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Chapter 3

Puppetmon's redemption

Tai stood in front of the mirror, completley nervous. Today was the date with Sora, he had been looking forward to this day. But now that it was here, he was nervous. "Relax dad," Toki said.

"I am relaxed," Tai tryed to defend himself.

"Yeah, right," Toki chuckled. Tai glared at his son then turned to see Agumon coming in.

"Hey Tai," the little dinousaur greeted.

"Hey bud. Ready to go?" Tai asked.

"Yep," Agumon replied. The doorbell rang and Tai ran to answer it.

"Hey T.k., Hey Kari," Tai said. He then turned to see their two little kids, who instantly ran to play with Toki. Tai laughed at them as he turned to look at his sister and her boyfriend. "Thanks for watching Toki for me."

"No prob," T.k. said.

"Yeah, we are really happy to," Kari said with a smile.

"Thanks guys," Tai said. "Come on Agumon!" he called behind him. The little dinousar walked up and followed his partner out to the car. Tai gave a heavy sigh, he was still really nervous. Watching him leave was the figure that could only be known as Skullpuppermon. He smiled wickedly as he disappeared into the night.


"Ready Mimi," Izzy called from the doorway.

"Coming," Mimi answered. They were going to go meet Tai and Sora, and Mimi was ecstatic, because she thought it was a date. Which Izzy in the end, said it was. "Here I am."

"You look great Mimi," Izzy said with a smile.

"Thanks," Mimi said with a blush. The two nodded to each other and walked outside. Tentomon and Palmon were there waiting for them.

"Ready?" Tentomon asked.

"Yep," Izzy replied to his friend's question. The four of them left and headed off to where they were meeting. Going on there first date was the only thing on there thoughts as they drove through the streets.


Blackwargreymon watched them go and jumped down onto the ground. "Well, there they go," he said as he turned to look at Michael who was now standing beside him.

"Yeah, well, we better go follow them," Michael said. He jumped onto Blackwargreymons back as he flew off toward where Izzy and Mimi were going.

"I hope we can convice Puppetmon to join us," Blackwargreymon said after a while.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we can," Michael reassured his partner. "Unlike the other dark masters, he isn't completley evil. And you know that, right?"

"Yeah," Blackwargreymon sighed. "I just hope he knows that."

"Like I said, don't worry," Michael said again as they continued their flight through the busy city.


Tai walked next to Sora, as they walked through the park to where they would meet Izzy and Mimi. Behind them, their two digimon walked side by side. "It's really pretty, isn't it?" Tai asked Sora.

"Yeah, yeah it is," Sora smiled. She felt Tai put his arm around her waist. She smiled as she lay her head on Tai's shoulder as they walked. Their two digimon looked at them with smiles on their faces. A few minutes later they arrived at the tallest tree in the park, and Izzy and Mimi were already standing under it. "Hey guys," Sora called to them. Izzy and Mimi turned to see their friends running towards them.

"Hey, we thought you guys wouldn't make it," Izzy said as Tai and Sora stopped in front of them.

"Took us a while, sorry about that," Tai said, rubbing the back of his head in embarassment. Their happy meeting was cut short when they heard an eerie laughter.

"Please don't be a digimon, I was so looking forward for tonight," Sora said.

"Same here," Mimi nodded.

"Skull puppet pumel!" came the eerie voice. The digidestined jumped to the side to dodge a storm of white energy balls. They turned around to see a digimon that looked like Puppetmon. But his face was more of a skull, and his body was just bones. His hat was pure white, and his hammar was shaped differntly.

"It's Skullpuppetmon. A mega digimon with some powerful bite to him. Unlike Puppetmon, this digimon can easily destroy his opponents, with his Skull puppet blast attack," Biyomon said as she flew to Sora's side.

"Great, another skull master," Tai muttered. He pulled out his digivice and pointed it towards Agumon. "Agumon, now!" Agumon nodded as he was surrounded by a gold light.

"Agumon, warp digivolve to...Wargreymon," the dragon digimon said as he flew towards Skullpuppetmon. He jumped backwards to dodge Wargreymon's attack, then came full force with his hammar. Wargreymon stumbled back as he glared at the digimon. Tai turned around when he was three ligths begin to glow. One was green, the other purple, and the last pink.

"Your not fighting alone Tai," Mimi said.

"We are here to help to," Izzy nodded.

"Let's take him down," Sora finished. Tentomon glowed a bright purple color, while Palmon glowed green, and Biyomon pink.

"Tentomon, warp digivolve to...HerculesKabuterimon," the gold insect digimon said as he appeared on the battle field. "I am HurculesKabuterimon. A mega digimon with some serious bite. My Mega electro shocker and Giga blaster attacks will disentigrate my enemies."

"Palmon, warp digivolve to...Rosemon," the lovley rose digimon said. "I am Rosemon. A mega level digimon whose looks are as sharp as my attacks. My thorn whip and Rose spear will defeat all who oppose me."

"Biyomon, warp digivolve to...Phoenixmon," the god like bird digimon screeched as it came into existance.

"Alright guys, let's do this," Wargreymon commanded. The others nodded and jumped forward.

"Giga blaster!" HerculesKabuterimon commanded as he shot a huge blast from his horns. Skullpuppetmon barley dodged the attack as he came face to face with Rosemon.

"Rose spear!" Rosemon commanded. Her right vine shifted into a blade and she charged forward. Stabbing the blade out and cutting gashes into Skullpuppetmons arms. Skullpuppetmon fell to the ground, but was blasted bacwards when Phoenixmon attacked with her Crimsion flare. Skullpuppetmon looked up to see Wargreymon charging at him.

"Time to end this," Wargreymon shouted as he prepared his Terra foce attack. Skullpuppetmon held up his hands and a ball began to emerge.

"Skull puppet blast!" Skullpuppetmon commanded. The blast cancelled out the Terra force and made Wargreymon fall backwards. Skullpuppetmon slowly got up and glared at his oponent.

"Hahaha, you can't beat me you idiots," Skullpuppetmon laughed.

"Laugh at this. Starlight explosion!" Phoenixmon commanded as a powerder fell down form her winds and explosed around Skullpuppetmon. The puppet digimon fell backwards from the attack and tried its best to get up.

"Let's try this again," Wargreymon grolwed, but was stopped when a black digimon appeared in front of them.

"That's enough," Blackwargreymon growled at the digimon and the kids.

"What do you mean?" Tai asked. "He is the enemy."

"Not entirley true," Michael said. For the first time the others noticed the kid. "Oh yea, my name is Michael, and this is my partner, Blackwargreymon."

"Hey Michael," Izzy said. "Are you a digidestined too?"

"Yes," Michael simply stated. He walked forward and stopped in front of Skullpuppetmon. "I know your not evil, if you want, I can make you pure again."

"What are you talking about, of cource I'm evil," Skullpuppetmon said.

"Not entirely," Michael said. He lifted up his digivice and Skullpuppetmon began to revert. "If you have some good in you, the digivice will purify you to your true form." Everyone watched as Skullpuppetmon turned back into just a regular Puppetmon. He looked down at his hands to see he had changed.

"But, what about Skullpiedmon, he will surley destroy me," Puppetmon panicked.

"Don't worry, you can stay with us," Michael said with a smile.

"You sure?" Puppetmon asked.

"Yep. Right Blackwargreymon?" Michael asked the digimon.

"Yeah," Blackwargreymon said. Puppetmon turned to the others and their mega digimon.

"Sorry for the trouble," Puppetmon said.

"Uh, sure. No one got hurt anyway, so its fine," Tai said with a smile. He walked over to the puppet digimon and extended his hand, which Puppetmon took and shook firmly. "Welcome to the team." Puppetmon was at a lost for words as he looked at Tai with a wide eyed look.

"Th-thanks," Puppetmon muttered as a smile touched his face. "I finally found friends."

"Yep," everyone said in unison. Puppetmon nodded and walked off with Michael and Blackwargreymon to wherever they may live. Tai, Sora, Izzy, and Mimi continued what they were doing for the rest of the night and had a ball. Tai drove Sora home, and gave her a kiss good bye before living for his home. Izzy did the same to Mimi before heading to his house. He had a lot to look on the computer. And to find out if Michael was on their side or not.


"Damn it!" Skullpiedmon screeched as he kicked the monitor. "Why do we keep losing?"

"I don't know master," Skullmachindramon said in a low voice. "I will take care of these kids, so don't worry."

"You better Skullmachindramon, or I'll destroy you instead," Skullpiedmon warned. Skullmachindramon nodded as he exited the tower. Shadowblademon had returend and was watching the whole thing.

"Geez, you need to calm down," Shadowblademon said with a chuckle.

"Shut the hell up," Skullpiedmon snapped. "Did you get some more data."

"Of cource," Shadowblademon nodded. "Apocalymon is getting stronger. Soon he will be resurected and maybe hold the power to digivolve."

"That's good, I can't wait to get this over with. I'm ready to conqur the world," Skullpiedmon said.

"Yeah, me too," Shadowblademon smiled. He turned on his heel and marched out of the tower. "I got some business to attend to, see you later." Shadowblademon disappeared into the night, leaving Skullpiedmon alone with his own thoughts.

To be continued...

End of chapter.

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