Jenin: I'm back! Mwaha!

Link: And?

Jenin: Um…. Work for me!

Link: ….For What?

Jenin: Nothing! Mwaha!

Link: Bite Me

Jenin: ...

Jenin: And now for Chapter 2! Enjoy!

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Warning: Contains yaoi, rape, sexual content, violence, and language

Link was dreaming.

He was walking along a dirt road, merrily waving to the people passing by. And for once, they weren't treating him like a hero. Link gave a feeble laugh through his sleeping mind.

"I'm no hero", he thought.

"Not True."

Startled Link quickly stopped and looked around. Seeing nothing, he assumed it was his imagination, until he turned around to continue his walk and found himself face-to-face with a very old man.

With a startled cry Link fell backwards, landing on his backside. The old man began to chuckle.

"It's not that funny!" Link yelled.

"I know, it's not. I apologize", he replied.

"Well then," Link began. "I guess I'll be on my way."

As he started to go the old man reached out and held Link's shoulder in a vice-like grip. Link winced under the sudden pain in his shoulder.

"No, you cannot go yet, not until I have a word with you."


"There are 7 acolytes whom you must seek, if you wish to save this kingdom from death."

Link started to open his mouth to complain, but was silenced by the look the old man gave him.

"Not now! I still have more to tell you before I pass on to the other side."

At this Link started to panic, the man wasn't alive anymore! He had passed on probably during the reign of Ganon.

"What you guess is correct, hero. I am already dead. But before I pass on, you will need to hear the end of this, so be quiet!"

Link took the none-too-subtle hint and quickly shut his open mouth.

"Now, if I may continue, I have only a picture of one of the acolytes, thisone is named Nocturne."

Link took the picture from the man. It showed a child, probably around the age of seven or eight. But what was really weird was the fact that everything about him was purple-colored. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep purple, Link just couldn't help but stare deep into them. Part of him was revolted by the fact that he was attracted to this other...guy, instead of the princess Zelda. But, the other part of him...

"I realize his picture is quite odd, but you needn't stare."

Link fought back a blush when he realized that he had been staring that intensely at the picture. But as he stopped staring at his eyes, he realized that the boy's entire body was purple tinted, he wore a pitch black robe with strange purple markings, and that his hair was a dark black as well.

"This is the acolyte of Shadow. And, unfortunately, I know not where to find him."

Link looked at the picture, then at the man. "Wouldn't I be able to find him in the Shadow Temple?"

"No, the monster inside seals him away from his power."


"How many times must I tell you to keep quiet! There is not much time until I fade away!"

Link looked up shocked at the mans sudden outburst.

The old man continued, "That acolyte, Nocturneand the other acolytes, were killed when Ganondorf, the evil king, took over the land. You will need to use the Master Sword's power to go back in time and prevent their demise. If you do not, no new young can be born among the races, and the land will continue to wither and die. I entrust this quest to you. It…all..depends…on…you."

With these words the man, and all the surrounding environment disappeared into a spiraling darkness.

Link woke up, covered in sweat. He started to convince himself it was just a dream, when he turned over to go back to sleep and saw his pictograph. Now that in itself wasn't very interesting, but out of curiosity he looked into it.

He found a photograph of a boy with purple tinted skin.

Far away, further than anyone can possibly imagine three beautiful women, one dressed in green, one in red, and one in blue looked upon the hero.

"The stage has been set, the quest now begins."

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