In the Begining:

Turn your face to the moonlight
Let your memory lead you
Open up, enter in
If you find there the meaning of what happiness is
Then a new life will begin

It had been four years since those words left my lips. Four precious years, wasted. I remember the night I had sung that nefarious message. Back then, of course they had been said with the innocence only a kitten could posses. And an innocence that made me feel far wiser then my years. Little did I know that the words I had said, the words that I let slip out of my mouth, were the words that would determine my fate. The fate that had once belonged to another's. I had after all, sung those words as a form of redemption for someone else. A poor lost soul who just wanted to be with her family again. I was the one who accepted her, the one who had sung with her, letting her know that it was okay and she could come back home. Life had thrown at her the toughest of situations and she had realized what was important to her. She wanted to come home. She needed to come home. Little did I know that the very acceptance she longed for, was the kind I would soon need. The kind that I'm begging for. I'm a queen now. The very essence of that little innocent spiky haired kitten, the one with the angelic voice and the big curious eyes that would redeem anyone looking for some form of acceptance has been lost for years. And she's never going to come back. My life has changed. I only wish I could turn back time and do it over again. Tell everyone how much they meant to me. How much they mean to me. You stupid excuse for a cat. You can't turn back time Jemima. You should know that by now. You can't change the past, you can only reflect on it…

"Come on Jem! You don't mean that!" Electra blurted out as the maroon coloured calico stared out into the night. Etcetera and Victoria watched concerned as their friend tried her best to ignore the orange tabby.

"Look, I know that what Munkustrap said was a shock but it's a great honour!"

"Electra, you don't understand! I was the one that had sung with Grizabella! I was the one who felt the connection-"

"Yes you were! So you should know more then anyone!" The tabby said cutting her off, now exasperated. She had never in all her life seen the younger queen act this way, and it scared her. Surely being offered one of the highest spots in the tribe was something to celebrate, something to rejoice at!

"Jemie dear, you'd make a great second in command! More so then Tugger ever would!" Victoria purred laying a white paw on the young queens shoulder as Etcetera let out a hiss.

"That's not what I want to do Vicky! And no one seems to get that! Everywhere I go it's Jemima your so sweet! Oh look at Jemima, I swear she's sent from the everlasting cat himself!"

"What's wrong with that?" Etcetera asked frustrated.

"The only reason Munkustrap wants me to be second in command is because he thinks I'm some kind of little angel!" Jemima hissed back at the three cats. "Everyone thinks I'm some kind of-"

"Some kind of what? Jemima honest to goodness! Your not a kitten anymore! So stop acting like it!" Victoria yelled white fur starting to prick up. She was past trying to talk to the spiky haired queen about it. In fact, she was downright through even trying to talk to the queen. If she couldn't be grateful for one second, why should she care?

"What's that suppose to mean? No one even asked what I thought about it! No one cares what I think!"

Victoria's ears flattened as her eye's became slits.

" You know what Jemima? You go ahead and act like little miss innocent! I really don't care anymore! You've changed- you've changed a lot! Before I could actually talk to you about stuff and you would at least act like you cared, now I don't even know if I want to stay friends with you!"

"GOOD! I don't need you! You dance around this place acting like little miss perfect! Oh look at me Misto! I can do the SPLITS! OOOHHHH! Big whoop Victoria! No one ever liked you anyway!"

"Jemima!" Etcetera screeched shocked. Had she actually just said that?

"What ditz?"

The light brown splotched queens eyes widened as tears welled up in them.

"Take it back Jemima!" Electra hissed arching her back.

"Make me!"

"Jemima you don't mean that!"

"Yes I do mean that!" The calico screamed at the three queens, claws becoming unleashed. A sound of gasps and whispers could be heard from around the area as the tribe came out of their dens in time to watch the scene. Jemima's ears pressed against her head as she backed away from the group.

"Jemima! Come back here!" Demeter screeched as the calico began to run.

"I HATE YOU! I HATE THIS TRIBE! UNLIKE YOU ALL I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO GET A LIFE AND LIVE!" And with that the maroon calico disappeared into the night. Not to be heard or seen from again.

A new fic for me! And one thats actually not staring Bombalurina/Tugger/Demeter. I thought of this when I was reading something on this site a while ago ( I can't seem to find it or I would at least tell you the name and auther) that was about Jemima. It was a poem of her acceptance of Grizabella and it was saying how she sung with her and to the moon because one day she would need the same acceptance as Griz did. And she would need the cats to understand her as well. SOOOO I got this idea in my head. What if Jemima did actually leave the tribe? Why did she leave? Where will she go? What happened to the tribe? Basic stuff like that. I'm really open to your idea's right now as I'm not sure of where this fic is going...BUT I PROMISE to finish it to the end! Soooo if anyone has any idea's about Jemima's predicament feel free to tell me.