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Chapter 2

Round 1 beings! Naruto's desperate battle

Smoke continued to fill the room, and spectators were at awe, and wondering how the two fighters were. Tenten looked down in wide eyes wondering how her precious Naruto-kun was doing. Neji used his Byakugan to see how the fighters were, and check their chakra levels. He smiled after a while and put a hand on Tenten's shoulder.

"They are fine Tenten-chan," Neji assured her. Ino walked up to Neji and looked at him.

"You sure?" was all she asked.

"Of course Ino-chan," Neji smiled. She smiled back and gave him a tight hug.

"I hope Naruto-kun wins," Ino said.

"He will," Neji told her. He bent down, and for the first time ever, he kissed Ino on the lips. She was shocked by the sudden move and quickly composed herself and kissed back passionately. Tenten looked at this and smiled.

'Hope Naruto-kun and me kiss someday,' she thought to herself. She looked at the slowly dissolving smoke and waited for when the fight would start again. A little father away Hinata, Kiba, Lee, and Sakura stood by each other. Hinata was leaning on Kiba while Sakura was leaning on Lee.

"Come on Naruto-kun," Hinata said. Kiba turned and kissed her on the head before whispering that he would be fine. She looked up and smiled, their lips brushing together for a quick kiss.

"I bet Naruto-kun is going to cream that guy," Lee said with a spark in his eyes. Sakura laughed and kissed Lee on the cheek.

"You're right," Sakura said. Lee turned his head and kissed Sakura gently on the lips. She smiled after they broke the kiss and turned back to watch the fight. Tsunade sat in her seat and watched the fight below.

"Come on Naruto-kun," she muttered. Shizune looked at her and smiled.

"Don't worry about our little Naruto, he will pull off a victory Tsunade-sama," her assistant nodded.

"I guess your right," Tsunade smiled.

"This is tiresome," Shikamaru said from a few seats away.

"I know how you feel love," Temari said with a kiss to the boys cheek. He smiled and turned to kiss her also. Shikamaru, the laziest man on the planet, now was kissing one of the most beautiful kunoichi in the world. They turned to the match and the smoke was now gone showing Naruto and Diso staring at each other. "Here we go," Temari muttered.


Naruto put his kunai back where he got it and began doing a few hand seals. "Here is a new jutsu," Naruto said. "Spirit claw jutsu," he called out and touched the ground. A huge claw of chakra shot out from under Diso, who barley managed to dodge the coming attack.

"A sneak attack," Diso mumbled. He did some hand seals before calling out his most devistating attack, "Draining chakra jutsu." A stream of green energy shot out and hit into Naruto. The shinobi backed up and felt his body. Slowly his chakra was draining. He couldn't use any other jutsus now, he had to come up with a new attack. Diso laughed and smirked at the now harmless ninja.

"My jutsu drains your chakra over time and the amount of energy used goes to me," Diso laughed. "What will you do little boy." Diso jumped in the air and used his powerful wings to keep him airborne. "Arm blades!" he called out. Two blades on each arm came out and the flying shinobi charged forward. Naruto saw this and rolled to the side, barley dodging the attack. However, Diso turned around instantly and charged forward. Naruto tried to dodge the attack, but one of the blades grazed his cheek. Naruto turned around and glared at the flying shinobi. Blood dripped on the ground as he stood there. His chakra slowly disappearing. Naruto collapsed onto his knees and his vision began to sway.

"What the hell," Naruto said. He looked up and saw a new altered vision. The loss of chakra was now effecting his eyes. "How can I beat this damn shinobi, he is really strong." He then relised something and went deeper into his mind as he focused on the power of the Kyuubi. While his mind was focusing, Diso launched an attack that sliced through Naruto. The blonde haired shinobi dropped to the ground and began to breathe slow.. He needed the power of Kyuubi. "Come on you damn fox," Naruto yelled into his mind.

"Don't worry," Kyuubi told his young container. "What do you mean don't worry," Naruto retorted. "Calm kit. I am giving you my chakra now, it might take a while to get it, but once you do you should be able to defeat this annoying fly," Kyuubi replied. Naruto felt the chakra surge through him and all around him people watched in horror and awe as the young boy's chakra was visible. I carried the sense of blood lust in the air. Naruto's fingers grew into claws and his whisker marks became deeper and also his eyes went from sweet and gentle blue. To deadly slits of red eyes. He gave a loud howl and ran forward towards Diso. While he charged his wounds in his body and cheek began to heal slowly.

"What in the name of kami," Diso said with fear in his tone. He charged forward and as he was about to hit Naruto, the young blonde ninja did a front flip onto the flying shinobi's back. Naruto placed both claw hands on each separate wing.

"I hope you are ready to fill a lot of pain," Naruto growled. With his new senses he could tell that the wings were the source of the man's draining chakra attack. So, if Naruto ripped out the wings, then his chakra would return and stabilize. Naruto let out a scream of anger and pulled the wings clean off. Blood splattered all over the arena and covered the terrible site of Naruto. He threw the wings to the side, and then kicked off of Diso's back and landed a distance away. The flying shinobi fell into the ground and became unconscious. Naruto began to change back to normal as Gandisin spoke up.

"Winner of the first match. Naruto!" the referee announced. There was a mix of cheers and boos coming from the crowd. Naruto smiled and walked slowly back up to his friends. They all ran over and cheered for Naruto's sudden upset. Naruto smiled and shook everyone's hand. Michael nodded his congratulations. Naruto then turned to Tenten and kissed her gently on the lips. Tenten was in shock but jumped back into the kiss with such passion.

"That was awsome," Gaara congratulated.

"Thanks Gaara," Naruto nodded. They talked for a while before the announcer spoke up.

"Next match will be Kiba vs. Outback," Gandisin said as he waited for the challengers to come down. While everyone waited for the match to begin, over in the yonder smiling to himself, was a boy with black hair and black markings running around his entire body.

"Way to go Naruto," the boy laughed. "I can't wait till we fight. This time, I will win." A robed man walked up and stood next to his friend.

"Don't get cocky Sasuke," the robed figure stated. "He is a lot tougher than he looks."

"Don't worry Kyle, I will kill him," Sasuke laughed again. "You just better kill that pathetic brother of yours."

"I will kill him, don't worry about that," Kyle replied to the statement. The two watched as the 2nd fight began. Kiba quickly turned him and Akamaru into the devastating beastly duo. The two dodged coming jutsus and got close enough with their high speed to slash a devastating combo of slashes into the man who fell down dead instantly.

"After a quick bout. Kiba is the winner!" Gandisin called. Everyone cheered for Kiba who smiled and waved at his fans. The tournament continued on for a next few matches. They then announced Lee and Makle to enter the arena. Lee was pumped up and headed down to the fight against one of the taijutsu legends, Makle. The tournament was along way from done. Can Lee win? And what of Sasuke and his ally Kyle? All will be answered in the next chapter.

To be continued...

End Chapter

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