Human Factor Prologue

Mankind has finally reached the stars. Human nature being what it is they immediately splintered into diverse and often violently opposing factions. Some 300 years after attaining space capabilities. Once more much of the early times of mankind has been forgotten. Now even the memory of the home world is but legend. The year is now 1105 migration day.

The Confederation is tightly structured governing body of a huge sector of space. Theirs is a very controlled militaristic society. Individuality is held in low regard. Rewards come to those who conform. Through a program of selective breeding Centurions have become improved specimens of Homo Sapiens. They consider non- Centurions to be inferior.

The Rebels are a loosely affiliated group of 'naturals'. They are fighting a series of holding actions against the territory hungry Centurion Central Authority. Falling back on ancient skills they stage hit and run raids, attack shipping and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Now on with the story...