Life is never boring

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"Hello, my name is Haruno Sakura, i am 14 years old, I am living with my Dad and my stepmom. My real mom died when I was 6, I am always being beaten by my stepmom because she thinks i am a pain and a disgrace to her and my dad. I thought my life was heck (sorry but i don't cruse) untill i meet a certain boy came into my life, here's the story". "No mom please stop" cryed Sakura, "Why do you do this to us huh" Sakura! yelled Sakura's step mother (Ok.. ok i dont know these names but if you could give me some ideas i'll use them. Sakura's step mother always beat and hit her with either a switch or a stick that she will find some where. I am sorry mother cryed Sakura, Sakura father walk in Sakura's room finding his new wife beaten Sakura. That's enough said Sakura father i think she had enough holding the women's arm, "I am serious Hiashi what are we going to do with her", Hiashi looked at Sakura and sighed "Here Sakura go buy us some groceries Sakura took the money and ran out the house.

Sakura got all the stuff that she needed and brought it to the counter, "the total is 21 dollars and 65 cents" said the cash year "Man all I have is a twenty" said Sakura."It will be alright you can just give me the twenty" said the cash year, the cash year felt sorry for Sakura because almost everbody in the village knew that her mother is always beaten on her and that they dont have enough money. "Thank you" said Sakura as she took the groceries and left. It was already dark time when Sakura was walking home, when she was infront of a alley way. Someone grab her and she spilled all of her groceries on the dirty ground, she was held down and the boy said "scream and i will kill you" Sakura didn't make a peep after that. When the street lights come on Sakura had a better view of her attacker he had onyx eyes black hair with a little of blue and he had pale skin. In other words he was drop dead gorgeous, but she could think of that right now. Sakura look at his cloths she could till he been on the streets for like 5 days or so. (don't ask me how i know)

"Don't make me say it again, give me all your money" said the boy, Sakura did the first thing that came to mind, she kick him in his manhood. The boy let go of Sakura and fell on the floor rubbing it, Sakura started "Haha victory is Haruno Sakura haha". Sakura look back at the boy and saw him still on the floor, Sakura felt sorry for the guy so she went back, she pick up her groceries and said "Are you alright"? "Do I look alright to you! said the boy still rubbing his manhood. "No i guess not" said Sakura,Sakura offered a hand to him and he was about to take it when Sakura said "Ewww with your other hand not the hand you been rubbing you manhood with". So the boy took her hand with the other hand, after he was up off the ground.

Sakura looked through the bag then she took out a mango and gave it to him. "I have to go now bye" said Sakura with that she left, the boy shocked at her Sakura got him she said "I am home",with that her step mother came in and said "what took you so long it doesn't take you that long to go get groceries" then she looked in the bag and said "all this stuff in here is dirty i want you to clean it up, and didn't i say to buy 6 mangos how come there is only 5, i want you to cook dinner too" said Sakura's step mother. Then she with Sakura just sigh and did what she was told.

Sakura, Sakura's dad and step mother ate in silence after she was done Sakura's step mother told her to take out the trash. When Sakura took all the trash out she went up stairs to go to her room but she stop at her Dad's room. "What are we going to do with her Hiashi, w don't have enough money to pay for her to stay here, i am sick of that snotie little brat, it either me or her which one do you chose!"

Hiashi sigh "ok i'll tell her in the morning that we will put her up for adoption" Sakura grasped and slowly walked away from the door. Then she ran towards her room, when she got there she open up her room door and started packing once she was done she ran out the house. All of a sudden it started to rain, "great just my luck" Sakura said, Sakura heard a snicker sound Sakura turned around to see a guy there Sakura gasped. "Whats wrong little girl you lost" the stranger said with an evil grin on his face, Sakura backed up slowly. Then the guy ran up to her

Sakura closed her eyes waiting she something bad to happen then she heard a thump sound, she open up her eyes to see the guy on the ground with blood on his face and standing on top of him was the boy that she kick in the manhood early today. Before Sakura could say any thing.

The boy ran up to her and grab her hand and keep running wha- but Sakura was cut off boy the boy "Dont say anything just keep running they stop in a alley way and hiding behind.

A few boxes when a shadow came up from behind them and...

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