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Darien and Andrew walked into their apartment, laughing with their friends. They expected it to be a normal day, just like any other day. They had finally gotten their life back to normal, or as normal as it could be.

10 months ago

Darien and Andrew walked together along with a blonde meatball-headed girl. Darien held the girls hand; she was the love of his life. She was the only one for him as far as he was concerned. No one could ever take the place of her, but there was no need to even think about that, because he was planning him and Serena to be together forever.

The trio walked into the bank, where they planned to cash Andrew's check from the arcade. Then Andrew was going to treat his friends, especially Serena to an ice cream.

Serena screamed as she spotted the armed assailant holding his gun on the bank teller. The three had been so enamored in what they were talking about they didn't even notice the men and women laying on the floor in panic.

Hearing the noise, the bank robber turned his head. Serena gasped as recognition hit her. "No," She whispered.

Those were the last words she spoke, as the assailant turned his gun on her and shot, hitting her in the chest. He grabbed the money and ran for the door.

Darien and Andrew, who had grabbed Serena as she fell, looked on in shock, not quite sure what to do. Andrew, his brain kicking into gear, pulled off his jacket and pressed it against Serena's wound. Darien sat there, his face pale as he held Serena, listening to her breathing as it grew shorter. In the background he heard a man shouting to call 911. Even as the paramedics pulled Serena out of Darien's arms, he just sat there, feeling his own life leaking out of him.

Andrew drove to the hospital; he kept throwing glances at Darien hoping to see some form of life still left in him. "She's gonna be alright Darien, she has to be," he said as he tried to reassure Darien and himself.

They entered the door to the emergency room and Andrew led Darien to the counter. "Serena Tsukino, she was brought in here with a gun wound from the bank robbery?" He asked the attending nurse, hoping that she would tell him that it was all just a dream and Serena would be at home sleeping or reading comics to ignore her homework.

"They're just taking her to surgery; you can wait in the waiting room over there." She answered, pointing to the door to the left. She answered the phone, throwing a concerned look at Darien.

For hours Andrew sat with Darien, as they waited for news. Finally at 10:30 pm, a doctor in scrubs walked up to them. "I'm assuming you're here for Ms. Tsukino?"

"Yes," Andrew answered.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but… your friend didn't make it. We did everything we could." The doctor finished.

Andrew watched in horror as Darien leaped to his feet and punched the doctor in the face. "YOU DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH! YOU HAVE TO BE LYING!" Darien yelled.

Andrew grabbed Darien before he could hit the doctor again. He didn't have to try to restrain Darien. Andrew caught him just as he collapsed on the ground in whimpers and sobs.

The doctor, who Darien had hit, slowly got off the floor and turned, walking away from the distraught figures, leaving them in peace.