Weird I know, but this is a one-shot about Saix even though he is one of the most hated characters. So enjoy and I might change my pen name right after this.


"….So all of us have to write a poem about ourselves?" asked Axel.

"Yes, Axel, we have to It' part of Literature Week," answered Xemnas solemnly, "Meeting dismissed until tomorrow when we say our poems out loud"

"What are you going to write about Saix?" asked Larxene with a sly smile. Saix was walking in the hallway on his way to his room when Larxene showed up.

"Why would you like to know? It is like you were going to copy my poem or my idea, so back off," growled Saix as she took a step back and ran to her room with curses.

The Next Day

In Saix's Room …

"What should I write about?" asked Saix to nobody in particular. Then his scary orange eyes to the heart-shaped moon outside The Castle That Never Was. Then he just got out his notebook and started writing this;


I live in the cod alone

My only comfort is the moon

Some say I am a loon

But I will only say

That I only listen to the

Cry of the Moon

I will not play

For I know it's real

But can I really feel

The moon's pain

Or is it my own?

Are we the same

In spirit and body

Or is my mind playing a game

I live in the cold alone

And my only comfort is the moon

Saix smiled at what he wrote and took his notebook as he walked toward the meeting room.

The End

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