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Authoress Note: Okie Dokie, to clear things up, The Wizard is from our world, so he brought CPR to Oz with him, and taught it to the people at Shiz.

Dedication: Lauren, we will never forget you. None of us.


"Oh sweet Oz, what happened?" I shouted.

"He just stopped breathing!" Elphaba cried between breaths. "Come help me with this! Oh no, Fiyero!" She screamed, and I began doing the regular breathing for him.

Fiyero's lips were ice cold. So cold I shuttered.

Elphaba kept cranking his chest, and I kept breathing for him as Bick flitted around. Suddenly Elphaba stopped, and pressed her ear to Fiyero's chest. She swore loudly.

"Boq!" Who was Boq? "Come take over for me!" She hopped off the bed and Bick took her position. Elphaba grabbed a nearby spell book, flipped through it. She swore again.

I leaned back after a particularly strong breath. And on Bick's second compression on Fiyero's chest, he sputtered. I nearly fell backward off of the bed.

Fiyero began coughing, and I grabbed a white handkerchief, holding it to Fiyero's lips. When I drew it back, it was covered in crimson.

Bick dumped the bottle of wine into the bowl that I'd put the cool water in when Fiyero's fever had just made it's self known, and dumped several gleaming tools into the wine. He yanked a scalpel out. "HOLD HIM!" He cried, and Elphaba and I nearly threw ourselves on top of Fiyero, who mustered a whimper of fear.

Bick began working, making an angry, scary looking incision in Fiyero's side, right in the middle of the worst part of the bruising. Fiyero cried out, as did Elphaba. I felt faint once again.

Bick held his operating hand steady, but with his other, he reached behind him, and grabbed a black bottle of something with a skull and crossbones on the label. "Handkerchief, NOW!" He barked at me.

"How am I supposed to hold Fiyero down and be your nurse at the same time?" I screamed back.

Randomly, Elphaba entered the argument. "CHISTERY!"

The little winged monkey scampered into the room, his eyes wide and tearful. Apparently animals, as well as Animals, understood human emotion. He must have heard us crying, so he did as well. There's no way he could have understood what was going on. As I said, he's an animal, not an Animal.

"Chistery, hand the Tin man that handkerchief there! Hurry!" Elphaba said, all calmness gone from her voice.

"No, no!" Bick handed Chistery the black bottle. "Put one drop of this on the handkerchief, one drop only!" The monkey obeyed, then Bick took the cloth back from him, and deftly, before any of us knew what was happening, pressed it over Fiyero's nose and mouth. He struggled for a few minutes, and then fell motionless and silent, except for the peaceful rise and fall of his chest. I suddenly got very scared. What had Bick just done?

"What did you just do?" I asked urgently. Like I said earlier, for some reason, I had bad feelings about Bick taking care of Fiyero. He didn't answer for a second, concentrating hard on the operation at hand. Literally. "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?" I shrieked.

"Anesthetized him." Bick answered, barely even looking up.

"What in the name of the Unnamed God does that mean?" I asked. Elphaba nodded in agreement. But I had the feeling that she didn't agree with the God part.

"Knock him out, made him unconscious so he doesn't fight, you ladies don't have to hold him down, and he isn't in any pain any more."

That last seemed to scare Elphaba. "Is he going to wake up?" She asked, terrified.

"Soon." Bick answered. "But I should have time to finish him up. Actually," He paused, and switched tools, taking up a thing that looked like a very long pair of tweezers. "I recommend that we keep him knocked out, so he isn't hurting, though that could be pretty dangerous."

"We shouldn't take any risks." I answered.

No one replied.