If We Work in Tandem

by Galinda05

Summary: G(a)linda's POV; Book/musical AU merge verse Elphie and I have to work together...to save the life of the man we both love. Eventual Glinda/Fiyero

Disclaimer: I don't own Wicked.

Authoress Note: Okie Dokie, please don't hate me for this. I just love Fiyero and Glinda together! Sorry this first chapter is so short, the others will be longer, I promise. And better.


Prologue: Don't Trust the Gale Force

"Move it men! Move it!" The Gale Force captain's voice caught my ears, and I turned to look, toss-tossing my hair out of force of habit. A steady stream of men came filing out of the old building, putting their menacing weapons that gleamed in the moonlight away.

As I watched them leave, words of someone who had once been a dear friend came to my mind. "Glinda, we can't trust them. Ever. The Wizard or Morrible or the Gale Force! You saw how they had those poor monkeys caged up! Glinda, come with me, think of what we could do, together."

At first, I had thought Elphaba crazy. Don't trust the Wizard? What was she rambling on about? And me, go with her? In defiance of the Wizard? If defiance of Oz? I didn't go, I couldn't go, but seeing those guards made me wonder if maybe she was at least the tiniest bit right. Was something shady going on that we just didn't see?

And the way the Wizard has been lying to everyone, and I haven't been stopping him. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but am I truly a woman scorned or just a girl who loves a man who loves someone else?

Does he even love her? Maybe she's put a spell on him.

No. No, he just...loves her. But still, back to the matter at hand.

The guard's demeanor scared me. The way they moved, it was silent, save for the commander's calls, and it reminded me of how the Wizard moves right before he address the people with new lies. Snake-like. And with their weapons out. It made me think that they had just captured a fugitive or...

Oh my Oz. Elphie.

Had they found her? Her and Fiyero? Had they killed her?

My feet were suddenly moving, somewhat against my better judgment. I lifted the full skirt on my gown a tad so I could move faster. I began running. Sprinting.

Pushing open the door of the building that the guards had run out of, I whirled around as I heard a hissing from behind me. I raised my wand and called out. "Who's there?" I practically screamed, nerves rising in my throat.

I was met with a small, frightened meow. I turned around to face a snow white cat who was clearly more afraid of me now that it saw me than I was afraid of it at first. I picked the small creature up and looked it in the eye. "And who are you?"

The cat didn't answer. It clearly never spoke, or had forgotten how to. The poor thing.

It was dark in the building, the only light coming from the full moon outside the small window in the staircase hallway that I was now faced with. A door a few flights up stood ajar.

I attempted to put the cat under my arm, but it ran off, up the stairs and into the ajar door. I gave chase and slowly entered.

A black, pointed hat sat neatly on a catch-all near the door. But not just any hat, a hat that had once belonged to me.

"It's really, uh, sharp, don't 'cha think? You know black is this year's pink! You deserve each other, this hat and you, you're both so...smart! You deserve each other, so here! Out of the goodness of my heart!"

I shook off the memory. Oh sweet Oz, this was Elphie's hideaway, Elphie's home. My fears were slowly being confirmed. Tears formed on my eyelashes, burning my eyes. I saw a candle silhouetted nearby and lit it with a spell that I had just recently mastered. Well, not so much mastered as learned. Sparks flew for a second, but I saw something in the fresh light that made a bloodcurdling scream build in me and then escape.


Authoress Note: Aha! A Cliffhanger! Let me know what you think, and the next chapter will be up very soon, I promise! ;)