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Chapter Five – Geryon

The long grass tickled Patroclus' shins as he made his way across the field to the two sparring men. Curses and grunt passed from the lips of Clysonymus whose face was burning red and sweat poured from beneath his hair. Achilles parried a blow from his attacker's sword and puckered his lips to form a kiss, taunting his opponent.

"Curse you." Clysonymus growled, frustrated at being outsmarted and over-powered time and time again. In one smooth sweeping motion, the Great Warrior had dodged an attack and swept Clysonymus' feet from underneath him. The man's behind felt the ground once again. Achilles angled his blade to the man's throat as his chest rose and fell.


Patroclus eyes widened at the lethal position his cousin held the man in and suddenly his palms were clammy in anticipation as he screamed over and over in his head, 'Kill him, kill him!'. His heart pounded and blood thundered through his ears as the moments passed by.

"Curse you, Achilles." Clysonymus laughed at last, flopping down on his back and releasing his sword. Patroclus snapped out of his bloody reverie and felt a moment of disorientation before gathering his thoughts and realising what he had been wishing for. He wanted this man dead? He wanted his cousin to sink the sharp, shiny blade into the vulnerable exposure of Clysonymus' throat? What was he thinking? He shuddered at the thought and felt a wave of fear and confusion wash away his senses. Why did this man grip him in a hold of rage? He shook his head, dislodging the unpleasant feelings.

"Ah, my dear cousin, finally joined us I see." Achilles smiled and helped Clysonymus to his feet. He dusted himself off and faced Patroclus, a thin line of pursed lips replaced his friendly smile. Patroclus just stared deep into his eyes until Achilles coughed quietly. Like having their strings pulled by the gods, both jumped back, being torn from their silent battle. Clysonymus turned to face his friend and slapped his shoulder.

"I must go into the city and finish off some business." Clysonymus explained. He turned at once and muttered a goodbye to Patroclus before jogging back to his horse tied at Thetis' house.

"I was watching you fight." Patroclus explained watching Achilles cut the grass with his blade.

"Were you now?" Achilles asked with an amused smile. He knew what was coming next.

"Will you teach me? Please? My father taught me how to use a bow, but I've never had any practice with a real sword."

"Why do you want to be able to fight?" Achilles questioned, looking along his blade to check its straightness.

Patroclus opened his mouth to tell him about his plan of slaying the people who were involved with his parents' death, but he knew his cousin would refuse. He had overheard Thetis, his aunt, warning Achilles not to speak of revenge to Patroclus for his parents' murder as she feared it would lead to more trouble and more blood being spilled and she didn't want the boy to witness such atrocity. Achilles wanted to avenge his own family's deaths, but Thetis had been adamant that the matter was not to be discussed in front of Patroclus. He glanced to the ground and picked up a stray branch, throwing it from hand to hand.

"I want to learn so I can fight for you and Greece." He lied. Well, it wasn't exactly a lie. He did want to learn to fight so when it came time to ride off to war he would be amongst the finest warriors.

"Very well." Achilles agreed and handed Patroclus the sword. Patroclus gripped it with two hands, but as his cousin removed his own hold, the boy realised just how heavy it was. The point fell to the ground and Patroclus looked at it in horror.

"It's too heavy." He panted. Achilles laughed and flexed his bicep, arm bulging with muscle. He then grabbed Patroclus arm and his fingers could grip all the way round it. He laughed heartedly. The boy dropped the sword and smirked bending down to grab his cousin's ankle and send the man crashing to the ground.

Achilles sat shocked on the grass, blinking up at the teenager. Patroclus, for a second feared for his life, but then started giggling and held a hand to his mouth, shoulders shaking as he tried to conceal his laugh. Achilles watched the boy for a moment, seeing him smile for the first time and then broke into laughter too. It died in his throat as he realised this fifteen year old was the first person ever to have beaten him in a fight. Nobody had ever managed to knock Achilles off his feet. Patroclus smile faded at his cousin's straight face.

"You little monster! I'm going to get you back for that!" Hollered Achilles, grinning and jumping to his feet. Patroclus yelped and dashed off through the field.

"The Great Warrior knocked down by his own cousin - nearly half his age!" Taunted Patroclus as he yelled over his shoulder.

"Come back here!"

Clysonymus reached the city and climbed down from his horse. He glanced behind him to make sure he wasn't followed and slipped under a long piece of cloth hanging in a doorway into a small dark house.

"Geryon?" Clysonymus called nervously and stepped slowly into the centre of the room.

"I am here." The tone was low and dangerous and Clysonymus swallowed. He approached a chair and dipped his head in respect. He stared at the man in front of him until he realised he was being spoken to. The sight of Geryon still shocked Clysonymus to his core. He had a dark complexion, tanned from years in the sun. His hair was short and black with just a tinge of grey seeping in at the sides. His ears were pointy and a deep, ugly scar slid its way down over one closed eyes and over a cheek. His physical prowess was impressive and very intimidating. Altogether he wasn't a man you wanted to associate with and foolishly Clysonymus had. He had been corrupted with promises of wealth and fortune in return for some bloody tasks.

"I heard you successfully killed that fool Menoetius and his equally useless pregnant wife."

Clysonymus bowed slightly.

"Yes. It was easy. They trusted me into their home. They even offered me something to eat for my travels."

Geryon laughed, slamming a meaty fist on the table.

"Fools!" He crowed again. "I assume you killed all their offspring and burned their house?"

"Well, you see, Geryon, things became complicated and well…."

"Clysonymus I will rip you limb from limb if you do not tell me what happened right now."

"The boy, their only child was away that night and I couldn't burn the house as people had heard the idiot woman screaming when I killed her husband and came rushing in through the door. I just had time to stick a blade to her throat and then I had to get away from there as quickly as possible."

"There is still a bloodline of Menoetius alive?" Geryon growled.

"Yes, Geryon." Geryon grabbed his sword.

"But! But I know where the boy is. I know where Patroclus lives now."

"You do?"

"Yes. He is living with Achilles – his cousin."

Geryon was silent and clasped his hands in front of him resting them in his lap.

"You often speak to Achilles do you not?"

"I do."

"In fact you told me you were visiting him today."

"I did."

"Did you not see the boy there?"

"Yes, but Geryon….."

With a roar, Geryon leaped from the chair and grabbed Clysonymus by the throat.

"Did I not explain to you in great detail about the prophecy that any man who possessed the blood of Menoetius would be the downfall of me and my fortune? Did I not pay you to make sure that this bloodline was ended?" He spat.

"Yes, Geryon."

"Then see to it. I want that boy dead. I want you to bring me his blood on your sword and then I will finally be able to sleep nights. Is that clear, Clysonymus?"

"I will see to it. Patroclus will be slain by my sword. I promise."

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