've been here before you idiot! He could still come here. You are such an idiot."groaned Hook as he stood up in the boat.
"Hook is a cod-fish!"hollared Peter from his hiding place. The boat came to a half and Hook almost fell.
"Did you hear something?"
"No I didn't Cap'in." said Smee looking around. Obviously he did hear it or he wouldn't have stopped. Hook just shrugged. As they began to go Smee hollared "Cap'in Cap'in!" Hook looked up and saw Peter had the feather from his hat in his hand. Hook glared at Peter, his brow going down making his eyes seem mad.
"Peter Pan! Get down here right now!"shouted Hook, waving his hand in the air. Lilly giggled as she watched Peter fly around in the air. Hook drew his sword and pointed it at Peter. "Come down here right now!"he shouted. Peter laughed and drew his dagger and looked at Hook. Lilly watched as Peter and Hook fought each other. The clashing of the metel of both weapons were crisp to the ears as they went at it. There was a tic toc noise as the fight went on. Hook's eyebrows went up and down to the beat of the tic toc noise. He looked and noticed the crocodile looking at him with his big eyes. Hook shuddered and lost his balance. He fell into the water, and the crocodile smiled. Hook screamed and swam away. Desana watched Hook swim away.
"Does that always happen?"she asked. Smee nodded. Desana laughed while Smee rowed after Hook.

Peter crowed and flew over to Lilly who was holding onto the rock ledge. She smiled at him and something caught Peter's eye. He held up and finger and flew off a little ways. Lilly hoisted herself onto the ledge and waited for Peter, her clothes clinging to her wet body. Peter came back with some flowers in his hand. Lilly tilted her head and he held up his finger again. He held the thing by one flower petel showing a small braclet. Lilly looked at the pink flower braclet and smiled.
"That's pretty."she said. Peter smiled and handed it to her.
"I saw it and I thought you'd like it."he said, coughing after he did for his voice was a little higher than it usually was. Lilly didn't notice and took the braclet. She slid it on her wrist and looked at it. It was a little bit big for her for it could slide off her wrist easily. She didn't care and smiled. She hugged Peter and Peter noticed Wendy comeing back. She waved at Peter.
"Hello Peter! I spoke with Tiger Lily and she wants us to come over tonight!"she called. Lilly smiled. She was going to meet the indians.

The group of Wendy in the lead, followed by the lost boys, then Peter, and the rear brought up by Lilly, they made their way at sunset to the Indian camp. Lilly's clothes were almost all dried out from the events from earlier but they were still a little damp. Her new braclet hung on her left hang loosely, its now position around the lower part of her hand. The sun was setting and the group made their way through the jungle. there was no path, so it would be hard to find yourself right once you got lost. Yet Wendy knew where she was going, and so did everyone else. Everyone but Lilly.

Lilly felt her wrist and hand was bare. She looked down and noticed that her braclet was gone. She told the others she was going to look for it and turned around. The group didn't hear her and she began to stray from the group. The group got farther and farther away but Lilly didn't notice it. She finally found her braclet about fifty yard away from where she stopped and picked it up. She slipped it on her hand and turned around. She noticed no one was around. Her face bore a look of question. Why didn't they stop for her? Lilly began to walk forward, not knowing if to go straight all the way, or if they had to turn any curves. Her eyes shown fear. Where was she? "Peter..Peter..PETER!"she shouted tripping over a vine. She She up and began to cry. She was lost in NeverLand. Peter thought he heard something and turned around to see if Lilly heard it too. He gasped. Lilly wasn't there.

A/N: Sorry it took so long for this, but I decided to make it long! -whistles- kinda cliffhanger there huh? ^^; Meep! Anyway, I did some foreshadowing on the events to come, and when they happen I'll tell you the hints! I foreshadowed on Lilly getting lost. :) The next part should be out soon cause I know exactly what is going to happy! :) Oh, and for those who have just begun to read my story, I wrote this before they even advertised Return To Neverland and I have never seen it. If you think a part seems familier like from that movie, I'm sorry. okay, enough of my rambling! Bye!