Author's Notes: Vampires and werewolves battling for their continued survival and the human who will destroy one set of dreams. Will likely become M/M/M relationship story towards the end. Characters will be revealed in the next few chapters.

Also, for those who began reading my old fic Timeless Eternity, this is kind of a remake of it. I'm going to delete TE from the site. This one follows the same storyline as TE, but I changed a lot of things around. Hopefully, it's for the better. TE will be deleted because I couldn't figure a way to update it with all the changes that have been made.

Disclaimer: Like every other time I've written one, like every other author who has written one, like every other fan who wishes to write one, I do not own anything.

Summary: Two groups of under worldly creatures, battling for control. One human fated to bring either group to victory. King of the Vampires and King of the Lycans, both falling for the human that will destroy one or the other.

1) Possible MMM towards end

:Immortal Eternity:

It is an age old war going on. Even after more than two millennia of battles, we have yet to be noticed by them. We wage war right under their noses, in their own cities! And there is still only a nominal few who even notice us. Even less dare challenge us. And only one has remained completely human after doing so.

We both battle and bask in the moonlight. In front of their eyes but never seen. Fangs are bared; ears are twitched; tails are lost; creatures are killed. Always under the beautiful pale moon.

Thus is the timeless voyage of the vampires and the lycans.

For the past 200 years, the brutality of our war has increased ten fold, and both races are being continually decimated. But we don't stop. We can't stop. For the first to show signs of surrender is as good as dead.

So we continue. On and on. Under the humans' notice yet not discovered.

They really are a meagerly species. Not even realizing that some of their own have been taken and transformed. Huh, serial kidnapper, indeed!

But there is one…One who is said to be able to bring this war to an end once found; one whose birth has been awaited for centuries; one who, once converted, will bring victory to either the vampires or the lycans.

Twenty-five years ago tomorrow he was first born. And for twenty-five years he has subconsciously stayed all attempts to convert him. But tomorrow, it will begin. He will soon become consciously aware. And then, hm, he will be fair game. Ha, ha, ha…

Bullets flew, pristine teeth flashed, mournful screams of the dying sounded. The day was almost here; the day that had been awaited for millennias. He would become twenty-five. Aware.

Coats flapped and de-transformation commenced. The sun was rising. It was an agreed upon rule that no battle would take place during daylight hours.

And today was THE day. No, no battles would happen right now. Now, the attentions of both supposedly mythical groups would be centered upon one human.

Vampires and werewolves alike vanished into the shadows.

Today was the day.

Today marked the beginning of the end of the war.

Again, my inspiration for this story originally came from watching Underworld and reading hcolleen's "Vampire Games". Anyone who likes vampire stories, I really recommend you read it.

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