The sky was dark and it was cold. There was no silence; a dull rumbly thunder was constant. The thunder was war, and Zorg was in the middle of it.

Kneeling in the trench he clipped ammo to his automatic Y-5 army gun. The unreliable army gun was heavy and bulky to take shots; the only advantage was that it used the best ammo ever made. The ammo were large slugs and they ripped holes through everything.

Zorg wiped his sweaty bloody hands on his pants and peered over the top of the trench.

The F-X War was being fought only to expand the Federated Territories. The Federated Territories were planets and star-systems that the Earth had gained through bargaining or war. But the F-X War seemed to take the cake. The Earth Government had called up arms, recruiting all men who were fit enough to hold a gun. Usually it was the army who did things like these, but the planets being taken were home to an alien race that didn't want to give up.

There were two types of Aliens on the planet that they knew about. One was a small swarm, they were like large cockroaches which had extra legs and were the size of small dogs. They had razor sharp pincers and in force they could chew through a man in seconds.

The other type were large and slimy, they're bodies were larger than a mans and theirs legs long. And, due to the aliens large stingers, the brave men and women were being killed like flies. They also had an acid mix that was deadly when sprayed.

There were screams from down the trenches. Zorg swore to himself. Suddenly there was movement around him his team leader, Sargent Dee'rolt, yelled down as he led the rest of the team.

"Get yer gun at the ready, Zorg, the Swarm have reached the barrier"

Zorg fumbled with the gun and rose to follow the group. A loud explosion nearby rumbled the ground and send dirt and small metal parts raining down on the troupe. Zorg stumbled, but kept going. The barricade was one of the only strong points left in their defence against the Swarm.

The low, strong building appeared at the end of the trench and the small group climbed up the muddy walls onto level ground. They were greeted with the sight of flashing ammo and a large of moving ground which turned out to be Swarm.

"Common' yer pansies, lets get to it" Sarg. Dee'rolt yelled. The group let out an animalistic roar and lay into the Swarm.

Zorg couldn't see anything. He hadn't been in combat as terrible as this, he was sure nothing could be worse. From his left and right he saw men getting covered in Swarm and their bones being left behind.

"Grenade!" someone yelled, Zorg ducked. He felt the heat as it blew apart two groups of aliens, the black mass spread but came back together. Shifting his gun around, he shot the one that was rolling on the ground in agony. Everything else was a blur.

The Swarm seemed in frenzy, and suddenly from the distance came the other aliens. The larger ones, one of the men let out a cry and a group of them fired at the towering insects. The insects reached the men and scattered them, which the Swarm covered and devoured them. The large insects started to attack the other men.

He remembered shooting to save many of his mates. He wasn't lucky other times, and his clothes got even bloodier from fresh cuts. The large aliens seemed to come from everywhere and he took it upon himself to try to shoot them all. It didn't seem that anyone else was doing anything.

Then something happened, his gun jammed. The bullets locked in the dirty barrel of the gun, just when a large insect alien bore down on him. Red filled his vision and he then fell into black.


He awoke in a hospital tent with two men leaning over him. One was his friend Lefty, who lighted a cigarette and put it in his mouth. The other was a man he didn't know, blonde and thin, probably a doctor.

"Glad to see you back," Lefty said, he moved away from Zorg.

"You feel alright to sit up?" the Doctor asked. Zorg tried to speak but his mouth seemed full of cotton and had a metal taste. He nodded his head instead. The Doctor helped pull him up in a sitting position; Zorg's head swam for a minute.

"You did really well, Zorg, the federation are thinking about giving you a bravery medal," Lefty said, taking a drag of his cigarette. Zorg gave him a questioning look.

"Yeah, you fought really well. The others in you group died, but you kept fighting. My group came along in the nick of time, we saw you pinned by an insect and the swarm were on you."

Lefty gave the doctor a look, and the doctor nodded.

"Zorg, buddy, they took your leg"

Zorg couldn't think after that. He looked down at the covers and noticed there was no shape next to his other leg. He reached down his hands and felt around. Pain filled his mind again.

"We fought the rest of the Swarm off. You basically saved the last barrier. We've nearly beaten the buggers, Zorg" Lefty told him. Zorg now wasn't listening; he was trying to think through the pain. Not having a leg, how would he get through everything, it was those damn guns.

The Doctor took Lefty's arm.

"Zorg, I have to go now, my group and Rusty's are on patrol. We're going into the heart, we should make it, and they have no defences left. See you afterwards" Lefty grasped Zorg's hand for a moment and left. The Doctor leaned over Zorg and injected something into his arm. Everything swum and went black.


The army got to the heart of the Alien planet, but they got ambushed. Rusty and Lefty barely made it out alive. Lefty lost both his arms.

The aliens seemed to multiply and overpower the army. They had to retreat. After two more months of defeat the Federated Territories left the planet.

Zorg got a top class mechanical leg and a Bravery Medal. His career expanded and he started designing war materials. He always thought that if the Z-F War guns were better they would have won.

Lefty and Rusty also received Medals along with survivors of their teams. The started a large army surplus company which sold high grade material, both legal and illegal, to buyers.

The Alien planet remained hostile. A few years later the Federated Territories sent missiles and destroyed the planet.


Zorg awoke in a cold sweat. He reached down and felt the metal on his leg. Then he realised he was on Rakat's ship. Rakat was sitting in the divers seat, head on her chest. Zorg wiped his brow, turned over and went back to sleep.


Hello, hope you all have had a good holiday season. Happy New Year too! Took me a while to write this, but all is good. I finally have written out a basic storyline to follow. I did the epilogue thing at the end, just as a bit of background of what had happened.