Title: This Love Can't Wait

Genre: Romance: Harry-Hermione

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

Chapter 3 A Time for Care

… "If that's really how you feel Ron maybe you should talk to Harry," Ginny voiced.

He sighed and mocked her in a girly voice. "If that's really how you feel Ron maybe you should talk to Harry," He stopped and stared at her for a long time, "You would know…"

"Well I did go out with him." She pointed out.

Ron was about to say something when the door opened from the corridor. Harry stepped in with Hermione, both of them laughing like idiots. Ron looked savagely irritated so without another word he left the room.

It was a week later; Hermione had been feeling under the weather that morning, so she was not at breakfast. It was then that Ron spoke to Harry.

"Harry, did you ever wonder if maybe anyone else had feelings for Hermione too?"

"No…" he admitted slowly.

"Like a certain red haired fellow for instance?"

Harry made a face. "What are you trying to say Ron?"

Ron looked irritated, "That I like her too and it's not fair for you to be hogging her all the time. I never see her!"

"Well how come you've never said anything before?" Harry questioned.

"Because she was always around!" his voice rose and he glared at his friend.

Harry just stared at his plate and said nothing for awhile. He hoped Ron was wrong, that he hadn't been spending too much time with her. A short time later the morning bells rang and Ron left Harry with his bread pudding.

As he walked to his second class in one of the top stories Malfoy approached him. He gave him a spiteful glare, read to turn away when he spoke.

"Word is Potter's been telling stories about you."

Ron looked at him boredly, almost failing to believe it. Maybe he shouldn't be surprised. "What?"

"Potter said you were poor, could barely afford the brooms in the closet. Now, I'll have to remember that one." Draco stalked away with a sneer.

Ron's fists clenched. Why would Harry say that? Or was Malfoy lying? True or not, Harry would get what was coming to him.

Later that night Harry and Hermione were in the common room snogging by the fire. Ron sat far away with Seamus and Dean, whispering so the conversation wouldn't be intercepted. "Look at him," he spat, "I told him off and he still thinks he's all macho snogging that slut…" His companions raised their eyebrows at this comment and he too was almost ashamed for disgracing Hermione like that. He turned around again, only to be disgusted by the bitter site. "I'm going to bed." He grumbled.

Once in the dormitory Ron saw Harry's broomstick, sitting on the bed next his own. He sighed, remembering the rumor he had heard earlier. He hesitated, but thinking about how angry he was, took the broom and stashed it deep inside his own trunk.

Ron then sat down on the bed, eventually laying back for a short nap. He woke up a few hours later and was tracing lines in the air with his wand when Harry came in. He had been thinking about Hermione and some of the adventures they had had since the start of term. This year so far was unbearably vague and boring compared to his past years with the two. Of course…

He turned on his side and watched boredly and Harry sifted through his things, making sure everything was in its place. When he opened his trunk he found his broomstick was not there. Confused, he glanced over his bed and underneath it once more but found nothing. "Have you seen my broomstick?" He almost sounded to Ron as if he was talking to himself because he hadn't even bothered to address him by name. Ron ignored him for a few minutes, muttering nonsense words and moving his wand. Harry gave him a look.

"Oh were you asking me?" Ron questioned, even though he was the only person in the room. "No, I haven't seen it…" he lied. "You might be better off just borrowing one from the closets. Someone probably made off with it, you really should keep it locked up."

"I usually do…" Harry said with an irritancy to his voice.

"So what stopped you that time?"

"Well Hermione…" he tried to excuse himself rather pitifully.

"Of course… Hermione." Ron muttered bitterly.

Harry didn't have much more to say to this. The conversations always ended in those bitter silences. "Look at Ron over there, all stubborn and pleased. I bet he took my broom! He'll do anything to get to me, even jeopardize the game!"

He frowned and climbed into bed, broom less. Ron was lying there hours later, unable to sleep from annoyance. Roommates were snoring off to his left and he was constantly thinking of reasons why he was angry with Harry and other things that angered him. He woke up the next morning very drowsy, only to remember that he had Transfiguration with Harry today.

All through class Harry had been sitting boredly, thinking about his arguments with Ron and trying to ignore the numerous little teasing whispers Hermione and Ginny were sending up the row. In all this he had neglected his seatwork, turning a rat into a cracker and vice versa. He had first managed to salt the rat and then it had been stolen by Dean.

"Mr. Potter, where is your seatwork?" McGonagall inquired sharply.

"Uh I don't have it…" Harry mumbled.

"But you did receive it at the start of class didn't you?"

"Yes. It got away." He replied shamefully.

"Mr. Potter, I see you have been slacking in your work, especially in this class. As head of your house I am afraid it is my duty to penalize you. 15 points will be taken from Gryffindor and you will have detention with me tomorrow night."

"But professor, the game!' Harry pleaded.

"Nonsense, Gryffindor will have to go without you. What is say is final. I suggest you get your priorities in order, and for the sake of the team I do hope you would find a replacement seeker. That is all, class dismissed."