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Basic Info:2 manga characters appear here: Deidara and Sasori. They're both around 14/15, ( Its AU Alternate Universe!)
Sakura: 14
naruto: 14

Sasuke: 14
Gaara: 14
All other characters except Team Gai are 14. Team Guy is 15.

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Chapter 1: New Day

She stared at the reflection, nothing changed about her much. She was still the pink haired girl that moved around so much she might as well be known as ' Girl on the move' rather than Haruno Sakura. She spun around, her eyes never leaving the mirror as she checked herself one last time before grabbing her blue pullstring bag and walked downstairs to have some breakfast and TRY to deal with whatever happens at this new school. Normally she would be thrilled to meet new people but this IS High School, everything is different and school is a jungle. At her last school all the boys and girls stared at her for a total of 10 minutes before calling her a pink haired weirdo.

' Why do people act differently to other people? I only have pink hair, its not like I have 2 heads or something...'

" Honey! Hurry up or you'll be late!" Shouted Misumi, Sakura's mum.

" What's the point? They're gonna stare at me for ages anyway, I might as well have a tatoo on my head saying Zoo Exibit..." Sakura replied, her spirit already broke from her last encounter at High School.

" Haruno Sakura! Pull yourself together! Get to school now!" Misumi ordered and practically pushed Sakura out the door.

Sakura walked down the street, her eyes darting up and down at the people around her, hearing their comments about her hair. She sped up, her legs felt heavy and her eyes stung from the tears that were about to overflow her eyes.

She ran, she just ran and she remembered...


"Weirdo...Get out of our School! You don't belong here!"
"Pink hair? I would rather DIE than have THAT horrible hair..."
"Sorry Ms Haruno, our school doesn't permit pupils to dye their hair..."
"Pink haired FREAK!"

End of Flashback


She fell on the floor. Hard. She slowly moved her head up to see who she had bumped into during her depression. It was a girl, a girl with light blonde hair tied up in 4 pig-tails. She rubbed her head gingerly and gave a small smile to Sakura who was also on the ground rubbing her head at where the two foreheads had met only a second ago.

" Sorry..." They both said in union and helped each other off the ground.

" I'm really sorry,I was just...umm... running and er... I kinda bumped into you by accident..." Sakura said, her tears were gone and she felt better. Much better.

" Its alright, I wasn't looking at where I was going anyway! I'm Temari, who are you? I haven't seen you around here at all." The girl called Temari smiled at the pink haired teenager.

"I'm Haruno Sakura...I just moved around here and I was going to school-"

"School? Which one?"

" Konoha High School"

" Oh my gosh! Me too! Maybe we can walk to school sometime! I'm sure we can be great friends Sakura!"

" Um... Thanks..." 'What is there to say?' Inner Sakura said. 'I've never had a true friend...'

" Come then! Hurry up! We're gonna be late and Mrs Tsunade's gonna kill us!" Temari joked and pulled Sakura along, towards Konoha High School. The place where everything began...

Konoha High School, it wasn't a massive grammar school but it was one of the best in the country. The emerald green grass glittered with morning dew and the trees swayed slightly by the cool breeze of the morning, all was quiet. Quiet until a certain blonde haired boy shouted at the top of his voice:

" Temari! Who's that girl? She's pretty, you should introduce me to her! I've got to eat ramen with her sometime! We can go to the-"
" NARUTO! Hold your horses! This is Haruno Sakura, she's new and I bumped into her this morning on the way to school." Temari said, pushing Sakura forward and whispered into her ear:

" That's Uzumaki Naruto, he's in your year, I'm in the one above you. I'll show you around for a while, the bell hasn't rang yet..."
" Sakura-chan! Are you listening? Do you like Ramen? I do! If you have some time we can hang out and-" Naruto started before Temari silenced him with a glare.

" Naruto... Stop bothering the new girl or I'll pound your face in!"

"Temari-chan... you're scary..." Naruto said and walked off, a girl with Indigo hair hid behind and tree and turned bright red.

" That's Hinata, she's fancied Naruto since they first met... Naruto's completely clueless about her and thinks she just likes to run away from people..." Temari said and pulled Sakura towards the benches on the right side of the pavement that led to inside the school.

" This is the Freshman Hangout Area, most of the Freshmans are here and some seniors hang around here as well, there's 4 main benches and there's a group of people that ALWAYS have that bench so don't sit where someone's sitting or you'll get into trouble with them..."

" The first bench is the top left hand one, that one is the bench for the normal freshmans, like you and me. The second bench is the top right hand corner one, that bench is for the seniors. The third bench is the bottom left one which is for the freshmans that think they are cool. The last bench, the bottom right one is for sluts and lower grade freshmans like squels and backstabbers."

" Wow... High School here seems like an all out war Temari..."

" It is... It's just that the teachers don't notice anything and think everything is peachy keen..."

" Now, listen up Sakura, these people I'm going to introduce, remember them and which bench they're from, its ESSENTIAL if you want to survive here..."

" Okay..." Sakura replied, her concentration centered on Temari.

" 1: Deidara- He's the guy playing with that bird on the Freshman Bench on the top left, he's alright and Sasori's best mate. He says: Yeah... alot and likes Art." Temari pointed at a blonde guy holding a clay bird with his fringe covering half his face.

"2: Sasori- The red head sitting next to Deidara and messing with puppets... Don't ask me why he plays with them... He's friends with my brother Kankuro who's in the same year as my youngest brother Gaara because he failed his tests last year...Sasori's best mates with Deidara." Temari pointed to a red haired guy controling puppets and laughing at something Deidara just said.

"3: Uchiha Sasuke- Legandary football star, sits on the bottom left bench... Not the nicest guy in the world but has LOADS of fangirls trailing around him" She pointed to an ebony coloured haired guy sitting on the bottom left bench reading a completely black book and acouple of fangirls behind the tree watching him while he was reading.

"4: TenTen and Neji- Those two over there" Temari pointed to the boy and girl sitting oposite each other, reading and glanced at each other once in a while.
" They fancied each other for ages and never really noticed each other's reactions towards them, they sit on the top left with us."

"5: Rock lee- He's TenTen and Neji's friend, he doesn't really like Neji THAT well and is abit obsessed with our PE teacher Gai-sensai..." Temari pointed to a guy wearing a green suit with the Konoha badge on it.

"6: Ino- Pretty girl, she's always Ms popularity, she sits sometimes with us on the top left but sometimes bottom left seeing as she's another Sasuke fangirl." Temari pointed at the blonde who was currently talking to a guy with black hair tied up with a ribbon.

"That's Shikamaru she's talking to, they're in the same classes most days and knows him alot better than I do..." Temari blushed when she said ' Shikamaru' but continued.

"7: Chouji- He's not here right now but he hangs out mostly at the lunch room, you'll know who he is by his massive size- But remember to NOT call him fat or he'll go into a rampage...He sits on the top left with us and he's also Shikamaru's best mate."

" Last but not least, the meanest bitch of all, Zaipore Abanna. Queen of the sluts. Sits on the same table as Sasuke, bottom left and sometimes bottom right depending on where herso called friends are..." Temari pointed to a girl with medium length curlyblonde hair with at least an inch of makeup and smiling suspiciously sweetly at Sasuke who was eyeing her with disgust.

" Abanna is one of Sasuke's fangirls and I hate just hate her guts out. I met her when I went to nursery and she's been mean to me for G-o-d knows how long..." Temari said with disgust as she eyed the girl with pure hatred concentrated like sour orange juice.

" Those 2 idiots walking towards us now is Gaara and Kankuro, they're my younger brothers. Gaara doesn't talk much and he's practically the scariest guy in school, I don't think you should get on his nerves...He's abit mental..." ( Abit in Temari lanquage is SUPER!)

" Kankuro likes to play with puppets and acts like a 2 year old sometimes, ignore his stupid comments and just down right ignore him..."

" They both sit with us on the top left and Kankuro likes to hang around Sasori playing with stupid puppets."

" Wow, thats alot to take in... So what do I do now Temari?" Sakura asked and looked at her first friend with interest. Temari fancied Shikamaru andit was so blatenly obvious that it made Sakura laugh inside.

" Hey Gaara, Kankuro get your lazy butts over here! " Temari shouted on top of the voices of the noisy freshmans.

Theboys rolled their eyes and headed towards their sister who was standing next to a ... pink haired girl...

" Guys... This is Haruno Sakura, she's new here and she's gonna sit with us today. Any questions?" Temari asked and gave the boys a glare that said: ' You make her sad or anything and I'll knock you out..."

Gaara just looked away and headed inside the school, Kankuro said a small " Hi!" before running towards Sasori asking about a puppet that was only sold in India.

Sakura just watched as the red headed boy walked down the pavement, his movements precise and his blood red hair stood out like an oasis in a desert. He strolled down casually-.

" SAKURA! Are you listening? Who are you looking at? OMGosh! You weren't staring at Gaara were you?" Temari was way beyond shock... horror was the more suited word.

" What? I'm not the one that stares at Shikamaru..." Sakura stated and ran before Temari could catch her and kill her for it.

" SAKURA! Come back here! Get your ASS right here now before I kill you!" The blonde girl shouted and sprinted towards Sakura who was looking back at Temari and running backwards, not looking at where she ran and bumped into something or rather someone.

She fell backwards and the stranger caught her and held her up as she rubbed her head in embaressment. The stranger's face came into sight and a soft gasp was heard from Sakura. The stranger was no other than Legandary Football Star and major hottie of the school:

Uchiha Sasuke...

' This is gonna be a long day...'

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