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Serena walked out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for the day.

"Hey, Serena, ready for some breakfast?" Lita asked, standing by the stove.

Whatever Lita had made, it smelled good. Her stomach started to growl, and she remembered that she hadn't eaten since yesterday at breakfast, when Darien made her eat some toast. "I'm starved." She answered.

She sat at the table beside Darien and he grabbed her hand. "How are you feeling today?"

"Pretty good."

Lita set a plate of pancakes and a plate of French toast on the table and Serena's mouth started to water. They prayed and then everyone started to pile the food on their plates.

After they were done eating, they all sat in the living room. "So what's the plan?" Mina asked. "Not that I don't want to stay in the cabin forever with you guys, but don't we want to get rid of Seiya?"

"For now, I think that we should focus on finding him, and figuring out what he's doing." Serena answered.

Andrew who had been flipping through channels to find the news, stopped. "Check this out, Serena."

"The man in the car bombing was proven to be Oscar Balden. The bombing happened Tuesday night, as the judge was going to his car. He planned to spend the weekend with his family, so he was leaving early. Being a judge, there are many people who are suspects, and the police have yet to narrow the list down. We'll bring more on this story to you when we can. For now, this is Susan Tornesky, signing off on Today's 10:00 News. Have a good day."

"I know what he's doing. Oscar Balden was the judge that sentenced Seiya." Serena said. "Mina do you have a computer and internet access anywhere?"

"Yeah, in my bedroom." Mina got up and everyone followed her to the room.

Serena sat at the computer desk. Mina helped her log on to the computer and Serena went to Google. Typing in Seiya's name, Serena pressed the enter button. Right away the website came up. There she read all about the case, and everything came back to her.

She grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down the names of all the witnesses, including her, and the jury members. Serena went back to the Google page and started typing in the names of the people, one by one. Seven of the hits came back; the pages showed news cast about the deaths of the people.

"Just what I thought, he's killing them off, one by one. Anyone who had a hand in sending him to prison. Wait a minute." Serena typed in a name that was so familiar to her; it was her own personal devil. "When Seiya got out of jail, they said something about him killing a prisoner there. It was my adopted father, he testified against Seiya, so that he could get a lesser sentence. I guess that won't be happening."

Serena logged off and sat there, in shock. It was hard to believe the man that had ruined her life, was finally dead. The terror she had lived with, who had killed her mother, it was all over. She only wished she could have been the one to slice his throat.