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Saiyan Princess of Kerinan

As Saera flew over the landscape, she realized that the earth was very similiar to Kerinan. She soon neared a city and landed just outside a store, walking in.

"Hello miss," a salesperson said with a phony smile, "May I help you with anything?"

"Um... I'm looking for someone. I'm not really sure where I can find him though," Saera said looking around the store.

"Oh. Well, may I help you with anything here?" the salesman said hoping she'd buy something.

"I don't have any money."
The salesperson's smile faded and he stared at her. Saera glared back and, turning on her heel, walked out.

Now, how will I find him? she wondered thinking about her dad as she walked around the city.

Vegeta landed at Kakarot's house and Goten ran by him, "Hey 'Geta! Bye Vegeta!" Less than two seconds later, Trunks ran out following Goten, "Hey daddy!" he said running past him. Vegeta growled as he walked into the house, seeing Kakarot grinning stupidly.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," Kakarot said, still grinning.

Vegeta looked at Kakarot as if he was completely insane. "Why are you grinning like a baka?"

"Well, Bulma and Chi suggested that we take Trunks and Gohan and Goten camping..."

"We? I am not going camping with you," Vegeta growled, turning toward Bulma.

"Chi and I thought it would be good for you if you had father-son time," Bulma said.

"But, Kakarot and his kids are coming along?"

"Yes, and you're going first thing tomorrow morning."

Vegeta glared at his mate, "I am doing no such thing."

"Yes, you are," she replied. "Hey, if it's training you're worried about, you can still train while you're out there."


"Good," Bulma smiled. "I have to go out of town tomorrow anyways."

"What for?"

"Business meeting."

Goku's stomach growled, "I'm hungry. Chi, is the food ready yet?"

Chichi walked into the room, "Yea, I just finished it." She went outside to call the boys in and everyone went to the kitchen to eat.

Saera walked into a mini-mart and grabbed a soda, walking out without paying. As she opened it up, she suddenly thought of something. "Well, duh! I can't believe I didn't think of it before," she said under her breath. Saera began searching for the more powerful ki-levels on this planet. I'm sure he's probably the strongest one here, she thought taking off into the sky once again. She felt a strong power and flew toward it.

Soon, Saera found the source of the power she felt, but it wasn't her father. Instead, she found a namekian. I guess it's worth a try. "Hey you!" she called out to him as she landed nearby.

The namek turned toward her, "What?" He sounded a bit annoyed at her intrusion.

"Um... Would you happen to know Vegeta no Oujia?"


Slightly surpired, Saera asked him, "Really? Well, do you know where he would probably be?"

"No. I don't keep track of him."

"Oh. Do you at least know where he lives?"

The namek narrowed his gaze at her question, "Why?"

"Because I need to find him- duh."

He hesitated a few seconds before answering. "He lives at Capsule Corp."

"Which is- where?"

"Ask someone else. Plenty of people know- they can probably tell you. I need to get back to my training."

"Jeesh, fine then." With that, Saera flew off to find C.C.

After eating dinner, Bulma and Chichi went into the living room to talk while Goku and Vegeta went outside to train. Goten and Trunks had gone to Goten's room to play a game and Gohan had to finish his schoolwork.

Vegeta threw a punch at Kakarot who just barely dodged it. Goku did a drop-kick knocking Vegeta down and Vegeta got up immediatly, throwing a ki-blast Kakarot's way as he did so. Their training soon turned to punches and kicks that were mostly dodged, and after a while, the saiyans went back to Goku's house.

"Let's go," Vegeta said almost as soon as he entered the doorway.

"Alright," Bulma said, "We need to be getting home anyway since it's getting late."

Bulma walked over to the staircase and called for Trunks who came down a few seconds later. "Bye Chi, bye Goku," she said before driving off toward home.

It was getting dark, so Saera decided to head back to her ship. She could find her father the next day, meanwhile, she was hungry and getting a bit tired. The girl walked over to the fridge and grabbed some cold rice and turkey before plopping down on a small couch-bed. After eating her meal, she put the dishes away and turned on her PHTV (portable holographic television), watching a sitcom (Friends) it was picking up from one of Earth's satellites. At least I have some clue as to where I'm going to find my dad now, Saera thought before falling asleep.

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