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Rory had managed to walk down the stairs with her father without falling, she'd managed to do the feather dance with as much dignity as it would allow. All that was left was the waltz.

Taking her place on the dance floor with Tristan, her heart began to beat quickly. "What if I mess up?" she whispered as they waited for the music to begin.

"You won't." he assured her.

"And what if I do?"

"Then…We'll both look like idiots so at least you won't be alone." He told her.

"Not helping!"

"I didn't say it would."

"Do you think I could say I am pregnant to get out of it and then when it's over say it was just a false alarm?"

"I think your mother might be extremely proud if you did that." Tristan laughed quietly.

"My grandmother would kill me."

"Don't worry, you won't mess up. You have a proper lead…Remember?" He asked smirking.

"Miss Patty did wonders for your ego, didn't she?"

"She just knows talent when she sees it."

The music began to play and Rory couldn't help but chuckle as she glanced over Tristan's shoulder and saw Stephanie trying to control her date. The mystery Australian was a little overzealous about doing the waltz.

Rory caught Steph's eye and sent her an apologetic look. Steph just shook her head and laughed.

"What's so funny?" Tristan whispered.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You aren't exactly in the position to be teasing me, I let go and you fall."

"You'd do that to me? You'd let me, your girlfriend fall?" Rory asked pouting.

Tristan couldn't help but feel like he was flying as she said the word 'girlfriend'. He finally had Rory Gilmore, his Mary, all to his self. There was no bag boy and there was no tough guy, player image to overcome. She knew the real him.

He smiled from ear to ear and shook his head. "No, I'd never let my girlfriend fall flat on her face."

"That's good to hear."

"It's not for your sake, it's because I don't want your grandmother to go crazy on me for ruining your white dress." He told as a matter-of-factly.

"Of course!" Rory laughed. She loved being wrapped in Tristan's arms. He made her feel safe, like nothing bad could happen to her.

The song came to an end and everyone clapped. As they exited the dance floor Rory grabbed Tristan's hand and walked over to where their parents were residing.

"So, Rory care to fill Mommy in on why you looked so happy while doing the feather dance? I mean I was happy while you did the feather dance because that gave me full mocking rights for life but you seemed a little to…chipper."

Rory smiled and showed her mother her hand linked with Tristan's.

"I'm gonna need a little more than that Ror, for all I know you and Tristan got your hands mistakenly super glued your hands together." Lorelai said as her smiled grew bigger.

"What are the odds of that?" Rory questioned.

"Do I look like the type of person who was interested in statistics?"

"Not so much but-" Rory shrugged.

"Ok, I don't think you guys realize not everyone is accustom to the Gilmore way of becoming sidetracked, so for the sake of everyone else can we please get back to the topic at hand?" Chris intervened.

"Which was…"

"Which was why were you so happy during the feather dance." Tristan leaned down and whispered.

"OH! Ha, That's right…Because Tristan and I are dating." Rory said casually as she looked around and spotted Stephanie with a piece of cake. "Where'd she get that cake!"

"Your dating Tristan!" Lorelai and Alyse asked simultaneously.

"Yeah…I really want to know where she got that cake!"

"RORY!" Lorelai yelled. "Stop focusing on the cake! Your dating Tristan!"

"Mom, I know. That cake looks really good." Rory said distractedly.

"This is my own fault, I taught her that when food is around nothing else matters." Lorelai stage whispered to Alyse who just laughed.

"So, When did it happen?" Alyse asked.

Rory looked up at Tristan and he got the message. "I'll go get you some cake, Ror."

Rory let out a sigh of relief and nodded "Thanks."

"Ok, Now that that your cake issue is solved…You and Tristan?" Lorelai repeated.

"Would you ladies like some cake as well?" Chris asked hoping to get away from the girl talk.

"Yes, Please." Both women replied then turned back to Rory. "Details."

"Oh, Um…well, I had just gotten my dress on and I realized I couldn't zip it but coincidently Tristan walked in and helped me. Then, I couldn't help but ask him if I was a locker whore and he reassured me that I wasn't. Then he told me if I gave him a chance he'd be the best boyfriend he could be. So I kissed him."

"Awww!" Both women chorused causing Rory to blush.

"Imagine the grandchildren we'll have!" Lorelai told Alyse but caught the look on Rory's face "Well…I mean once your married and out of college."

"They'll be gorgeous…I hope they have her eyes." Alyse gushed.

Just then Tristan walked up and handed Rory a large piece of cake. "You're my savior!" she said leaning up to give him a kiss.

"Awww." Their mothers cooed again.

"So, were you talking about me?" Tristan teased.

"Yep, they are already planning our wedding and imagining what our kids will look like."

"Wedding? Kids?" Tristan asked nervously.

He liked Rory, he'd even go as far as saying he loved Rory but marriage talk while he was still a junior in high school wasn't high on his list of things to do. Go to prom and pass AP Bio, yes. Become a husband and father at the age of 17, not so much.

"Don't worry Tristan." His mother smiled "We won't start picking china patterns out until you've been dating at least six months."

"We won't start pressing for grandkids until you hit the year mark, either." Lorelai added.

"And on that note, let's go say hello to Stephanie!" Rory said getting up and pulling Tristan with her. "Bye Mom, bye Alyse."

Alyse has told Rory the first day they had met to not call her Mrs. DuGrey, apparently that made her feel like she actually belonged in the DAR instead of just being forced into it against her will.

"Stay out of the coat closets!" Lorelai yelled after them.

"Our mothers get along way to well." Tristan observed as they got out of hearing range.

"It's a little scary." Rory said but then laughed and leaned into Tristan as they walked over to where Stephanie and her date were sitting.

"Hey!" Steph greeted brightly as she noticed Rory.

"So, did you have fun waltzing?" Rory questioned.

Steph rolled her eyes "Oh, yes. I love being clumsily twirled around the dance floor by a drunken Australian."

"I wasn't that bad, Love. You just have two right feet." her date defended.

"It's two left feet, Finn." Steph corrected.

"Who cares? It still means you can't dance." he smirked "Although, you can grind with the best of them."

"Finn! That was one night and we both agreed not to talk about that!"

"I always knew you could resist my exotic charm and that night just proved it." Finn gloated as he walked up to Tristan. "How you doing, Mate?"

"Not too bad, Finn. How about you?"

"No complaints…open bar and they have yet to ask for ID!"

"You think they would have learned after the last Deb ball mishap." Tristan shook his head.

"What happened? He wouldn't tell us?" Steph asked excitedly.

"He gave the coordinator of the ball a lap dance." Tristan said as Rory and Steph began to laugh hysterically.

Finn just scoffed "That was the most action she's probably gotten in years!"

"How do you guys know each other?" Rory asked curiously.

The four fell into comfortable conversation as Rory sat on Tristan's lap and Finn sat on Steph's. (Yes, I did mean to say Finn sat on Steph's.)

About 45 minutes later, Rory was enjoying her time talking to her new friends and her new boyfriend when she heard a voice from behind her.

"Are you trying to make Paris kill you?"

"Yes, my goal in life is to die a slow and painful death that Paris has planned out." Rory retorted without even turning around.

"Sure seems like it the way you can't keep your hands off of Tristan." Louise told her.

Rory stood up and turned around "Where my hands are on my boyfriend is my business….and his." Rory snapped.

"You and…Your dating Tristan?" Louise asked shocked.


"You tamed Tristan!" she squealed.

"I did not tame anyone."

"You did though! You tamed him, you made him a one women man!" Louise continued.

"I didn't make him anything!" Rory denied.

Rory didn't like the idea that she had changed Tristan, she wanted him to be himself and if being with her meant he was changing then she didn't know if this relationship would work.

"Say what you want but that's what everyone's going to say." Louise insisted.

"Well, everyone's wrong." Tristan told her firmly as he glanced at Rory and squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"You two are just to cute!" She smiled then glanced behind her. "I've got to go…my date looks restless and I was thinking about showing him the coatroom."

"Have fun!" Rory told her.

"I will! Oh and you look gorgeous in that dress!" she called as she walked away.

"She's right, you do." Tristan whispered.

"Let's dance!" Rory heard Finn yell and pull Stephanie onto the dance floor.

"I wanna dance too!" Rory whined.

"I thought you didn't dance?" Tristan smirked recalling their conversation from the dance studio. He was going to dance with her, obviously. He just wanted to make her flustered. She was adorable when she was flustered.

"I don't…I mean I don't waltz…I do dance…slow dance…"

Tristan smiled and kissed her then guided her out to the dance floor with his hand on the small of her back.

It was a small gesture but it meant a lot to her. It made her feel like he wanted to touch her just because he could. Dean had never done that, he always kept his distance unless the situation called for it.

Tristan pulled Rory as close as he could get as she rested her head on his chest. They began to sway with the music in comfortable silence.

"Tris?" Rory said quietly.


"Did I change you?"

"If you mean did you make me stop treating girls like they were towels then yes." He replied seriously

"Towels?" Rory questioned his comparison.

"Yes, because you use a new towel everyday when you shower." he elaborated placing a little kiss on her nose.

"But you wash them and use them again."

"Are you seriously going to dissect my example?" He questioned.

"Would it bother you?"


"Then where's the fun in that?" She smiled playfully.

Rory's arms were still wrapped around Tristan's neck as she laid her head on his chest again. His arms were protectively wrapped around her waist.

"I feel like a princess." Rory commented.

"Why's that?"

"For one, look at this dress!" she laughed "But not only am I dressed like a princess, I have my prince charming."

"That was corny."

"You don't want to be my prince charming, Fine. I think I can convince Finn that we are meant to be together." Rory replied as she began to pull away but Tristan tightened his grasp on her.

"I don't think so." He told her. Rory laughed and laid her head back on his chest.

Alyse, Lorelai and Chris watched from afar as the two teenagers slow danced.

"It took them long enough!" Lorelai commented.

"I know, if he came home one more night and complained about how he was never going to be with his 'Mary' I was going to have to strangle him."

Chris just smiled, he hadn't been very involved in Rory's life but he could tell that she was happy with Tristan and that Tristan would take good care of her.

"Oh, I see my husband. He's only…three hours late." Alyse rolled her eyes "I'll catch up with you later." she called as she walked away.

"And then there were two." Lorelai smiled.

"How about we dance? After all you never did get your own Deb ball."

"Thanks in large part to you."

"Let's just be grateful that Rory isn't three months pregnant and repeating our history." Chris commented.

"She's smarter than we were. She's with Tristan and I can tell that even with his promiscuous past he won't let her do anything she's not ready for." Lorelai smiled.

"Do you think we're finally ready?" Chris asked.

"For sex? No, I mean…Gosh, Chris! You can't just seduce me into have intercourse with you out on the balcony!" Lorelai said in fake shock.

He just smiled. "I mean for us to be together."

"Lets dance." Lorelai said pulling him out to the dance floor and ignoring his comment.

Rory noticed her parent's walk onto the dance floor and smiled "It looks like love is in the air."

"Your saying that we are together because of a chemical imbalance in the air and not because I have feelings for you?" Tristan asked in fake distress.

"Well, that is the only logical reason I'd agree to be your girlfriend." Rory teased.

"Funny Girl."

"And you love me!"

"That I do." Tristan nodded and placed a tender kiss on her lips.

And they all lived happily ever after…THE END!

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