Hello all you SIM fans, not a lot of you caught my update under my account so I figured "Hey since they dont care about me (lol jk) why not use abbey's name?" So I came to deliver the news that we're on track again! She slept over last night and we wrote a LOT together, right now we're currently working on DOOF. I'll most likely help with SRE too, but the other stories, no update of as of yet. If you guys have any questions u can either go under my name LadyRedEyes and review so I can receive it directly or review to this and I'll eventualyl get to it. Here's a short poem for all of you, just a stupid creation I did lol. Enjoy and reply! Your reviews mean the world to us!

Contemplating Heart

Watching the snakes of death flow through the air

Like water in a swift current.

I think to myself of what I have to do.

My companions think of me shallow,

My lover as unfaithful.

But its not that I'm either one,

its just that I'm reluctant to her silent plea.

Her plea to not be alone, especially given our own circumstance.

Though I may not love her the way I did before,

I still harbor that same pain and heartache from those years ago.

Dont think of me as fickle,

But as a man..no...a hanyou,

That has been fooled for reasons of jealousy and hatred.


He shall pay for the crimes he has commited,

I will not let him further cause such despair to anyone.

Though the final battle shall be tough I wont deny that.

I just hope..that when the battle comes.

We wont have to make anymore sacrifices...

Yea yea, tis VERY stupid but I had to rush it. Gots a party to go to. She and I will be writing more! Ja ne minna!