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Forged in the Fire

In the year of our Lord 1157 the pope in Rome declared a third Crusade to take the Holy Lands away from the Moslems. In the year of 1191 the city of Acre had fallen to the Crusaders led by Richard the Lionhearted of England. It was then that Richard ordered the death of 2,700 prisoners. By the time the slaughter was ended prisoners were being hacked apart by dulled weapons. Torture instead of a quick and merciful death. This was done in the name of Jesus a gentle carpenter from Nazareth.

Our story starts as the Crusaders march on to Jerusalem. The massacre at Acre had incited the Moslems to a fury. Many within the crusaders camp felt the action was without cause and lacked honor. The unrest and dissension created strife among the warriors from different factions. It was a dangerous and explosive situation daily getting worse.

Stragglers, the careless and the fool hardy were picked off by the enraged Saracen warriors. Atrocities on both sides were rampant. It was during this turbulent period that one of the Beloved was lost. A rare and most precious Draig-en was cast away by his bonded. Claimed by the Sultan Saladin the young draig healed. So things came to pass untold.