Hi guys, I've been reading the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series ever since it came out about three years ago, and now I've got my hands on the 10th book muahaha. Anyways, this one shot is about Soren's Mum and Dad when they lose their 2nd son. This starts right after Soren falls off the Fir Tree where his hollow is. What happens with Soren's parents Noctus and Marella after they come home from their hunting trip? Ultimately, if you've read the rest of the books you'll know who goes where!

Just so everyone knows. I don't own Guardians of Ga'Hoole!

They were just coming home from grabbing their supper and an extra snack for their owlets, when they heard a little scream pierce the night air.

"Oh dear, is that an owl screaming?" Marella Alba's eyes widened in fear. The owl kept screaming, but soon, the screaming sound, and the forest was dead quiet.

"We'd better get home quick. Don't worry, our chicks will be fine." Noctus Alba assured his wife, and the couple quickened their speed to their hollow, where Kludd, Soren and their newborn hatchling Eglantine would be waiting for them. Noctus held the vole firmly in his talons.

They alighted down onto their hollow. Eglantine was fast asleep in her blanket of moss and down. They saw Kludd staring over the edge. He had a scared expression on his white face. Strange for Kludd.

"S-S-Soren…H-he... he fell over the edge of t-the h-hollow!" Kludd quivered. "I-I heard him s-screaming, and then it got really q-quiet!" Kludd hopped across the hollow to hide in his mother's wing, looking at his father, wondering what he would do.

"This is bad Marella. They're not just taking owl eggs anymore," Noctus declared, "they're taking owlets who can't even fly yet! We have to leave this forest immediately. We should head for the forest of Ambala. I know a couple of owls there who would take us in."

"But Noctus, Kludd can't fly yet, and Eglantine hasn't even had her First Meat ceremony! We can't leave yet! Not now! Are you suggesting we walk?" Marella retorted.

At the mention of flying, Kludd shot out from under his mother's wing and announced, "I can too fly! I was practicing while you two were hunting before Soren fell over!" He furiously flapped his wings and started flying. He barely flew 10 feet before Noctus exploded.

"KLUDD! GET BACK HERE! WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU TOO!" Noctus' angry voice echoed throughout the forest.

"Dear…please calm down." Marella patted the back of Noctus, then she ordered everyone to go to sleep, and they would decide everything the next night.

It was late morning when a talon tapped on the sleeping Kludd's shoulder. Kludd woke up with a jump.

"Commander Kludd, please wake up." Said the owl. Kludd groggily got up. "Is it time for the next one?"

Half awake, Kludd smiled, "Yeah. She's over there, right in the middle of the nest. Make sure you don't lose her Jutt." He looked at the owl accompanying Jutt. "Jatt, keep her chattering beak shut, or she'll wake the whole forest okay?" Jatt nodded, and the two owls flew over to Eglantine. Jutt stayed behind a bit.

"Here are your battle claws sir." He handed Kludd a pair or sharpened battle claws. Kludd's eyes widened intensely.

Jatt clamped her beak by squeezing her beak between two of his talons. A bit too hard. Eglantine's eyes shot open. She tried to open her beak to scream, but it just hurt her more to open her beak. Jutt clutched her small owl body with all his talons, and within six seconds the two owls were off towards the orphanage.

Kludd smiled. Nyra would be proud of him. He had passed the test. He had showed no compassion for he had just given two of his siblings to the orphanage. He went back to sleep and had dreams of owl domination. He never noticed Mrs. Plithiver was watching the whole thing.

The next night, Marella gasped when she realized that another one of her owlets had disappeared. "Noctus!" She shrieked. She almost went yeep before Noctus held her in his wing. Kludd shrank back and pulled something sharp from under his blanket of moss.

"This is bad." Noctus' eyes shined like the stars. He would not be able to bear it if Kludd were taken away as well. "Dear? Did you hear anything throughout the morning?"

"No…I didn't hear a thing. Kludd? Did you hear anything? Kludd?" Marella looked around, but her son was nowhere to be seen! "KLUDD!" Was she about to lose another one?

"Yes mother, I'm right behind you. Tell me what it's like up there alright?" Kludd snickered. Marella whirled around just to see Kludd charge forward to plunge her heart out.

"Not on my watch!" Another body dived in front of Marella to take the blow.

"NO! NOCTUS!" Marella couldn't bear to watch. She covered her eyes with her wing as she heard the weapons on Kludd's talons strike her husband. She looked up. Kludd had his father's blood all over him, and he was smiling! She looked into his eyes, and they weren't the ones she had recognized when he had hatched.

"Why…K-kludd. WHY!" Marella held her dead husband close to her

"Psh, like you'd care to know, MOTHER. But I think a better name for you from now on will be raccoon meat. No one else to take your blows I see. See you later!" Kludd charged his mother, and ripped her heart out. Pleased with his victory, he took off his battle claws and began to feast on the remains of his parents.

Elsewhere…before the deaths of Marella and Noctus

Jutt had let go of Eglantine's beak as soon as they entered the Desert of Kuneer, where no one would hear them, as all the burrowing owls would be in their little hollows in the ground. Jatt was only gently holding Eglantine.

"LET GO OF ME YOU JERKS!" Eglantine was furious and depressed. She would never have her first fur, branching, first bones, and first flight ceremonies thanks to these bullies. And her mum and dad, she'd never see them again. And what about Kludd? Was he involved in this? She was not about to let this bullies have their way with her! She would fight the power!

Eglantine bit down hard on Jatt's soft underbelly, making him draw blood and howl with pain. He let her fall.

She was falling too fast. She would surely die if she fell down at this rate. Her instincts kicked in. Eglantine was flapping her non-full fledged wings. Though it did slow her down enough to not suffer death from her fall, it may be enough to damage her brain a bit. She crashed into the soft sands of the Kuneer desert. She rolled onto her back and looked up. Jutt and Jatt had taken her for dead and decided to hurry on to where they were going. She smiled. But she was worried. She couldn't fly. She couldn't hunt. She didn't have her right ceremonies yet. But she wouldn't give up. Not like this. This would be a grand story to tell Soren. She would teach herself how to do all these things!

With a high head, she stood up, and started hopping in a direction she wasn't sure of. Wherever she was going, it had to be better than here in this desert.