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Darien awoke shaking his head trying to remember exactly where he was, he was lying on a bed that looked very familiar…Darien shot straight up, the battle! Had they won, where was Serena?

He jumped out of the bed and one look at the room told him he was in Serenity's old bedroom in the Moon Palace. He whirled toward the balcony and saw a Serena's familiar figure standing out on it. She'd already heard him awaken and she walked back into the room and smile on her face.

"Serena?" he asked in confusion.

"Yes Darien, we won Beryl has been defeated and is gone from this world forever," she spoke with pure happiness in her voice. Darien walked forward and picked her up in his arms hugging her to him.

"Then I am glad, but why are we here Serena? This is our dream place," he asked pulling away. And this was their dream place, whenever they dreamt together, it would always be here. This time however it didn't feel like a dream, everything felt so real and life like.

"You're right this isn't a dream," Serena said catching his thought. "Before I collapsed I had one wish, that before I died, that I got to spend one last night with you,"

Darien looked up in alarm, "Y-You can't be dying Serena!"

"Don't worry I'm not, the Crystal didn't use all of my life force, but…when we and the others wake up we will remember nothing."

"Nothing at all," Darien said in dismay.

"That is how it's supposed to be, so I asked if I could spend one more night with you, and the Crystal has granted my request. I have one more night with you," Serena said wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I will find you when we wake up Serena, just like before. We are drawn to each other and I will find you again, remember that," he spoke fiercely bringing their lips together.

Their lips met and the world seemed to explode around them, all too soon they were on the bed together again, just like in their dream before, but this was not a dream. This was real, and they would have their one night before they were parted again.

Serena clutched him to her never wanting to let him go, but she knew forced beyond their control seemed to tear them apart. As their clothes were discarded, and Darien was upon her, their connection was truly complete. Like in the Silver Millennium there could be no Serena without Darien, no Endymion without Serenity.

They both began to glow as bright as a small sun their powers were merged, their very souls. Serena gave Darien one last loving smile, and Darien returned it.

"I love you Darien."

"And I love you Serena."

And then they were both gone, asleep in their own beds, but their souls connected.

The next day all of the girls woke up not knowing anything about their lives as Scouts or as extremely good friends. Serena and Darien didn't know each other and became arch enemies once more. The Generals were still living together, but knew nothing about the girls, Serena, or Darien.

But soon Luna would be forced to bring light to their ignorance, and bring the Scouts back once more. That day arrived to quickly when a meteor crashed into Earth and a new kind of monster appeared, and Luna had to awaken Sailor Moon once again. And that is where our sequel begins…

The End

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