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Chapter 10: The End For All Romance Stories.


Remember what I promised you that day at your house? If you don't here's a little reminder: I promised that I will live for you. No matter how hard it was. I want to fulfill that promise even if I have to cross the ends of the earth or walk on fire. We may not know each other much but I know that you are my important person. I want to protect you. I want to be there for you. It hurts sometime to open your heart but you have to remember that with something thats been lost something better comes along. I lost Sasuke but I found you. Don't get me wrong, you're not his replacement. You never will be. I love you for who you are, even if you're mean I'll love you. Even if you hate me I will love you. Why do I love you?


You are my light.

You are my hope.

You are my Gaara.

Remember that you always have someone out there thats waiting to meet you and love you. I want to be that person. Please let me in Gaara. I want to believe what you sang. I want to love you. But I can't if you keep that wall between us. Show me that I can love you.

Meet me by the Lake by 10pm. If you don't show up I'll understand.

Love Forever,


He looked at his watch, it was 9:30 already. The show ended at 10:30 with an announcement for the winner of the show. If he ran now he could still get to the Lake. It was on the other side of the Konoha institute and would take approximately 20 minutes to get there if he was to run. He grabbed his Jacket that was thrown onto the chair and shook Temari on the shoulder, she looked at him and immediately she knew where he was going. With a nod she saw him head out of the hall and into towards the moon that shone in the midnight sky.

Don't lose her Gaara.

If you fail to get her back it this may be the last time you see her...


' Temari, I...' Sakura stopped and closed her mouth quickly. She couldn't tell her now... Just before the show.

'Nani Sakura-chan?' Temari said as she turned her head to see tears about to fall on her face. She was confused, what could make her cry right now? She thought to herself.

'I might be moving soon...'

Temari looked back at her with suprise.

' What about Gaara?'

'I don't know...'

'He loves you... you know that...'

'I don't know that... He said so many times that he can't love. I can't wait for him forever Temari, I have to go to the village of mist by next week. I'll be leaving in 2 days time. I can stay here if I want... but I don't know if I should anymore. You're a great friend Temari, you and Shikamaru will be together. I know it. Don't give up on him.'

'Give up? Look who's talking! He loves you. You love him! Thats the only reason you need. You don't need anymore reasons. Why is Gaara suddenly so calm? Its because of you! You changed him! You knocked some sense into him! Give him a chance. Give yourself a chance. Give this relationship a chance.'

'Maybe you're right.'

'It may end tonight'


She looked towards the stage again. Her gaze was there but her soul was not. Tonight will decide everything.


If you're there...


Help them...

He ran at full speed towards the Lake. His legs carrying him faster than ever. The glow of the moon lighted his way and his eyes could only see shadows. A small rustle of leaves came past his ear and he stopped for a second.

"Come out" He said, his eyes scanning the area quickly and he kept his guard up. It could be anybody.

A voice came from the corner of the building:

"Did you sing for her? Or just for the sake of singing?"

" Why I sang is none of you concern Sasuke. Just come out. I knew it was you from the beginning. I'm in a hurry and I would rather not waste any time" He looked at his watch:


He had 20 minutes left, he was hardly half way there yet but he still had time. He had to get this over with quickly or he'll be late seeing Sakura.

"Is the reformed demon going to be late for a certain meeting or something?" Sasuke said as he smirked over in Gaara's direction. The word demon always pissed him off.

"I haven't got time to chat with you." He replied. He kept his temper in check. The wind blew onto their faces and just as Gaara was going to take off Sasuke jumped forward and stopped him from going.

"Where do you think you're going? I'm not done with you yet!" Sasuke said as he pulled Gaar back by his sleeve. His anger burst into the open and he glared at the red head in front of him.


"What is your problem Sasuke? She's not your girlfriend. Abanna might get jealous."

"What do you know demon boy? Abanna isn't my girlfriend. Sakura is! She was until you turned her away from me. She was starting to understand me and you suddenly ask her out!"

Gaara's eyes widerned. He never asked Sakura out. He only talked to her for a few times. He hardly even knew who she was.

"I never asked her out. She got upset because you kissed Abanna and she came running into me in Art Club and told me."

"Abanna... She told me that... that you and...her... you guys were going behind my back and going out."

"She cried so much when you kissed her. I only gave her a tissue and she comes running to me for support. I didn't like her then. I hardly even knew her. She just kept talking to me. She didn't think I was weird or something. She kept wanting to be with me. To undertand me. I let her in for abit and it hurt like hell but it felt like heaven. She means more to me than anything now..."

"I didn't even get a chance to be with her! You took her away from me!"


He looked at his watch. He was going to be late if he didn't go now. Pushing Sasuke off quickly he sprinted towars the lake, his mind intent on making it there on time. Sasuek chased after him, he was determined to stop him no matter what.

"I won't make the same mistake twice! I won't let you meet her!" Sasuke shouted.

"How did you...?"

"I was saw her get out of her seat after scribbling something down on her a piece of paper, she was holding it and gave it to your sister to give to you. I saw the contents of the letter when you looked at it. I was right behind you and I won't let you go to her."


"When she sees that you can't be there for her I will take her back!"

The two boys raced to the Lake. Their relationship depended on the outcome of this race and the two boys were determined that they won't lose.

No matter what.

She looked at the reflection of the moonlight. The lake glowed with anticipation. Everything that happned tonight decides it all. For everyone.




The wind blew against her short cherry hair and she took a deep breathe. It was 9:50 and she didn't want to think about how she would react if he doesn't come.


Will you come for me?

Don't let me go...

Just don't...

The boys sprinted towards the goal, both unable to give up they gave their heart mind and soul to race towards her. She didn't see them run and was about to get onto her feel from the tree when suddenly there came a shout:

"SAKURA! Don't you dare go anywhere!"

She looked at the source and couldn't help but shed tears when she saw who it was. His hair waved in the wind and he raced to be with her.

"I won't let you go anymore!"

She smiled, the tears shone in the dark like they had a light in them. A breeze came lightly across her face and she ran. She ran as fast as she could, she knew that she made the right choice when he saw his face. She ran faster, she couldn't care less about how her legs ached or how her dress was getting dirty. All that was in her head was the handsome red head that was running towards her with all his heart.

"Gaara!" Sakura shouted and embraced him.

"Sakura... Don't leave... I...I think I'm... I'm in... love?" He looked at her, his face showed his inexperianced with the word. He looked back towards the school, where Sasuke was for a split second ago. He had suddenly disappeared and he had to say that he was glad the Uchiha wasn't here. It would cause more harm than help.

"Gaara, I love you. Forever and ever." She replied and gave him a wide smile.

"Now we sound like one of those sappy love stories..." Gaara rolled his eyes and looked back at Sakura.

"Yup, and they always end like this..." She leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. She proved him right, but in her own way.

Maybe love stories aren't that bad after all...

The end of High School...

She ran out of the building. Finally she was free. With all the crap that she had to put through since comming here she saw both sides of the arguement. She met him and he met her. They love each other and that was the good part. No matter how much time has passed she will always remember him and stay with him. To the ends of the Earth. Just like she promised.

The sakura trees waved their goodbyes and the petals floated around freely in the wind, she tucked a curl behind her year and a pair of hands snaked themself behind her and the stranger gave her a kiss on her cheeks. She blushed and smiled, he was out early and didn't expect to see him this early. Turning around slowly she kissed him on his lips and said:

"I guess this is it then... All the stuff we been through... its all over now..."

"Yeah... Just thinking of all the crap we went through... It really makes me think that I was lucky to make it out alive" He joked and hugged her tightly.

"Yup, but then again... That's Highschool for you!"

And with that, the couple kissed again and walked off into the streets. It was the end of school and who knows what they might face next. They knew that they were going to stay together forever. No matter what. Love was a funny thing. It came when you least expect it and their experiance would only prove that right.

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