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Chapter 21

Farewell for now, Michael's Departure.

Shizune was the first one up the next morning, and quickly ran to the bathroom. Michael woke up to the sound of someone throwing up, and quickly remembered last night. He ran up to the door and knocked softly, "Shizune, you in there?"

"Y-Yeah," Shizune stuttered. She opened the door and walked out slowly, she had sweat pouring down her face, and her eyes were sagging slightly.

"You okay?" Michael asked, worry evident in his voice.

"I-I'm fine," Shizune managed. "I just need to go check something."

"Okay, I can pack my stuff with out you," Michael said.

"When do you plan on leaving?" Shizune asked, her eyes glancing up into Michael's own eyes. Michael glanced behind him to see that the clock was reading 5:30. He then turned to gaze out the window to see a little bit of sun entering the sky.

"I think I'll leave around noon," Michael finally said.

"Okay then, I'll meet you at the gate," Shizune said, finally able to talk without taking a breath.

"See you then," Michael said, worry still evident in his voice. Shizune then turned and exited the room, jumping along the roofs towards the hospital. Michael sighed as he turned and pulled out a small pack from his closest. He then opened it and began to put in a pair of ninja pants, and a red shirt, not wanting to carry too much stuff. He then walked out of the room and grabbed a few cups of instant ramen and took them back into the room, placing them gently in the pack. He then closed it up, and sealed the pack tightly. He walked over to one of his dressers and began to get his ninja tools ready. He got a few shuriken and kunai which he placed in his ninja pouch which he attached to the current pair of ninja pants he just put on. He then placed a longer kunai in his leg holster.

Michael headed over to the closet once more and put on a red ninja shirt, placing a red jacket over it. He then gave a loud sigh as he turned towards the door. "Guess I should go find everyone and tell them about my departure and when I'm leaving." He walked out of the apartment and locked the door before jumping onto the roofs and heading towards one of the training grounds where he knew a few of the ninja would be.


Michael entered the training ground and quickly glanced around. He saw Lee, Neji, Kiba, Hinata, and Shino all doing some kind of training. Lee was the first to notice Michael's presence and quickly turned and waved at the man, "Hey Michael-sensei!" The others stopped as well and glanced at Michael.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Kiba asked.

"I came to tell you guys that I'm going to be leaving soon," Michael replied.

"What? Where are you going?" Lee asked.

"On a journey," was Michael's simple answer.

"When are you leaving?" Hinata questioned.

"Noon today," Michael said.

"Well then, I guess we should say goodbye," Neji said. He walked up and shook Michael's hand firmly. "Take care."

"Yeah, you too," Michael nodded. Hinata walked up and gave Michael a gently hug before releasing him and letting Shino, Kiba, and Lee shake his hand.

"We'll miss you," Hinata said softly. She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek for good measure.

"Yosh! When you return I hope to challenge you and prove that my flames of youth can beat anyone!" Lee cheered.

"Cut it out numbskull," Kiba moaned. "These times I wish Sakura was here to keep you in line. Anyway, good luck wherever you go."

"Same," Shino simply remarked.

"Bye guys, are you going to come to the gate later?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, so we can be with everyone else when we say goodbye," Hinata nodded. The others agreed and Michael smirked.

"Well, see you then," Michael said. He then turned around and jumped into the forest heading for his next destination. 'All right, I'm sure Shizune will tell Tsunade, Sakura, and Ino about my departure, so I don't need to worry about them, and Gaara and his team left this morning, so they're off the list. There is a meeting of some Jonin and Chunin, maybe I should stop by and tell my friends.' Michael thought. With that, he headed off to the designated meeting place.


Shizune was wide eyed when Sakura and Ino told her the news. "Y-You're serious."

"Yes we are," Ino said.

"You're indeed pregnant," Sakura added. "You must have got pregnant last night by the looks of it."

"Yeah, I did make love to Michael that night," Shizune whispered. "S-So he's the father?"

"Would seem so," Ino nodded. "But anyways, I think congratulations are in order. You're going to have a baby!"

"Yeah, Ino pigs right," Sakura nodded.

"Watch it forehead girl," Ino growled.

"I can't believe it, this is too good to be true," Shizune smiled. She heard the door opened and glanced up to see Tsunade entering the room.

"I heard the news Shizune, congratulations," Tsunade beamed. "I'm so happy for you, do you know you the father is?"

"Yep, Michael," Shizune grinned, which quickly turned to a frown.

"What is it?" Sakura asked, noticing the change in expression.

"It's just that Michael is going to be leaving today," Shizune whispered.

"Where is he going?" Ino asked.

"He's going off after his brother," Shizune answered. "He's leaving at noon."

"Maybe he won't leave once you tell him of the baby," Sakura commented.

"I doubt it, he sounded determined to find and kill his brother," Shizune said softly. "But, I know he'll come back to me. So I shouldn't worry."

"Yeah," Tsunade nodded. "I'm sure things will work out fine."

"Yeah, you guys going to go to the gate to say goodbye once it's time?" Shizune asked.

"Yep, we'll be there," Ino nodded.

"Okay, well, goodbye," Shizune said. She left the hospital and headed off to her house to get some things ready, careful not to put strain on her body, she simply walked there.


Michael entered the meeting place and saw a few Jonin and Chunin moving around. He glanced to the side to see a table that held Kakashi, Anko, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Shikamaru and even Jiraiya was with them. Michael grinned despite of himself, This'll be easier than I thought. He walked over to the table and sat down at the single vacant chair. "Good evening friends."

"Hey Michael," the others said simultaneously.

"You guys doing good today," Michael smiled.

"This is troublesome," was all Shikamaru said to answer the question.

"As good as I've ever been," Anko groaned. She took a swig of her sake before laying her head on Kakashi and trying to go to sleep.

"Is there something you wanted?" Iruka asked.

"Actually, I wanted to tell you something," Michael answered.

"What is it?" Jiraiya questioned. "I want to get back to my 'research' after this meeting."

"Whatever," Michael sighed. "I'm just going to say I'm leaving at noon today."

"For where?" Kakashi asked.

"I'm going after my brother," Michael replied.

"You mean Kyle, right?" Kurenai wondered.

"Yes, and I don't know when I'll be back," Michael answered. "I'll be leaving from the Konoha gate at noon, and travel until I find Kyle and his hideout."

"So, I guess we should be at the gate then, so we can all say our goodbyes," Asuma said.

"That would be nice," Michael nodded. He took a full bottle of sake and drank it down quickly. "All right, got to go, one more stop before I have to prepare to leave."

"All right, see you soon," the ninja said. Michael nodded and left the building, heading towards where Naruto and Tenten now lived. He glanced at a clock to see that it was in fact 10:30. 'Better step on it,' Michael told himself. He put some more chakra into his feet, and increased his speed tenfold, he had to hurry so he could leave right on time.


Michael entered the mansion that Tsunade had given the newlyweds. He glanced around the yard, making sure they weren't there before moving into the mansion. He walked into the leaving room and saw Tenten and Naruto sitting at a table and eating some lunch. Michael walked up to them, and took a seat, surprising both Naruto and Tenten. "W-What are you doing here?" Tenten asked.

"Came to tell you guys that I'm leaving," Michael replied.

"That sucks," Naruto groaned. "For how long?"

"You never know, maybe a few months, or maybe a few years, I don't know," Michael admitted.

"When are you leaving?" Tenten asked.

"Noon, so I have to hurry," Michael answered.

"Ok, we'll meet you there to say goodbye with the others," Tenten said.

"Sounds good to me," Naruto agreed.

"Alright, see you guys then," Michael smiled. He got out of the chair and did a single hand seal. "Bye." Michael then disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving Naruto and Tenten behind.

"Well, let's get ready," Tenten said.

"Right," Naruto nodded. They finished up their lunch and headed up to their bedroom to freshen up. They were also going on their honeymoon the following day, so they decided to pack as well. After they were done, which didn't take too long, for Naruto that is. Tenten on the other hand, took a really long time in Naruto's opinion. "Why do girls take so long," he groaned when they were about to leave for the gate.

"Shut the hell you," Tenten snapped. "It doesn't matter how long it takes a girl, as long as we get there on time."

"Whatever," Naruto moaned. Together they ran out of their yard, and towards the gate where Michael would be departing from. This could be the last day they ever saw them, and they were becoming sad, especially Naruto, who already started to have tears drip down his face. Tenten didn't notice as they continued on their way.


Michael stood near the gate, his pack draped over his right shoulder, and his ninja pouch attached to his ninja pants. He glanced behind him when he saw those he told about his departure coming up the road. When they got there they began to say their goodbyes to him. These comments consisted of 'be careful,' 'good luck,' or 'see you soon." He smiled to them as he walked to each guy and shook their hands, except for Naruto. He gave Naruto a warm and brotherly embrace, which Naruto returned with the same feeling. He then gave each of the female ninja's a hug, stopping at Shizune. "I'm going to miss you," he said softly.

"Ya, I know," Shizune whispered. "There is something I do have to tell you though." Michael raised an eyebrow as he gazed at her with those loving eyes of his.

"What is it?" he simply asked. The others even turned their attention to the conversation, even Kakashi put away his perverted book, and Sasuke was paying close attention, which was odd. Shizune glanced at everyone, and began to blush crimson.

"W-Well…I-I'm…pregnant," Shizune managed. Everyone's eyes widened as they gazed at her.

"T-That's…" Michael began. Shizune closed her eyes fearing the worst. "Awesome!" Shizune opened her eyes and saw Michael with a huge grin. "I mean, I'm going to be a father."

"Ya, congratulations you two," Naruto congratulated. The others also gave their congratulations as well. The girls walked up to Shizune and began to ask how was it and stuff, which made her blush even more. Michael then walked up and held onto Shizune, a huge grin now evident on his face.

"I'm so happy," Michael commented. He lend in and kissed her passionately before departing her lips. "I guess I have a reason to live now."

"Ya, come back safe," Shizune pleaded.

"Don't worry, I will. Don't want to leave my baby without a father, now do I?" Michael smirked.

"Ya, good luck, and I hope you kill Kyle," Shizune said.

"I will, and then I'll be back home, and we can be a family," Michael said as he kissed her again. He then backed away and turned to the others. "So long you guys." The others began to say the same thing as they watched Michael head out of the gate. They then waved their hands until he was out of sight, and on his way to god knows where. Shizune watched him go and began to sob softly. Tenten and Sakura walked up and placed an arm around the crying girl turning her back towards the village.

"Come on Shizune, let's get you home so you can rest," Tenten advised.

"Ya, no good overexerting yourself," Sakura nodded. Shizune agreed and let them take her into her apartment where she collapsed on the bed in her room and began to cry, already missing Michael terribly. Sakura and Tenten glanced at each other, tears also in their eyes as they left the room, not wanting to disturb the crying girl, who fell asleep shortly after, dreaming of nothing but Michael and their first born child that would be born in 9 months.


A lone figure began moving through the area until she reached a long and huge mansion at the heart of a small village. "Almost there," the figure whispered to herself as she headed down into the village and entered the building. She walked slowly through the first room, her eyes glancing around at everything. The room she entered was a giant rocky field. It had stone pillars raising out of the ground, and some giant rocks littered everywhere. Her eyes found Joel who was sleeping against one of the rocks, a tux on his body. He must have had a date with Justine tonight or something.

The figure shook her head as she left the rocky room, which was where Joel lived. She then moved towards the next large room. This one was crystal marble, with two levels, and many pillars holding everything together. She glanced to the side again and saw Chris practicing his speed by running super fast around the room. The figure ignored him after a while and began walking down the long hallway till she entered the biggest and weirdest room of all. It was the heart of the mansion, and rose up high into the sky. This area was like one big tower. She walked to the ledge and looked down, her eyes could see the spikes that littered the bottom of the room. She sighed deeply before walking down the walkway, her eyes glancing around at the many platforms and walkways that were scattered all over the tower.

The figure glanced up to see Justine resting on one of the towers. She was wearing a silky white dress, which meant she had gotten dressed up for her date that night as well. She ignored her as well as she had to get to the throne room of the mansion, which was where Kyle was. After a while she entered the next room, which had several pools of water on either side of the small walkway. She looked around for Josette, since she had to talk to her as well, but she was no where in sight. "Where is she," the figure muttered as she ran across the room, and headed towards the next area. This room was simple in size and had a balcony, which was the only way out of the room. She jumped up onto the balcony and headed to the next room.

This room was a small field with lightning rods sticking around the edges of the room. In the very center of the room was Zack who was focusing his chakra. Suddenly the lighting rods activated and shot a surge into a specific target, which was obliterated on impact. "Amazing," the figure whispered.

"Don't stand there and gawk, I thought Kyle-sama would want to see you," Zack snapped at the figure.

"Oh, right, thanks for reminding me Zack-sama," the figure moved and ran out of the room and towards the last room. When she entered, she was in a dark and dimly lit room. In the back sat a high throne, which was occupied by Kyle who was moving his hands around, a black orb rotated to the movements. He gazed up to see the cloaked figure enter the room.

"Welcome back Marlena-chan," Kyle said softly. "Anything new to report from our old home of Konoha?"

"Yes Kyle-sama," Marlena bowed. She removed the hood, and gazed up at Kyle with her pure white orbs, symbolizing her as a Hyuuga. Kyle gazed into the eyes of the 18 year old girl and smiled.

"Tell me what it is my sweet Marlena-chan," Kyle said.

"Michael has departed the village," Marlena answered.

"Where does he plan on going?" Kyle asked with mock concern as he moved the orb some more, a few images flickering here and there.

"He's coming for you," Marlena answered simply.

"Is that so," Kyle wondered. He glanced to the spot beside Marlena which was covered in darkness. "You looking forward to seeing him…Josette-chan?" The light near the spot turned on and revealed Josette, her eyes gazing down at the ground.

"If he finds his way here, I'll fight him," Josette muttered. She then disappeared in a cloud of smoke, heading towards her designated room.

"You think she can handle fighting Michael?" Marlena asked.

"I know she won't let me down," Kyle chuckled. "She'll kill him, and then we'll move on our way to conquering this world."

"How goes the absorption process of Orochimaru's power?" Marlena asked.

"It'll be done in due time my dear Marlena-chan, in due time," Kyle laughed. Marlena nodded and left the room to look for Jenny so they could talk for a while. Kyle threw the orb into the air and did a single hand sign.

"Shinigami Summoning Jutsu!" Kyle commanded. The orb began to glow, and Kyle's master and sensei, the Shinigami appeared. "Tell me sensei, what is my destiny?" The Shinigami looked at him with cold and lifeless eyes. "Will I defeat and kill my brother, will he die?"

"Your destiny and his are intertwined. You two will fight, and one of you will die my apprentice," Shinigami answered.

"So, I have a 50/50 chance of winning, and dominating this world in the name of you my master," Kyle commented.

"Yes, I just hope you don't fell my foolish apprentice," Shinigami snapped before beginning to disappear.

"Don't worry Shinigami-sensei, I'll kill my brother and guarantee your victory," Kyle bowed.

"That isn't the concern, you must look out for the two demons, one of the fox, and the other of the cursed seal," Shinigami explained.

"Who could that be?" Kyle wondered.

"Figure it out on your own," Shinigami said before turning back into the black orb which landed in Kyle's outstretched hand.

"The first is probably Naruto," Kyle whispered to himself. "The other must be." Kyle held up the stone and began to concentrate his chakra making an image appear. The image that appeared, and made Kyle frown in disappointment. "Sasuke," was the single name he muttered as the image of the orb died down, and it became useless. "So, Michael, Naruto, and Sasuke. This'll be interesting." The light of the room died down and covered the entire area in darkness. The only sound heard throughout the room was the sound of Kyle's sadistic laugh.

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