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The bodies lay lifeless and still on the cold floor of the hospital room. One was moaning, rubbing a smarting ache behind his head. Another lay sprawled across the first, the two teenagers hugged, realizing they were all right.

Lucius Malfoy stood over his blood traitor son and the mudblood whom had taken his son from the dark path he had chosen. The rage was building behind his eyes. Draco noticed the fire looming in those familiar eyes, much like his own. He pushed Hermione aside; she was shocked but hit the floor covering her head, as she had done the day he'd saved her at the last battle. Lucius had raised his wand, the tip pointing to his own son's heart.

"I'll rid it yet of that common whore!" Lucius boomed with rage. Draco pointed his wand at his father, both taking the dueling stance once more. Only this time, Draco won. He spoke the unforgivable curse with such passion and sadness at the same time. He loved his father, or the man who used to be his father. And for the second time in his young adult life, Draco Malfoy spoke those two words, a strand of green light escaping the tip of his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!" Draco sent the killing curse to his father, hitting him square on the chest. The elder wizard flew backwards. The life force was leaving Lucius' body; never to harm anyone ever again.

Gerald's body was already cold with death. The curse Lucius had hissed was meant for the lowly servant who was insolent to the last second.

"Mione! You're all right?" Draco asked frantically. She nodded her head yes.

The two hugged one another again, kissing quickly before leaving the room to find help.

Just down the hall, a nurse and a Mediwitch were running toward the sounds they had heard.

Draco began rehashing his tale to the two healers, only to discover they had suspected such an act could take place. They had heard of a mysterious wizard prowling about, his coldness rivaling that of Voldemort.

Hermione cried tears of joy. They had done it; she and Draco had rid the world of another evil wizard. This time peace and harmony would ensue. The duo knew deep down inside that they would have to find all of Lucius' horcruxes. However, it wouldn't be hard, Draco had destroyed the most important one…Lucius' cane.

Hermione was still a bit weak, only she didn't want Draco to know. She felt he deserved to see her smile, he had already seen so many of her tears. The beauty that was Hermione Granger, slowly resurfacing. Draco held his heart close to him, stroking her wild hair as she held on to him with such fear and hope.

He wasn't sure what would happen next, but he knew that this was the woman he was meant to be with. It hadn't been Pansy Parkinson, or any of the other slutty Slytherins. It had always been her, the Gryffindor Lioness. His angel. Hermione Granger.

The dearly departed friends of the couple floated nearby with smiles across their transparent faces. It was finished: the end of the war, the end of the depression, and the end of their journey together. It would be the beginning of a beautiful life for their wonderful friends. Harry, Ginny, and Ron said goodbye to Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise. The six spooks left the world of the living, their souls released to Heaven's Gates.

The next few months Draco and his wife, Hermione had sought out all the horcruxes, thus destroying them. At last, they could rest easy and enjoy their marriage. It had been a small exchange of vows. They both knew what they wanted, it didn't matter that they didn't have a real wedding. Hermione was content with the newfound strength she seemed to get from Draco. He in return, found the love he had only known from his mother. In his wife he found a new beginning, ending the hatred he once carried. Though she had not said it yet, Hermione hoped they would have children someday. But that was a chapter they could write together.

Hermione and Draco still visited the tombstones of their fallen friends, talking to them as if they could still hear them. Sadness would often enter Hermione's soul only when she couldn't feel her friends' presence. She knew they had gone to a better place, and she had the man she had always looked for.

Their days of youthful bickerings had long gone, losing the luster they once held. But the bond they had would last two lifetimes, maybe more…if there were children.

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