Title: This Love Can't Wait

Genre: Romance: Harry-Hermione

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.


Status: Incomplete

Setting: I'm not exactly sure but it isn't exactly important, let's just say Before/During 6th year so you don't ask.

Chapter 1 Citrus


"Hermione!" Harry gasped jokingly as she tickled him. He rolled in a light kicking and laughing frenzy, starting to tickle her. She squealed with laughter, batting at him playfully. The laughing was subdued as Ron and other fellow Gryfindor's entered the common room. They cuddled in an armchair together, laughing insanely. "Harry, are you sure we can both fit in this chair?" Hermione gasped jokingly. He had her cuddled in his arms and it was quite a ridiculous site.

Ron chuckled and sat down on a nearby chair. "Seriously? You two are hilarious!" He socked Harry on the knee with a hearty laugh. Hermione relaxed in Harry's arms and stared at the clock. "Harry, it's late," She squeaked teasingly, pecking him on the cheek.

Ron gave them a sheepish smile and got to his feet, "Welp, I'm going to bed."

Harry looked stupefied a moment but quickly regained himself and held Hermione very close.

They had been together a month, right before the start of term. But it was more than that, more than being together, or at least it felt that way, but it was too hard to describe. They were madly, inseparably in love and had been for a month now and no one had made an argument.

During their time together at the Burrow Harry and Ron had noticed am interesting change of attitude in their female friend. She was withdrawn and evading. But after careful assessment the boys figured out the problem.

Or at least Harry did. Because one night Harry was awake, still trying to discover what was bothering his intelligent friend. She had even begun to be more open with Ron but it was still Harry she was wary of. But it wasn't in a sort of 'I don't like you or you're weird' way.

She was hiding something. She liked him. No, she loved him. But this was something the smart of Hermione couldn't even tackle so she hid from it. She didn't feel like she could tell him how she felt. That night, because she was so lost and could think of nothing else she was going to drink a potion to end the life.

Harry heard a noise and got up from his bed to see what it was. He spotted her in the kitchen, watching the potion boil. Confused, he hid and watched her silently. She was waiting until the right time to drink. Just when she brought the goblet to her lips however she was overwhelmed with tears. She smashed the goblet to the ground and hurried out of the room.

She left because she felt like she couldn't go through with it. Something told her it wasn't right and that maybe she had a chance with Harry. She turned away, showing Harry her tear stained face. Too bad she didn't know he was there. Harry went over to the counter, very relieved to see an intact recipe page but immediately he thought he was dreaming. He was having a nightmare. This was a potion to take the life… What was she thinking of doing and why? He was scared because he knew this was real. With him everything bad was no dream, it was reality. Why had Hermione been ready to take her life? He turned and hurried after her. When he had caught up to her he put his hand out to her shoulder, nearly toppling her over.

"Hermione, what were you doing?" He whispered fiercely.

"I…I couldn't tell you so I..." She was surprised; a confession was ready on her nervous lips. It was ready to come spilling out unprovoked. Did she want that? What was his reaction going to be?

"Tell me what?" Harry asked, his voice softening. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. A hand left her shoulder, brushing her cheek. "It's ok, you can tell me…"

"Harry…" Hermione looked at the ground until she could no longer resist the pressure to gaze into his dazzling eyes. "Harry I love you. I just didn't think I could tell you." She swallowed hard. She hadn't been able to stop herself from telling him but it was too late, he knew.

Harry sighed and hugged her. "It's okay. I noticed the change in you. Something was wrong and it made me feel closer to you, closer than I had discovered I was. I love you too." He stroked the small of her back, feeling her hot, tearstained face at his shoulder. "Don't ever be afraid….to tell me."

He understood? He felt the same? He was worried and in love when she was uncertain and ready to die? How did this work? She sighed deeply and let him hold her.

He withdrew from the hug, and held her at arm's length a moment. It was then that he kissed her. Really, tenderly, kissed her; kissed her for the first time. That was when it all started.