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Chapter 2: Revealed

Serena woke up and the first thing she noticed was that she had woken up before her alarm. She stood up from her bed yawning, what an odd dream, she thought. She wandered about getting ready for school, when she stepped into the shower the events of yesterday came crashing back to her. She turned her face into the spray of warm water trying to wash away her unwanted tears. But along with the memories of her friends rejection came the memories of Darien's comfort. That put a smile back on her face, remembering how kind he'd acted.

Turning over the dream in her mind it was when she was getting ready for school she suddenly remembered.

"Oh my God! Darien's Tuxedo Mask!" she shirked both of her hands coming up to cover her mouth. She didn't stop to question that the dream was in fact just a dream, it'd been so real and vivid Serena didn't doubt that it was true. She blushed a bright red remembering how she'd kissed him; correction had told him to kiss her. But inside she melted again and got a dreamy stare in her yes, whoa I kissed Tuxedo Mask, she thought giddily.

She paused in grabbing her school bag realizing she now knew Darien's secret identity. He must've thought it was a dream to have reveled his civilian form so readily. I'll have to tell him who I am, it's only fair. With that thought she set out for school for the fist time in a while she was early.

Darien woke up similar to Serena with his first thought being what a weird dream he had. It'd started off like his normal dreams about the Princess and the crystal, then out of no where Serena had appeared. She came walking out of the fog with a dreamy gaze in her eyes. They'd kissed then he'd immediately woken up.

He was going about making his breakfast when a voice shrieked, Oh my god! Darien's Tuxedo Mask! He whirled around looking for whoever had spoken, but found no one in his apartment but him. He then realized the voice had come from inside his head, and the voice sounded strangely like Serena's.

I'll have to tell him who I am, it's only fair, came the next thought. Now Darien wasn't stupid and kept a pretty open mind about everything. Even though the possibility that he and Serena had somehow connected in an inexplicable way and could now hear each other's thoughts seemed impossible, he was willing to consider it. Why else would he be hearing Meatball Head's voice in his head.

He sighed not knowing if he really wanted to know what was going on in Serena's head, but he was stuck for now. And so was she for that matter, she might have not noticed yet, but he would bring it to her attention the next time he saw her. This they couldn't ignore, and they definitely couldn't ignore that Serena now knew he was Tuxedo Mask; just like in the dream.

They finally ran into each other after school almost to the arcade. Serena came barreling around the corner and ran smack dab into a familiar chest. About to fall on her but Darien wrapped an arm around her waist bringing her flush against him to keep her from falling.

She let out a squeak and said, "Hi, Darien."

"We have a problem Meatball Head." He said looking down at her, she'd expected him to put her down, but he retained his hold on her; like last night he was loathed to let her go. All of the sensations from last night and the dream came rushing back to them and for a moment they just stared into each other's eyes.

"We do?" she asked skeptically.

"Yes, I'm afraid we do," he sighed. "C'mon we'll talk about this at the arcade."

He set her down and took her hand in his tugging her along in the direction of the arcade. Soon walking through the automatic doors they walked past everything toward the back room.

"Andrew we're using the back room." Darien called over his shoulder. His friend gave him a perplexed and confused look before replying, "O-ok."

Darien shut the door behind them leaving them alone in the room. Serena turned to him and asked, "What's wrong Darien?"

"The problem is Meatball Head-" that I can hear your thoughts. He'd thought out the last part testing to see if Serena would receive it. She did, but she thought he'd spoken that part aloud to.

"No, you can't if there is one thing you can't do Darien, its read my mind." Serena said a small laugh in her voice.

"Think of a number," he said.


"I said one number you keep switching them."

"I am not!" she said indignantly. "Fine I'm thinking of one number."


"Ah! Lucky guess." She scoffed.

I can read your mind Serena weather you like it or not, and you can read mine as well, he sent the thought straight to her and by the shocked look on her face she'd finally noticed he hadn't spoken aloud.

"How did you do that! How did you get inside my head!" she said grabbing some of her hair in her hands. He was right, he hadn't spoken at all yet she'd heard him loud and clear in her head.

"Because, something happened last night. Something that neither you or I can explain, but whatever it was we can now hear each other's thoughts as clear as if we were talking aloud. If you send a thought to me I'll be able to hear it." He said calmly afraid she might get a little hysterical. Instead she sighed then crunched her eyes shut in concentration, the look on her face was so cute he almost missed the thought she sent.

Like this? She inquired.

"Yes, exactly like that." He said with a smile.

"Well, what are we going to do about it?"

"We can't really do anything about since we have no idea how it happened. We'll just have to learn to live with it for now. I'm pretty sure there is some way that we can block thoughts that we don't want each other to hear."

"I'm pretty sure I can live with this, but can we practice blocking thoughts?"

"Sure we'll practice everyday in the park; we can experiment with distance and stuff like that."

"That would be really awesome Darien; you're really awesome Darien." She said with a smile.

"Thanks for the compliment Meatball Head."

"Now there's only one fore more thing we need to talk about."

"What?" Serena asked.

"The fact that you know I'm Tuxedo Mask." He said

"W-What? um I don't know anything Darien. Of course I had a dream last night about you being Tuxedo Mask, but that was just a dream. Even thought it felt so very real and life like it's just totally not possible." She babbling on not missing the fact that Darien had stepped closer.

Darien reached inside his green jacket and pulled out a single red rose, and with a flash of light before her stood the infamous Tuxedo mask. Serena let out a squeak of surprise, and her eyes grew wide and she stared at him unabashed.

"Wow," she said. The man who'd filled her every night fantasy was standing right in front of her, and he was her civilian arch-enemy.

Darien gave a slow and sexy smile, which sent shivers up and down her spine. It was an all knowing arrogant smile and it started to annoy her.

"What?" she asked thinking she might have a smudge of dirt on her face.

"I can read your mind Meatball Head."

Serena's face went bright red, and she took a few steps back to put some distance between them. She tried to put on her best scowl then said, "OK, maybe this whole mind reading thing might be a little annoying, and wipe that smirk off your face. I DO NOT have fantasies a bout you. I was merely trying to boost your self esteem."

Darien laughed which was something Serena had never heard before. It was full of such pure happiness that Serena couldn't help but smile as well, Darien should laugh more often. With a thought he was once again standing before her as Darien Shields, with his laughter still sparkling in his eyes he looked more handsome than usual.

"C'mon Meatball Head. We'll get you one of those milkshake you like so much."

Serena let out a squeal of delight, but then looked suspicious, "You're buying?"

"Yes, I'll be Serena."

She let out another squeal then grabbed his hand and dashed back into the arcade dragging him over to a booth and promptly ordering. Soon Serena was sucking milkshake contently through a straw without another care in the world. Darien just sat across her watching her nibbling on his burger and fries which Serena was also helping herself to. His eyes couldn't help but stray to the soft pink lips that were wrapped around the straw creating suckling noises every few seconds. Darien sifted uncomfortably for a moment imaging those lips suckling on his bottom lip or wrapped around his-

Serena turned away blushing seriously not looking at him, Darien realized he'd been broad casting that thought much too loudly.

"Sorry about that Serena."

"Serena gave a tight nod, but continued to look out the window. Yes, he was a guy and all, but she'd never thought that Darien would think about her like that. The fact that Darien might be attracted to her made her feel strangely please with herself, she could definitely live with being the source of Darien's constant attention.

Her smile abruptly faded from her mouth and she slumped down in her seat trying to hide beneath the table. Darien gave her a perplexed look then leaned under the table to look at her.

"What's wrong Serena?" he asked concerned evident in his voice.

"Oh, it's nothing Darien, but… it's the girls they're coming in the arcade. Well, they haven't spoken to me all day." She said biting her lower lip in worry. She saw Darien's expression turned to a fierce anger, but it quickly left probably as not to alarm her. After what they did to you Serena they don't deserve to be your friends. Serena took a swift intake of breath tears clogging her throat, but she held them back.

"Its alright Serena, the arcade was yours first anyway."

Serena bit her lip again then came out from under the table to sit again. She wasn't relaxed of course in fact she looked like a frighten rabbit about to bolt any second. Darien laid a hand over hers, it was only then she noticed it was shaking.

"It'll be okay Serena, I'll order you another milkshake." He said playfully. He got a small from her and he hailed Andrew over.

"Want another one Serena?" he asked noting the nervous look about her.

"Yes, she dose. Make it a large Andrew."

Andrew gave them both a smile then went to go get the milkshake. Serena kept catching glances at the girl's who'd some in talking and laughing like they did every day; except she wasn't with them. They sat down at their usual table nothing looking different at all. As Andrew came back over handing Serena her milkshake, she began downing it furiously hoping that perhaps a large amount of sugar would calm her. Andrew looked at Serena then back at the girls, he was about to comment on it, but Darien casted him a glance and shook his head.

Now completely confused Andrew casted his friend a perplexed glance then left to run the arcade. Raye happened to look over and see Darien, having the complete high school rush on him and forever vying for his attention. So blinded by here infatuation she actually didn't even see Serena at first.

"Hi, Darien!" she said running over to the table. Serena hunched her shoulders and tried to make herself as small as possible; Darien didn't like it one bit.

"Hi Darien," she repeated again "'I've missed seeing you around.'

"Can't say I say the same Raye." He said gruffly taking a sip of his coffee. It was then Raye glance over to see Serena was sitting across from him. Her welcoming smile turned into a sneer as she saw Serena.

"And what have you told him Serena. Probably a complete lie just so you could get his sympathy." She said, but Serena avoided her gaze.

"I only told him what happened last night Raye." Serena said softly. What id that was true? Was Darien being so nice to her because he felt sorry for her?

Darien's head shot up to catch her gaze, Don't ever think that Serena. I'm with you because I admire who you are as a person not because I feel sorry for you. Serena searched his eyes for a few moments and apparently found what she was looking for. She gave him a small smile. I believe you Darien.

Meanwhile they'd totally forgotten about Raye, and all she'd been witness to was both of them completely stop talking and just stare at each other.

"I don't know what this blond piece of fluff told you Darien, but all me and the girls said was that she had to shape up. She was totally lacking in her responsibilities and we'd all had enough of it." Raye said folding her arms.

"Frankly the idea that you couldn't accept Serena as she was just shows you're a really lousy friend Raye. So if you would please get over your little bout of jealousy it would make everyone's day better." Darien said coldly standing up from his seat. HE threw some money down on the table and then turned to Serena," Let's go Serena, we can go to the park now."

Serena nodded and stood following Darien would ad begun walking back thorough the arcade, both leaving a flabbergasted and angry Raye behind them. She ran back over to the girls and began spouting off so fast that it couldn't have been anything but an angry bout against Serena or Darien. Apparently the girl's had gotten the gist of it, or at least Raye's version of it and Lita had gotten up and stood in front of Darien before they could leave.

"You have no right to talk to Raye like that. She like you and I never knew you could be so callous." She said

"Speak for yourself Lita, I never knew someone to choose between two friends, and if I remember you correctly it was Serena who befriended you first." Darien said. He gently grasped Serena's hand and led her out of the arcade; Serena kept her head down not looking at her friend. At the doors Serena looked at Lita with such sadness and hurt in her gaze that Lita felt a pang of guiltiness.

Darien led Serena into the park without a backward glance. Soon they were by the lake and the bench that he'd found her on last night.

"Thank you Darien, for standing up for me back there." Serena said softly.

"I would do it any day for you Serena. Besides I don't know if you have it in you to be mean to someone," he said with a smile. Serena thought about that for a minuet and said," Yeah you're probably right."

They both sat down on the bench then Serena remembered that she was going to tell him that she was Sailor Moon, and now that they were alone it would be the best time to do it.

"Um, Darien I have something to tell you." Serena said quietly wondering how he would take the news.


Serena shut her eyes then sent, I'm Sailor Moon. She waited for his response and when he didn't she peaked open her eyes to see his expression. To her surprise he had huge smile on his face and he began laughing. Seeing Darien laugh was so knew to her she just watched for a few moments, and then hit him on the shoulder.

"Stop laughing you baka! I'm not kidding it's the truth."

He stopped laughing long enough to say, "I'm not laughing at you Serena, in fact I have no doubt that you are Sailor Moon."

"Then, why are you laughing?"

"Because you were right in front of me the whole time and I never guessed that it could've been you. And I'm feeling incredibly stupid for there is no one better for the job."

Serena smiled at the compliment. Same here Darien, now that I think about it you do look a lot like Tuxedo Mask, and you guys have the same disposition.

"What disposition?"

"How you both sweep girl's off their feet and make their hearts flutter in excitement, you have them falling all over the place." She said clutching her heart her voice going a few pitches higher.

Darien smiled, "In your case literally Meatball head, but apparently you don't go unaffected by my charms either."

Serena didn't both to deny it, "What do you expect when you save me every other day I can't help but admire you a little."

Darien raised an eyebrow, "A little?"

"Yes, only a little."

"Right Meatball Head."

Over the next few hours they experimented with their new telepathy. They could hear each other from pretty far away, but over a long distance they couldn't. But over the long distance if the were broad casting extremely loud emotions, then they could sense it. Their natural link as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask helped, for Darien could now tune in on it to find Serena as well.
It was dark by the time they were done and Serena figured that she should be heading home soon. Darien agreed and they said their goodbyes.

"So can we meet at the arcade everyday?" Serena asked.

"Sure Meatball Head, are you sure you don't want me to walk you home?"
"Don't worry I'll be alright, there hasn't even been a call for a yoma yet." Maybe the girl's don't want to cal me at all.

If they don't then it's their loss Serena, beside you're the only one who can really defeat the yomas. If they come up with some way to do it on their own it will cost them more energy.

"Be careful walking home Serena." He leaned down and gave her another kiss on the cheek and to his surprise Serena gave him one of her own. She started down the sidewalk casting a smile at him over her shoulder. Darien returned it then turned to begin walking back to his apartment as well.

Serena was more than half way to her house when she began to feel distinctly uncomfortable, like she was being followed. She began to walk a little faster, but the feeling stayed with her. Now totally freaked out and on alert she began running to her house.

She rounded a corner and smack into something very hard, but something enclosed round her trapping her arms against her body. She looked up to see a hideous yams standing before her with a grotesque smile on its face. Its hands were huge and it had enclosed one around her so that she could only flail her legs.

"Hello Sailor Moon." It said its hideous voice. Serena's face went pail and she began to think of the worst. When it brought her close to it, it said, "Did you think that we were so stupid not to figure out your identity?"

On instinct she reared her head back and head butted it, the yoma howled and dropped her. Serena scrambled up on her unsteady legs then ran for all that she was worth. Out of no where it felt like a heavy weight was bashed on the back of her head. She went sprawling to the ground her head pounding and her vision going in and out; she was sure that blow had been meant to knock her out. She turned to see another yoma identical to the first one.

"You can't escape us Sailor Moon, and I wouldn't try transforming Queen Beryl herself made sure that as long as you're near us your powers won't work." It said, behind it the other yoma was catching up to them.

Oh God, there's two of them! And Serena was very much in trouble, if she couldn't use her powers and they new her identity she was in BIG trouble. Both started towards her, she tried to get up to run, but her vision swam dangerously. One of yomas grabbed one of her pigtails and yanked.

She let out a painful scream as they dragged her back to them by her hair. Her head was pounding and her roots burning, tears swam in her eyes she saw the yoma talk into some sort of communication device, and said "We've got her."

Serena realized they were after her, to kidnaper her probably. She would hold out as long as she could, but she needed help she didn't want to the taken to the negaverse. And she was scared, so very scared, and she screamed as loud as she could.