Link: Jenin…

Jenin: Yeah?

Link: Where is Navi?

Jenin: No clue.

Link: So I am supposed to assume that the fact that you were carrying a bottle with no holes and threatening to kill that "annoying ringy thing" was just another wonderful aspect of your psychosis?

Jenin: ….. Yes?

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Zelda: And now, Chapter 4. Enjoy!

Chapter 4: Meeting Nocturne

Link stared in disbelief at the scene unfolding just a few feet away. The Figure shrouded in black must be the acolyte the old guy was talking about. Link jumped back as the mysterious figure chose to speak.


Everyone turned to look at the figure that had been silent for a long time.

"What'd you say? Coulda sworn he said somethin'."

"Why do you seek my death?"

"We got our orders."

The figure was silent for a time, and then…

"From who? Your master Ganondorf? Do you even know what will happen if you succeed with this foolish venture?"

"O' course! 'Side from the fact that we'll be gittin' more rupees than you can count, we'll all be immortal!"

"That is impossible. Whatever Ganondorf has promised you, he obviously lied about it. Ganon doesn't have the power to make you immortal, not anymore."

"Oh don't let that concern you!" he finished with a punch to Nocturne's jaw. "You think we're stupid?"

"Aha-ha…, well obviously, but I trust you're going somewhere with this?" he finished with a twisted smirk.

"If we kill you, Ganon said that death will stop. We will live forever!"

The men standing behind him began to cheer, but stopped when Nocturne began to laugh. Within seconds he was laughing so hard the torture apparatus he was on was shaking. Eventually, among stares from the men, he began to quiet down and started talking again.

"You fools, you poor, pathetic fools. If you kill me death will run rampant! The dead will rise, North Castle Town will be filled with their dead, and Poes will run unchecked throughout Hyrule Field! Is that what you want? You are nothing but a pathetic gang who thinks they can kill me. I can't die by normal weapons! You have all been fooled!"

The man looked ready to kill Nocturne, but instead he began to smile and softly laugh. Nocturne gave him a sideways look and pondered whether or not to ask what was so funny.

"Bet'ya never expected to see this!"

He sneered at him while reaching into his shirt to pull out a small medallion. When Nocturne saw this his eyes grew wide and he began to struggle and writhe out of his chains.

"Heh heh, never expected to see one of these, huh?"

Link squinted to get a closer look and realized it was a miniature version of the medallion of Light.

"Where did you get that? How did you get that?"

"Ya know, it was quite tricky to find out about these, but in the end apparently we ain't as dumb as you assumed we were. We heard that this was the only thing that can kill you. The opposite element of shadow is light, correct? Let's see how much this hurts."

He applied it to his hand and Nocturne started to whimper. He started to move it up along his arm and sobs could be heard. He smirked and moved it closer to his chest when he started screaming.

"Stop! Please stop, it hurts!"

His face was covered in tears, but the man only smirked.

"Not so tough now, huh? Suffer!"

With that he ripped a hole in his robe and placed the medallion on his chest directly above his heart.

"No! Please stop! Please!"

Link was about to come running in when he felt a hand grip his shoulder.

"Hey boss! Looks like we have ourselves a spy!

He felt himself being thrown forward, right into the middle of the spectacle.

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