You know that kind of feeling you get when you've eaten way to much food? The kind that makes you instantly regret your choice of what you've done, because now your stomach is in knots and your going to keel over any second? The kind that makes you utterly sick and disgusted with yourself? Well, at this point that's how I wish I was feeling. I see her. I see them. They won't leave me alone. They'll never leave me alone. Everywhere I go, I know they're there. Every street corner I dwell in, I know they're watching. Will they ever rest? No- they're apart of you Jemima. They always will be apart of you. You'd think after all this time, all these years; they'd forget about me. They'd let themselves carry on with their lives and let me be a peace. You know that's to much to ask for. Stupid queen. They might have moved on- who really knows? It's not them who's haunted by the shadows every night. It's not them who wakes up in the middle of the night screaming as the memories of their best friends faces changing from the love they had once shown to pure and scorned hate. No; it was never them. It was always me…


Jemima mortified, took a step backwards; disbelief slowly dawning on her face like the blood that was flooding her paws, tainting then consuming. God, what have I done? Grabbing her collar she ran out of the parking lot; into the dark alleyways of London, never once looking back at the lifeless black and white body she had destroyed.


"Any luck?" Jellylorum asked hopefully as Munkustrap and a few toms approached her.

"Jelly, we've tried everywhere," Tumblebrutus sighed frustrated, avoiding eye contact with the older queen. "She obviously doesn't want to be found."

"What do you mean everywhere? If you had looked everywhere you would of found her by now!"

" We-are- doing the best we can," Munkustrap spat irritated. Over a week had past and so far there had been no news about the calico. Why was she doing this? It's not like he had asked her to actually lead the tribe! Heaven forbid that that cat would actually feel some concern toward the tribe. He had only asked her to be second in command; an apprentice for the future kittens. She was only suppose to help lead them in the right direction; be their guide.

"Munkustrap!" A very feminine voice hissed coming out of the shadows. "You better have news, and it better be good," Bombalurina growled stalking up to the group, fur bristling. How dare he treat her daughter that way. How dare he force her to leave.

"Bombalurina, I've said this time and time again. We're trying our best!"

"Don't use that pathetic over done excuse with me! It's your fault she's gone!" The queen hissed unleashing her claws; preparing for a fight.

"My fault? How is this my fault? She's your daughter. Your responsibility!" The grey tom spat through gritted teeth; unleashing his own claws.

Bombalurina's fur shot up.

"She's just as well my daughter as yours!" She screamed throwing herself at the large tom. He cringed as pain shot up his body as the queen's teeth sunk deep into his flesh.

"Get off of him!" A voice screeched as the red queen was forcefully pulled away from the leader by the scruff of her neck.

"Demeter- I," The silver tom stuttered as his recent mate stared down at him concerned.

"Shhh it's okay. It's okay." The golden queen soothed, while licking the freshly flowing blood of his face.

"Bombalurina, I think it's best if you'd leave now," Tumblebrutus said glaring at the queen.

"Ya ya I'm going alright. But you just keep in mind Munkustrap. If she gets hurt in any way, it's your life hanging in the balance!"

Victoria sat wide eyed on top of an old dryer as tears threatened to fall. Everything was different now. Everything had changed. Jemima was gone. Jemima is gone. No matter how many time's she tried to acknowledge it, she just couldn't grasp the concept of that little queen leaving. Gone. She's gone. My best friend is gone. Best friends. Jemima had sworn to her that's what they'd always be. They had told eachother everything as kittens. Sure they had Etcetera and Electra too, but Jemima and her had shared a special bond that no one could ever break.

What happened Jemmie? What made you hate me so much? As tears stained the white queen's face her question went unanswered, greeted only by the silence of the night.

"Alonzo went out looking for her two day's ago. He should be home soon," Cassandra whispered to the air; attempting to reassure herself about her mates safety. Placing a hand on her swollen stomach the Abyssinian queen settled herself down onto her lonely bed, unaware that thanks to a terrified tortoiseshell young queen, her mate would never be coming home.


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