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Saiyan Princess of Kerinan

The alarm clock rang, waking Vegeta up at 6:00 a.m. He growled as he smashed it and rolled back over to sleep.

"Vegeta!" Bulma was standing at the bedroom doorway, already dressed.

"What do you want now, woman?" he grumbled sitting up in bed.

"You're going camping today, remember?"

"Oh, right." Vegeta still wasn't very pleased about it.

"Now hurry up and get ready. You still have to meet Goku and his boys before you head off to the woods."

Vegeta got up and headed to the bathroom to shower. About 15 minutes later, he came out wearing a black muscle shirt and black jeans. He walked down the stairs and into the living room.

"Daddy, are we gonna leave now?" Trunks ran into the living room carrying a duffel bag.

"Yeah, sure."

Bulma walked over to Vegeta and kissed him, "Try to have fun, okay."

"Okay," Vegeta said smirking.

Bulma turned to Trunks, "See you in a couple of days and mind your father."

"K, bye mom." Trunks said heading out the door.

Vegeta nodded his goodbye at Bulma and followed Trunks out. The two saiyans took off into the sky toward Karkarot's.

At 7:30, Saera woke up at the sound of her alarm. She got up and headed to the shower. 21 minutes later, she came out and, grabbing a breakfast bar, headed out the door. She was going to find her father today, she knew it.

After checking a directory, Saera started off to Capsule Corp. I hope the namek was right and my dad's actually there. She landed on the street just in front of C.C. and walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Nobody answered and a few minutes later she rang it again, still no answer.

Must not be anyone home, Saera thought as she took off again. Where do I check now? She started searching for powerful ki levels again and felt several of them nearby.

Vegeta and Trunks arrived at Kakarot's house and Chichi invited them in. "Have you had breakfast yet?" she asked, walking into the kitchen.

"No," Vegeta said.

"Oh. Well, sit down and eat before you leave then," Chichi got out two plates and set them on the table.

Trunks thanked her and the two newcomers began piling their plates. They quickly but politely ate their food and left to the living room. Kakarot, Gohan, and Goten were standing around with their things.

"Ready to go?" Vegeta asked.

"Yep." The three replied in unison.

"Good," Vegeta walked out the door and headed toward the woods with the others following his lead.

Saera recognized the ki as that of saiyans' and she wondered who the other saiyans on this planet were. She'd only heard about her father being here, but it was very possible that there were more than she thought. Saera decided to go by her ship to get something before she went after her dad. She figured that it would probably help her once she'd found him. He most likely won't know who she was, but he could figure it out easily enough.

Vegeta landed in a small clearing in the woods, with Kakarot and the boys following behind. "This looks like a good enough place."

"Yea, it looks great!" Kakarot exclaimed.

"Whatever," Vegeta said as he began to set up a tent.

Kakarot looked around, "Um... Vegeta."


"How many tents do you have?"


"Oh. Well, I brought two."


"Are you sharing with Trunks?"

"No, he can share with Goten."

"What about Gohan?"

"He can share with you.," Vegeta sounded slightly irritated.

"Ok. Goten, Trunks, you two can set up your tent. Gohan, can you help me with ours?"

"Sure, dad," Gohan said, taking out a blue tent. Trunks and Goten began setting their's up as well.

Saera walked into the ship and went to a closet. After digging around for a few minutes, she finally found what she was looking for. It was the only holo-pic (holographic picture) she had that Vegeta was in. He and her mother were sitting on a swing together on Kerinan.

She remembered her grandmother telling her how much they seemed to care about each other. But he'd ended up leaving a few weeks before Miarea, her mom, had found out she was pregnant. Miarae died four days after Saera was born, and all she knew about her father was what her grandmother had been able to tell her.

Saera left the ship and started flying toward the saiyans.

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