Part two of the first chapter in Sesshomaru's Red Eyes Reincarnated (SRER),titled The Heirs of Inutaisho. I don't own InuYasha.

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"I don't know," Kagome answered, shocked. She shook herself, suddenly becoming more alert, then launched several arrows at the beast. It roared loudly, black blood spilling from where she had hit him directly. "It's skin is too thick!" Kagome yelled.

"Let me try," Shippou returned, and threw a pair of fire bombs at the monster's head. It was a perfect aim; the combustibles exploded, and the creature fell to the ground, globs of its flesh flying everywhere.

Kagome went up to the corpse and kicked it. Nothing moved. "Well, I guess that's that," she said, "Nice work, Shippou."

"You killed one of them," a voice cut in.

Kagome wheeled around, surprised. As soon as she did, a man with dark hair and violet eyes clutched her hand in his own. "You have my unwavering respect, Miss," he said, "And since we have so much in common-"

He was cut short by a hand clasping his shoulder, fingernails digging deep into his skin. "Ouch, that's not very nice, Sango," he yelped, letting go of Kagome's hand so he could massage his throbbing shoulder.

His companion responded with a sigh, "Boo hoo, Miroku. Don't expect any sympathy from me if you insist on acting like a philandering lech." She glared at him disapprovingly.

Miroku put a hand to his chest in apology. It was difficult to tell if he was trying to be earnest, or if he was theatrically exaggerating. "My dear Sango, you must know it is only you who holds my heart." He smiled slyly.

The woman looked awkward for a moment before she rolled her eyes sarcastically, "Lucky me."

The man, Miroku, smiled and snaked an arm around Sango's waist, "My dear, I know a great deal of women who would kill to bear me a strong son."

Sango narrowed her eyes at him, "I bet you do know several women, Miroku. Too many, in fact." He chuckled uncomfortably, guiltily, putting one head behind his head in a false gesture of innocence. "I don't know what you mean," he retorted with a smile.

"Not to be rude and interrupt…but who are you?" Shippou asked.

"I don't mean to counter the question," Miroku began, "but who are you?"

"Huh?" Shippou uttered, confused.

Sango explained, "You are the ones who seem to be new to these parts, or else you would know just how dangerous this forest has become in the past few months."

"I'm Kagome, and this is Shippou, and…what do you mean by 'the past few months?' Are you saying this forest never used to be this perilous?"

"And what are those, those…things?" Shippou inquired.

"You're correct, Miss Kagome," Miroku stated, "This forest, as you can clearly see, used to carry an abundant supply of food, in fact it still does. The only problem is that it has recently become too dangerous with these creatures for even the bravest of our soldiers to enter."

"We've never seen anything like it before," Sango added, "Our 'government' has become quite troubled by the matter."

Her companion smiled at her warmly, "You must forgive my partner," Miroku said, "She is a decisive and passionate proponent of democracy-"

"More of a decisive and passionate opponent of our current leadership," Sango corrected him.

"But," Shippou started, "If the forest is too dangerous for even soldiers to enter, then why are you two here?"

"We're specialized professionals," Miroku explained, "Sango likes to call us demon exterminators." Both he and Sango chuckled darkly. "If you need someone to fix your transport, I'm afraid you're temporarily out of luck. There are many capable mechanics here, but none brave enough to venture through this death trap. If you wish, you may come with us and perhaps we will be able to find you a place to stay."

"First it would be nice to know where we are," Kagome said.

"Don't you know?"

"Our navigation system broke down days ago," Shippou stated, matter-of-factly.

Sango nodded and smiled, "This is the Independent Country of Inutaisho."

Both Kagome and Shippou's eyes widened significantly. "Inutaisho? The great general who fought on Japan's behalf in the war?"

Miroku nodded, "Yes, when all the refugees fled from the ruins of Japan, they gathered mostly in one place. It was a natural, and completely unanimous decision to make Inutaisho leader and commander."

Sango continued for him, "Even though history has usually shown military leaders turned political leaders to harsh and domineering, Inutaisho was just the opposite. He was sympathetic towards our plight and understood the pain of losing our homeland. The New World Government decided to place the surviving refugees from Japan in a fertile, abundant land, the land you are now standing on."

Kagome swallowed hard, her throat closing up at the thought of Japan, her home, demolished by Naraku and his followers. "I…I was not aware that the survivors had formed their own republic."

Sango scoffed, "Well, I'm not so sure you can call it a 'republic' anymore. Ever since kind old Inutaisho succumbed to his war wounds, his sons have done a boneheaded job managing the country." Miroku gave her a look, and Sango shook it off, "What? If they are such powerful and deft warriors themselves why are they not here beside us, fighting these demons? Why are they not constructing better ways to get food to our ailing population?"

"My dear Sango," Miroku said sympathetically, "That I'm afraid, is not the way of the politician. Not all, if any, were as hands-on as Inutaisho had been."

"I do not want to speak of the matter any further," she aggressively stated. Miroku sighed and nodded. "Come," he said, "the two of you must be tired from your struggle with the demon. We shall try to procure a pair of beds for you tonight."

Kagome and Shippou each responded with a nod.

So they followed Miroku and Sango through the forest and up a steep hill, which appeared to be leveled off at the top, a plateau. The landscape had changed drastically; instead of wild, overgrown forests with rotten fruit on the ground, there were cherry blossom and willow trees everywhere, growing out of perfectly manicured grass. There were steps carved into the side of the hill, easing their journey as the slope became steeper. The far-off sound of running water could be heard, and Kagome assumed it was a fountain or small stream.

"Where are we?" Shippou asked quizzically, scanning the area.

"We have to report to the Brothers about today's work. This is our first time meeting them as well," Miroku stated thoughtfully, "They have never asked this of us before."

"Finally some more concern for the country," Sango slipped in sarcastically.

After they reached the top of the plateau, Miroku gave their names to guards, who permitted their entrance. From there on, the small group walked straight through a hallway and into a master meeting room, where two young men were seated. It was easy to see from their posture that they were at least a little arrogant. It was also very apparent that the two were related.

Upon their arrival, the older rose an eyebrow impressively, while is brother leaned forward to get a better look.

"Feh, what do you want?" the younger Brother asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest stubbornly.

"He seems very nonchalant for a leader," Kagome muttered in a undertone to Shippou, who nodded in agreement.

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