Warning: Contains yaoi, rape, sexual content, violence and language. In other words, there's a reason it's rated M.

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These six elements are the essential parts that make up everything. Animals, plants, monsters, even people, none are exempt. Even the sages are made up, if only partially, with these elements. Only their personalities are restricted to their element.

However, what of the songs which allow one who holds the Ocarina of Time to instantly teleport to the location specified in the song?

How did these come to be?

This is a story once passed down in tribes, but now, only found in a mural deep within the Shadow Temple.

It speaks of the acolytes of the godesses: the ones who cleverly left weapons inside their respective temples, so that only a hero, the chosen hero, could find them, of the way they knew and taught their respective songs so that the same hero who found their hidden weapons could come to their temples when ever he wished, and of the way they all got along peacefully with each other.

That is until now.

A dark form, having discovered their existence, even now plans to enslave them under his hideous control.

Only one can stop him.

Only the chosen hero can save them from q fate worse than death.

Only the wielder of the Master Sword, bearer of the Triforce of Courage, destroyer of Evil, and chosen of the goddesses can even hope to attempt a rescue on this scale.

And where is this hero, you might ask?

He's sleeping in a shed in Lon Lon Ranch, hiding from those who would proclaim him a savior, during a magnificent festival following his defeat of the Evil King, Ganondorf.

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