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Xemnas patiently waited in the meeting room. Saix had already arrived to the meeting and he was sitting on his high chair with his notebook on his lap. It didn't take that long for all of the members were accounted for and some of them were a LITTLE bit grumpy.

"Good morning, Organization XIII," greeted the Superior calmly. All he got was mostly nods and some grumbled ' G' morning'. He chuckled at the sleep-deprived faces of the younger members, especially Marluxia. He definitely looks disgruntled today.

"As you know, today is Saturday and the due date of the poems." Explained Xemnas as he got a few groans from the members. Most of them were thinking 'Did he have to wake us up this early?' and 'Can't we do this in the afternoon?'. But they still got out their notebooks from their pockets but Axel and Roxas had to teleport back to their rooms and back to get them because they forgot to bring it.

"Now, since you're all-" started the Superior but was interrupted by Luxord when he teleported to the kitchen and came back with two cases of rum for himself and a grinning Xigbar.

"Ahem. As I was saying, it's time to show your poetry!" finished Xemnas as he watched Marluxia steal two bottles from Luxord and shared it with Larxene.

Then the poetry show and tell started. Axel went up first and Roxas had to drag Demyx to the middle of the room in order to get him to read his. As most people guessed, Luxord and Xigbar reenacted their rap. Marluxia had enough courage to say his poem out loud thanks to encouragement from Larxene and that drink. Zexion had said his quite monotonously while Saix's actually had a bit of…non-emotion to it. Vexen cackled his while Xaldin and Lexeaus said theirs calmly. Larxene actually shocked everyone except Marluxia and the Superior, of course, after some of them laughed at it. Is that everyone?

And finally…It was the Superior's turn. Demyx actually had some of his Dancer Nobodies do an anticipating drum roll on some drums for him. Xemnas teleported to the middle of the room.

"I am one you know naught, and a brother of night.

I am your shadow, I am your light.

I never existed, and I never will…

I am the shadow of light, and the light in this dark.

All anyone needs to know, is that though I never existed,

I am still here.

What am I?

My life's all a lie, my story in dust.

My emotions are no longer a must.

My arms are bound with a fraying rope.

I hope with this life that I can cope.

My life, like water, is slipping away.

My supports, once steady, are starting to sway.

I am Nothing.

The Superior's voice itself had silenced and got the attention of his members but it was the quality of the poem that had left them in awe. Then a applause began, gradually growing louder by the second. The Superior took a bow and actually smiled at them,

"Thank you, thank you. Now that this is over, you can go back to bed." Thanked Xemnas before teleporting away to his own bedroom for a well-deserved nap. And right before the other members protested too.

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