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Return of the Dark Masters

Chapter 1

The birth of PhoenixWargreymon

Tai sat in his car as he drove it towards the construction site, the place the digidestined could meet in private. He had just dropped his kids off at school. He was remembering what happened a few days ago. The other digidestined still didn't know about the new threat. Just Sora and Tai. As he drove he remember that day.


Tai and Sora stood in front of a giant rock. Standing there beside the object was Shadowblademon and the one who betrayed Tai, Shadowknightmon. "Welcome to your final hour digidestined," the voice of the latter spread throughout the cave. The two digimon smiled and touched the rock. Soon after four digimon had appeared. Each looked familiar, and they should it was the dark masters. Tai walked back and heard a voice in his head.

"Join us Tai," the voice said. "The one you love hates you, there is no reason now for you to fight, join us and help rid the world of all life. The only ones that will be left all those loyal to the new order, my order. The rule of Apocalymon will begin." Tai fell to his knees and began to sob.

"I wish Sora could love me," he said. Tai and Sora then found themselves in a field. Running towards them were the others. Matt ran up and hugged Sora. They kissed wich made Tai uneasy about it. "So that's it, she never would love me."

End Flashback

The chosen savers of the digi world gathered at the abandoned construction site. Their kids left at school while they did this. Standing and talking together were Sora and Matt. They had been dating for a few months and Matt could tell something was wrong, though she wouldn't admit it. "Sora? What's wrong?" he asked.

"I-it is nothing," Sora answered. She tried to keep a happy face on but it didn't fool Matt at the least.

"Dont' lie to me," he said. "I can tell when something is wrong and you got to tell me."

"Promise not to get mad?" she asked.

"I promise," Matt said.

"Fine. When we got back to the real world a few days ago I hanged out with Toki, Tai's kid, and he told me that his father told him something about the cave. I asked what and he said that a voice, he thought it was Apocalymon, was telling him to join him, that the one he loves dosen't love him. There is nothing to fight for. Then he said it might be you. I began to think that I don't hate him I might, love him," Sora finished and looked up at Matt.

"That's it?" was all he could ask.

"Yeah. I don't know what to do," Sora said suddenly.

"I know what you mean. So Apocalymon was lieing trying to get our friend to turn. Sora if you do love him don't let me stop you. We may have been going out for a few months but still. Tai is my best friend and I know he loves you too. Go see him," Matt told Sora.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Of course," he said.

"Thanks Matt," Sora said. "We are still friends right."

"Yep, we are friends. Now, go see your love," he said. She smiled and walked off towards the lonley Tai sitting at the age of the construction site. Meanwhile Kari sat with Davis, T.K., and Mimi. Each taking turns telling about their knew life. Yolei stood with Ken and watched everyone. They were the only chosen ones to have married to each other. The others were mostly divorced now. Their wifes thinking they were childish. Cody and Izzy looked on the computer at reports of destroyed buildings and people suffering injuries. Joe hanged out with all of the digimon. He gave them a physical to make sure they were in top shape. Tai sat away from them, his face buried in his hands.

"I hate this he muttered," he moved his eyes to look at everyone in turn. When they fell on Matt something clicked in him. "I can't believie it, I guess Apocalymon was right all along. Maybe I should think about joining him." He raised an eyebrow as he saw Sora walk towards him. "What does she want," he mumbled. Agumon then walked beside him and just looked at his partner.

"What's wrong Tai?" the little digimon asked.

"What?" Tai broke his thought. "Oh, sorry. Don't worry its nothing. Really!" he said after looking at the digimons disaproved look. He looked back to Sora and saw her stop suddenly. There was a rumble sounded from below them, and Tai had a strange feeling about it. All the chosen ones lifted up and heard an eerie sound, that sounded to familiar to the original digidestined. "That voice?" Tai said. "He found us."

"It can't be," Izzy said. "We defeated him."

"Well, It sounds like him!" Mimi squeled. They looked in the direction of the sound.

"It is him, was going to tell you guys that Sora and myself saw the four digimon return," Tai said.

"Who is it?" Cody asked.

"MetalSeadramon," Sora answered.

"Hahaha," the familar voice said. "Almost right it countinued. I'm...Skullseadramon," the evil voice said as he jumped out of the ground. The familar seadramon look but with skull armor instead of metal.

Tentomon piped in with information on this digimon. "He is Skullseadramon a Mega digimon, and an alternat form of Metalseadramon. Unlike his other half this one is a lot more evil and gets very angry when it comes to simple things. His skull river of power will blow you away."

"Agumon!" Tai yelled.

"Gabumon!" Matt joined.

"Warp digivolve!" they said in unison. Agumon and Gabumon both grew a yellow and blue color.

"Agumon warp digivolve to...Wargreymon," the dragon like mega digimon said as it appeared.

"Gabumon warp digivolve to...Metalgarurumon," the metal wolf mega digimon said also as it appeared in the construction site.

"Let's take this guy down," growled Metalgarurumon.

"Let's," Wargreymon added. The two digimon lunged forward but were swated away like flies.

"Metal Wolf Claw!" the wolf digimon screamed. A surge of blue ice flew out and hit Skullseadramon.

"Terra Force!" the dragon like digimon yelled. A huge ball formed in his hands and he threw it at the digimon.

"You got him," Davis said in relief.

"Is that your best shot," the voice laughed. "Now, here's mine. Skull River of Power!" a giant stream of white light shot out, and barley hit Metalgarurumon. Wargreymon shot in the air and aimed his claws at the giant digimon.

"Dragon Claw!" Wargreymon scremead as his claw pierced Skullseadramon's skin. It let out a surge of pain and backed off. The two megas turned when they heard voices and saw Imperialdramon fighter mode.

"Let's see how he likes this. Positron Cannon!" the digimon raised its hand with the cannon and shot the digimon. Skullseadramon dodged it like it was nothing. "Imposible," the giant digimon said. Wargreymon let out a cry and lunged back at the giant sea digimon. It launched another attack and not having enough time Wargreymon pulled out his shield to block the blow. The shield evaporated and shot Wargreymon into the ground. Pieces now scattered everywhere. Metalgarurumon gave a growl and jumped forward but missed the target. Quickly turning the wolf cried out "Ice Wolf Claw!" And shot out a surge of missles that froze the digimon. The ice evaporated and Skullseadramon just laughed. It launched another attack at the wolf digimon.

"Skull Blaze!" the sea digimon screeched as a white fire shot out and surrounded Metalgarurumon, de-digivolving him back into Gabumon. It turned its attention onto Imperialdramon and called out, "Skull River of Power!" The white shot hit Imperialdramon and turned it back into Wormmon and Veemon.

"Wargreymon!" Tai screamed as he ran to his friend. A blast was hurled at Tai and he was knocked to the ground.

"Tai!" Sora yelled as she ran up to her love. "Get up please." She turned to Matt and saw him nod his head. She understood the time was now. For love and courage to unite. "Don't leave me Tai," she said. She bent down and kissed Tai gently on the lips. Her crest began to glow and she looked up to see Garudamon attack Skullseadramon.

"Wing Blade!" Garudamon commanded as she shot a blade into the sea digimon. It gave another hideous laugh and attacked with his signiture attack "skull river of power". Garudamon fell down and turned back into Biyomon.

"Biyomon warp digivolve!" Sora shouted. The only chance they had was for Biyomon to become a mega. Biyomon began to shine a bright red color.

"Biyomon warp digivolve to...Phoenixmon," the giant fire bird digimon screeched. "I am Phoenixmon a legendary mega level digimon. My crimson flare attack will send my enemies to oblivion." The bird flew up and commanded in her tone of divinity, "Crimson Flare!" A blast of Fire hit Skullseadramon and caused it to back up a ways. Tai then slowly got up and looked at Wargreymon then turned to Sora.

"Sora?" Tai asked.

"Yes my love. How are you?" she asked.

"I'm fine, but what do you mean by love?" Tai asked.

"I love you silly. Matt is the one who told me to be with you anyway," Sora answered.

"Really?" Tai asked again.

"Really," Sora replied. They lend into each other and pressed their lips together. And there, with everyone watching they had their first real kiss, the kisses both of them wanted. They backed up and muttered to each other, "Let's end this." Their crests began to shine and so did Wargreymon and Phoenixmon. "DNA digivolve!" they shouted in unison.

"Wargreymon," the dragon digimon said.

"Phoenixmon," the god like bird digimon screeched.

"DNA digivolve to...PhoenixWargreymon," the divine dragon like digimon announced as it appeared in the sky. It looked like Wargreymon but with red and some strips of gold armor and six burning wings coming out of his back. His hands were a brownish color along with the claws that he can make come out of his hands like wolverine. "I am PhoenixWargreymon a legendary mega level digimon. My powerful Phoenix Terra Crusher will bring all who opose my power to their doom."

"Go get him!" Sora and Tai hollered to their new digimon. PhoenixWargreymon jumped up to dodge an attack from Skullseadramon. PhoenixWargreymon came up and kicked the sea digimon in the jaw.

"Time to end this," PhoenixWargreymon said. He crossed his hands and began to chant, "Phoenix," he then moved his hands out making him look like a T. Then he said, "Terra," his arms then went straight out to face the dark master. "Crusher!" the giant digimon finished and a huge blaze of fire and gold light erupted and deleted Skullseadramon, sending him back to the digital world to be reborn in primary villiage. PhoenixWargreymon lowered himself then split into the two forms of Agumon and Biyomon.

"You guys did it," the others called as they ran up to Tai and Sora. Matt walked up to Tai and extended his hand, which Tai shook.

"Great job pal, and take care of Sora won't you," Matt said. Tai just stared at his friend.

"Of course. We're still buddies right?" Tai asked.

"Yes, we are still best friends," Matt answered. Tai smiled and pulled Matt in for a friendly hug. He then turned to face Sora after breaking the hug.

"I guess I should ask. Sora, would you go out with me?" Tai asked.

"Of course," Sora replied. They gave each other a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Alright bro?" T.k. asked when he got up to his brother.

"Yeah," Matt answered. They continued to congratulate Sora and Tai until Yolei finally stated the one question on her mind.

"I can't believe you guys are happy that we killed another digimon," Yolei stated.

"Yeah, he was another living being," Cody commented.

"If we had not destroyed him then we all would be in the data realm forever!" Sora snapped. This was the first time she had ever risen her voice to the younger digidestined. Everyone was taken aback from her outburst. Tai put his arm around her shoulder and calmed her.

"She is right you know," Tai said. "We have destoyed them before. So we are used to this more than you guys. I'm sorry that you have to experience this. If you want out, I understand." Everyone looked at each other. Tai never said anything like this before, he usually wanted everyone to fight and he hated to be split up. He looked at Davis, Ken, Yolei, and Cody. Davis gave the first answer.

"I'm staying," Davis said.

"As am I," Ken added as soon as his best friend had said something.

"Yolei?" Kari asked.

"I'll go," Yolei answered.

"Cody?" T.k. asked also.

"Fine, I'll make them pay for hurting innocent people," Cody answered.

"That's good," everyone said.

"Oh yeah, almost forgot about the other day. When Tai and myself were in the cave two digimon laughed at us and touched a giant rock and then all of a sudden all four dark masters returned, but instead as skull masters. Apocalymon returned as well. So we have to defeat 6 more digimon to save the digital world," Sora told everyone. Tai lowered his hand and began to clench his fist. Kari noticed and turned to her brother.

"What's wrong?" Kari asked.

"One of those digimon was Shadowknightmon. A digimon who betrayed me about a month ago. Toki, Agumon and I went to the digital world where we saw a Knightmon finishing off a digimon. He saw us and asked if we would help rid the temple of dark digimon. Wargreymon and Knightmon were a powerful team they mowed right through everything till they hit the big boss, and then they smoked him. Knightmon touched the floating stone of shadow and was instantly changed into Shadowknightmon. And Wargreymon fought and managed to make the new digimon run away. I was so mad at him that I vow to finish him off personaly," Tai finished his story and looked at everyone.

"Give me your digivice," Izzy said after a while. Tai handed it over and Izzy pulled up some information on the digimon. "Let's see how strong he is. Shadowknightmon is a mega digimon with a short temper. Hissword destruction attackwill destroy everything in its path. Sounds like a tough oponent," Izzy said.

"Yeah but I will beat him," Tai said with a determination in his voice.

"I think we should head home for the night," Mimi said. Everyone agreed and they headed to pick up their kids. Sora left with Tai this time and they went to pick up Toki, and Adela. When they arrived their kids looked at each other and wondered what was going on. They got into the car and Tai took Sora and Adela home.

"Can't wait for Friday," Tai said as he dropped Sora and her daughter off at their home.

"Yeah, me too. Cya later love," Sora said as she bent over and kissed Tai on the lips. When the two were out and heading to the house. Tai drove off and Toki asked if she would be his new mom.

"Maybe," was all Tai could say.

Deep inside a giant tower Skullpiedmon gave a hideous laugh. He was no longer the pathetic weak Piedmon that was arrogant and hot headed. He was now a being more powerful than ever. Still the loss of Skullseadramon weighed heavy on his mind. "This knew digimon is more powerful than I could imagine," he said. "Oh, what fun this will be."

"Don't worry boss we will make quick work of those digi brats," Skullpuppetmon chimed in.

"We will crush them into digi dust," the giant bulk of Skullmachindramon bellowed. Then a dark form appeared behind the three remaining dark masters.

"Is all going as plan?" the figure asked.

"Of course great Apocalymon," Skullpiedmon answered. "The data from the humans and digimon will soon be yours. We just need to take care of those annoying kids and their digimon."

"I see," Apocalymon muttered. "I hope you don't fail me."

"We won't fail master. Those kids will be nothing but dust in the wind when we are through," Skullpiedmon said quickly.

"Don't underestimate them my good servant. They are alot stronger and smarter than ever. Remember, they have grown up," Apocalymon said. "Soon though I will become the most powerful digimon in creation," he added. He laughed with his hideous voice as he disappeared and left the room quiet.

"Skullpuppetmon...you're up," Skullpiedmon said.

"Right," the digimon said as he jumped onto the ground. "Time to make those kids pay. We will play a little game called revenge." The puppet digimon gave a short laugh as he dissaperead from the room. Everything was now quiet...

To be continued...

End Chapter

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